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Smackdown - Fallout from SummmerSlam!

Smack down : August 26th 2004; Saskatoon;

Video package of Smackdown SummerSlam matches.

Opening video

Cole: Smackdown is still is shock from the effects of SummerSlam!! Mr. McMahon lost his position on Smackdown, Chris Benoit is the NEW United States champion and Goldberg is the NEW WWE CHAMPION!!
Tazz: What a wild night it was Cole. And I have a feeling tonight is gonna be off the hook.
Cole: Thatís right. Tonight, Bret Hart has signed a major six man tag match as tonightís main event! It will be Brock Lesnar, The Big Show and A-Train vs. John Cena, Kurt Angle and the NEW WWE Champion, GOLDBERG!!

Goldbergís music hits to a huge pop and a standing ovation from the capacity crowd as he makes his way to the ring.

Goldberg is ready to talk, but he is drowned out by Goldberg chants from the fans. Eventually it calms down and Goldberg talks. He talks about it being a honour to win the Title in a great arena like Sky Dome and a wonderful country like Canada. (He gets a huge pop for that). He then pays respect to Kurt Angle for a great match and a great opponent.
Angles music hits, and the former WWE Champion makes his way to the ring.
Angle takes a mic and begins to talk. He says he is not ashamed to admit that he was beaten by the better man at SummerSlam. He then says that he found a new respect for Goldberg, but he will not give up his quest for the WWE Title. He then says that next time that they go one on one, the outcome WILL be different.
Goldberg says he looks forward to going one on one with Angle again some day. They then shake hands as we cut to a commercial.


1st Match: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
La Resistance w/ Rob Conway vs. A.P.A
Finish: A typical tag match with APA dominating the early going, but soon the champs cheat to get an upper hand. Bradshaw gets the hot tag, and drills all three La Resistance members. He goes for the Clothesline from Hell on Dupree, but Grenier pulls out his partner, and Bradshaw doesnít hit. He grabs Grenier by the hair, and pulls him onto the apron. Meanwhile, Dupree distracts the referee, so Conway can hit Faarooq and Bradshaw with the French Flag. Grenier then makes the cover and the three count on Bradshaw.

Interview with Bret Hart. He is first asked about the Clash of The Champions PPV. He says he will be watching everyone in action tonight for his 5 man squad at the PPV main event 10 man tag. He is then asked about Vince McMahon. He says he done what he had to do, and is glad to see the asshole gone.

Eddie talks with Benoit. He congratulates Benoit on winning the triple threat at Summer Slam, but he then makes it clear he wants the title. Benoit says he would love to defend the title against Eddie anytime. They shake hands and prepare for their match up next.

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman arrive.


2nd Match:
Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero vs. T.W.G.T.T
Finish: In an excellent technical tag team affair, the advantage continues to sway throughout. Both teams make constant tags, and the crowd really gets into the match. WGTT take control and single out Eddie for a minute. He soon fights out and tags Benoit. Benoit is given a huge ovation when he makes the tag. He goes right through both Haas and Benjamin with German suplexes and then a Headbutt on Benjamin, but as he goes for the head butt, Haas pulls Benjamin out of the way, and Benoit hitís the mat. Haas and Benjamin then take control over Benoit for a long period of time, before he battles back and makes the tag to Eddie.
Eddie then takes down both men, and sets up Haas for the Frog Splash. This time, Benjamin pulls Haas out of the way, and Eddie misses. WGTT then try a double team move, but Benoit cuts it off. He locks in the Crossface on Haas, and Eddie kicks Shelton out of the ring. Eddie then gets o the top rope and hitís the Frog Splash to the back of Haas. Benoit lets go of Charlie and Eddie gets the cover, 1...2...REGAL pulls the referee out of the ring. Eddie and Benoit are both irate and go after him. Benoit fights with him on the outside, but in the ring, this distracts Eddie and Benjamin takes advantage by rolling up Eddie. He grabs the tights as the referee re-enters and makes the three count. Benoit looks around to see what has happened, and as he turns back to Regal, Regal hits him with the Brass Knucks. He hightails through the crowd as Eddie chases.

Dawn Marie goes to Bret. She tells him that she and A-Train have issued an open challenge to any Inter Gender team on RAW to face them at Clash of the Champions.

Ivory and Bull Buchanan talk backstage about tonightís Fatal Four Way to see who gets to face Trish at C.O.T.C.

3rd Match:
Kanyon vs. Billy Gunn
(Before the match, Kanyon bad mouths the Canadian people and then brags about his victory over Rey at SummerSlam. Eventually he is cut off by Billy Gunnís music)
Finish: In a short match, Billy takes control early with a flurry of punches and then a few high impact moves. Kanyon then cheats to take the advantage with a thumb to the eye, which goes undetected by the referee. Kanyon works on the arm of Billy Gunn for a long period, with a number of Arm Bar moves and so on. He goes for the Grand Kanyon, but Billy fights out. He sets up Kanyon for the Fame Asser, but Kanyon moves, he then throws Billy out of the ring. He points the referee to look at something on the outside, and then undoes the top turnbuckle. Out of nowhere, Mysterio runs into the ring and dropkicks Kanyon from behind and Kanyon hits his head off the exposed turnbuckle. Rey runs out through the crowd, and Billy hitís the Fame Asser to pick up the win.


We return with Lesnar and Heyman in the ring. They badmouth Bret for screwing them and Vince for the Vanilla Ice wannabe. They then say that they will put Cena behind them and move on to regain what is rightfully his - the WWE Title. Angle enters. He tells Lesnar that he will have to get in line, because there a number of guys that want the title shot, and Kurt Angle tops that list. They have a war of words and then they both agree that they will find out soon who is getting the first shot at the new champion.

Benoit searches for Regal backstage.


4th Match: Fatal Four Way with winner facing Trish Stratus at Clash of the Champions:
Ivory vs. Jacqueline vs. Torrie Wilson vs. Nidia
Finish: In a short, fast paced match, Ivory looks dominant for most of the match, with the other three ladies unable to fight her off. Eventually, they triple team Ivory, and go at it. Jacqui gets the best of the action, kicking Torrie out of the ring and then working on Nidia. Ivory gets back in and fights with Jacqui. Jacqui gets the best of the exchange, but Nidia then hitís a double clothesline taking down both women. She goes at it with Torrie, but Torrie overpowers her and throws Nidia out of the ring. She then hitís a DDT on Jacqui and the a cradle on Ivory, getting the three count. Torrie will now face Trish at C.O.T.C.

Interview with John Cena. He talks about stepping up at SummerSlam. He says now that he is on the top level, he will make sure that he becomes THE major force, not only on SmackDown, but in the WWE. Big Show interrupts. He tell Cena, that just because he won one measly match, it doesnít mean he is the top dog, and definitely not the major force on SmackDown- Big Show is. Cena then makes fun of the 500 pounder before walking off. Big Show is irate.

Benoit finds Regal. Regal backs off, but he doesnít realise that Eddie Guerrero is standing behind him. Benoit and Guerrero then attack Regal.

Torrie interview. She talks about proving to the world at COTC that she can hang with the best women wrestlers by beating the best RAW can offer.

Bret then comes to the entrance way. He announces that next week on SmackDown, Goldberg will defend the WWE Title in a triple threat match against, Kurt Angle, and Brock Lesnar!!! He then announces that the two losers will automatically be included in the ten man tag match at COTC.


5th Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Chavo Guerrero w/ Chavo sr. vs. Spanky
Finish: Chavo is taken down early in the match by Spanky, getting the unlikely upper hand. Chavo senior then gets involved and helps Junior take control of the match. He wears down Spanky for most of the remainder of the match. Spanky fights back eventually and attempts a Tornado DDT, but Chavo senior distracts him. Chavo then hitís a superplex, and covers Spanky for a cheap win.

We then see Bret Hart chat on the phone to a RAW superstar. He never mentions the name, but he does hint that there are two of them, and they will jump to Smackdown next week on RAW!

Goldberg prepares for the main event up next.


Main Event: 6 Man Tag:
Brock Lesnar, Big Show & A-Train vs. Goldberg, John Cena & Kurt Angle
Finish: The match begins as an all out brawl with Goldberg and co. on top. Goldberg starts the match with Lesnar, and over powers the 285 pounder. He tags Cena, but Lesnar cheats to take the advantage. He tags Big Show, who takes down Cena, and beats on him in the corner. Big Show & A-Train then double team Cena and make continuous tags between one another.
Cena eventually gets back in the match and makes the tag to Angle. Angle is on top form, and hitís a Belly to Belly on all three opponents. He then hitís the rolling German suplexes on A-Train, before tagging in Cena again. Cena hitís the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, and a spinebuster on A-Train before tagging in Goldberg.
Goldberg uses his power moves on Train, but Lesnar then attacks Goldberg from behind, giving his team the advantage again. Big Show then dominates Goldberg, but out of nowhere Goldberg connects with a Spear. He tags Angle back in, and Angle applies the Ankle Lock. A-Train then saves Show with a bicycle kick to Kurt.
The trio then work on Angle for a long period, but Angle hitís the Angle Slam in desperation before crawling to make the tag to Goldberg.
The match breaks down into an all out war with all six men brawling. Lesnar hits Goldberg with an F5 but the champion kicks out at two. Angle hitís the Angle Slam on Lesnar from behind, and then Goldberg hitís the Spear, followed by the Jackhammer. He then makes the cover, 1.Ö2.Ö3!! Goldberg pins Lesnar thanks to Angle. He and Angle go face to face ahead of next weeks triple threat as the show goes off the air.

There is this weeks edition of Smackdown, more replies would be great, and RAW will be up on MONDAY.

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