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Well, I said I would do a detailed review, here it is:

1. Benoit v Eddie v Regal
A great opening match and very well booked. It was one of the best triple threat matches *IMO*. Good to see Benoit winning.

2. Gail v Trish
A nice match, I'm not usually a fan of women's wrestling but then again this match was also very interesting to read and for a moment I thought Gail would pick up the win but I guess that wasnt to be.

3. Rhyno v RVD
First surprise of the night for me. Seeing RVD lose in a very very excellent match. I really enjoyed this match. I guess this feud might have a long way to go still.

4. Kanyon v Mysterio
Nice decent match. Again, another shocker, seeing Kanyon winning, looks like this feud hasnt ended here.

5. Shawn v Kane
One of the best matches of the night. It really surprised me to see Shawn not bleeding this time but always bleeds (LOL!). But thats WWE!
I really liked the ending to the match, I can even picture it when Triple H tasted it in the same position in the same event in 2002. Good to see Shawn winning this one and I hope he gets into some terrific feud like this one, same goes for Kane.

6. Cena v Lesnar
Another MOTN contendor. Really well booked. A lot of Heyman distractions but I guess that's the type of slimeball he is. Good to see Bret back in business as a face and possible feud with Vince. Interesting to see what you'll do with Vince.

7. E&C v Booker T/Goldust
Thought it would be the 3rd or 4th match of the night but it was still good though. It was a good match, with some good spots like Edge spearing Booker T and the finish was also well though out, the conchairto shot was a good idea too.

8. Orton v Jericho
Another nice technical based match. Nice way of the interference and was good to see Foley come out too. Possible Orton-Foley or maybe even Orton-HHH feud with HHH blaming Orton for losing the title. Nice to see Jericho champion again.

9. Angle v Goldberg
FINALLY....Goldberg wins the title in his BEST match so far because that's the only match I read where he has used more than 3 or 4 moves.
Nice ending to the match also and it will be good how you Goldberg's domination on SD now!

Overall, A classic PPV, better than the one in 2002! Great Matches with Great Stories and Great Endings.
MOTN: Shawn Michaels v Kane, probably because HBK was in it and he won.
Best Moment of the night: Bret officially turning face and helping Cena.

I really am anxious for your next PPV which is somewhat unique, RAW v SMACKDOWN. Clash of the Champions will be off the hook.

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