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OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! That was AMAZING WOLF BEAST! TERRIFIC, BRILLIANT, Whatever, it was the best thing I have ever read. Not one match was poor, and each had its own style. Here is a detailed review for each match.

U.S Title;
Regal vs. Benoit vs. Guerrero;
Great way to kick off the event. The best triple threat I have ever read, and I personally would love to see it happen. I was off to a good start as I predicted Benoit to win, and he came through. This match would have the crowd going nuts right from the outset, and got the crowd in the mood with a Canadian winner. 9.5/10

Womens Title;
Trish vs. Gail Kim;
Slowed things down a bit, but was also well placed on the card, as it brings the crowd back down after a great opener. A top class womenís match, telling a great story. I was rolling after predicting the winner here again also. I suspect that the feud isnít over yet, but time will tell. 8/10

Hardcore Title;
Rhyno vs. RVD;
I expected this one to be further down the card, but was justified to be put in the position it was. Probobly the biggest shocker of the night, as for the winner in the match. I really didnít expect Rhyno to win it, but full marks again, it6 was just like an ECW style match, and I loved it from start to finish. Iím loving the push being given to Rhyno here, as he is very underated. This was my first incorrect prediction of the night, but I really didnít mind, as it means Rhyno is elevated, but RVD doesnít lose any credibility either, well done. 9/10

Kanyon vs. Rey Mysterio;
I was expecting this to be the opening match, but again, itís been well justified in the position it is in. It was a short breather for the crowd just before two huge matches. I was actually surprised with how well you done this match. I was shocked again for the winner being Kanyon, I was really expecting Rey to get the win. I guess this keeps the feud going for another month now. Good match. 8.5/10

1st Blood Match;
HBK vs. Kane;
WOW!! This was one hell of a match, from start to finish. I was on the edge of my seat for the most part. Really loved it. I predicted that Kane would win via interference, but I am really glad that there was no interference here. The match told a story here, great finish, climax, and is definitely joint match of the night in my opinion. 10/10

No Holds Barred;
Lesnar vs. Cena;
Another MOTN contender!! You surpassed yourself in this PPV, and this match is definitely one of the best. I was well out on my prediction of Bret screwing Cena, but again Iím glad. Seeing Bret complete his face turn brought my hairs stand on end. It was that special. Brilliant story told again. This should give Cena a huge push but I wonder where both men will go from here. And also what will become of Vince after this. I guess this means you are doing a great job, when we are still asking questions when we expected to find the answers. Another joint match of the night. 10/10

Tag Titles;
E&C vs. BlackGold
Was really only going to be a filler match when it is placed at this point of the card. Wasnít bad, and had a good tempo. Not sure what to think of Edge, Christian and Trish all retaining, but I guess there is a reason for it. Not bad, but because of itís positioning, it was never going to be classic. 7.5/10

World Title:
Orton vs. Jericho
I liked how you had an emphasis on this match throughout the night, with Flair and Batista banned, and seeing all of those involved throughout the night. The match was also excellent, and another MOTN contender. Again, it told a great story, and fitted in well with the matches WWE have nowadays. Great finish with the Foley run in, and still didnít take away from the Y2J win. This now sets up a Orton - Foley match in the near future, cant wait for that. But who will be Jerichoís next feud, maybe HHH when he returns? 10/10

WWE Title;
Angle vs. Goldberg;
What a main event. Worthy of WM. Definitely Goldbergs best match ever! You surpassed yourself with the build up alone. I also liked how you included the keys to victory, like Tazz would do. As before, you told a brilliant story for the match, which actually included the Keys to victory. Great finish, great PPV, 10/10

What a PPV it was. Also, I like the idea for Clash of the Champions next month, plus your idea to hold WM in a stadium rather than Staples Centre. Iím already looking forward to that one!!

MOTN: Geeez, itís hard to call, but I think I will go with Cena vs. Lesnar, as it elevates Cena, turns Bret face, and sets up all sorts of possibilities in the future.
Effort: 10/10
Matches: 10/10
Overall: The greatest PPV EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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