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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Smackdown Review

A very good promo to kick off the show continuing the Raw v Smackdown feud. Good heelish promo by Heyman only for him to be inturupted by Austin who like always was well in character accepting Heyman's challenge. Looks like Sting will be one of the two men to face Orton and Booker and i have a feeling that Austin could be his partner.

Huge match to kick off the wrestling side of Smackdown. And Lesner gets a huge victory advancing to the next round while i expect Jericho to continue off his feud with JBL.

Short promo here but gets to the point with AMW hyping up their tag team match at No Mercy. This promo was just basically to make sure that they get an apperance.

Pretty good match here with Hardy facing one of his rivals Gregory Helms and picks up a good victory gaining some momentum. Good aftermath with Muhammed Hassan getting the advantage over all his future opponents making him look very strong going into No Mercy.

Kurt Angle getting fed up of having no competition, so Heyman gives him his wish and puts him in a match expect it to be some sort of jobber to make Angle even more pissed.

Meh not keen on this promo whatsoever, Goldberg just didn't sound right whatsoever and he pretty much blowed it on the mic, but atleast you are making it realistic . Taker plays some more mindgames with Goldberg and we have HIAC at No Mercy. Hopefully taker wins and hopefully Goldberg disappears after the PPV because you have enough talent and don't need him whatsoever.

Serious competition for Kurt Angle here in Doink the Clown. But seriously Angle destroys poor Doink and makes him tap out.

Again this promo wasn't too great just didn't seem right and one or two of the lines felt forced. However it builds up the Jericho/JBL feud nicely and expect to see Jericho cost JBL his semi final next week.

Decent Cruserweight match here which just basically builds up the tag team feud some more with the FBI saving Nunzio only for AMW and MNM to come down.

Kurt Angle tries to find Paul Heyman but instead finds Brock Lesner who makes Kurt Angle fume even more.

Meh this match would completley stink but anyway you made it looks like a pretty decent match. Batista wins with the Batista Bomb and he takes on Lesner next week.

Overall another entertaining show, the tournament is looking very good and No Mercy is building up into a very good card. 85/100
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