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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Review for Renegade’s Smackdown

I like that you opened the show with Heyman, who of all things takes offense to when Foley called him a coward. Nice writing with Heyman saying that he was the one who made Foley in the first place and that he would be no one today if it wasn’t for him. Heyman challenges Raw to an inter-promotional tag match with any two of their stars against his representatives, Orton and Booker T. When the crowd kept cutting off Orton, I thought it was very humorous. Stone Cold’s segment was written perfectly in character and then he gives a Stunner to Heyman, excellent writing with Austin’s part. I was not expecting Sting to come out and save Austin but he did and proceeded to assault the security men with the baseball bat, not really an action usually taken by a face but it showed how he desperate he was to get his hands on Orton and Booker T. A team of Austin and Sting taking on Orton and Booker T would be very interesting, terrific opening segment here.

Chris Jericho vs. Brock Lesnar
I didn’t expect Lesnar to go for the Shooting Star Press on television, it certainly added a level of unpredictability to the match. Nice finish with Lesnar refusing to tap to the Walls and then catching Jericho in midair for the F5 and the victory to advance. I expected for Y2J and JBL to meet down the line in this tournament after the hints of a possible feud, but now I could see Y2J costing JBL his semifinal match.

Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms
Solid matchup here with numerous counters towards the end. Eventually, Hardy rolls him up for the victory and Helms is none too pleased with the outcome. He attacks Hardy after the match until Kennedy comes out and takes him out, followed by Hassan who takes him out. Chaotic atmosphere in the US title scene, I hope this leads to a triple threat match to determine the #1 contender rather than a fatal four way, but a four way elimination match would also be very intriguing.

Angle barges into Heyman’s office and demands a match as he’s tired of waiting until No Mercy. With how the segment ended, I’m expecting a real challenge for Angle later on.

Creative to have Goldberg as a heel. I liked your booking decision last week when he cost Taker his match in the tournament and a match at No Mercy seems inevitable. I loved how you illustrated the video package that aired on the Titantron, with the tombstone showing Goldberg’s name and years lived until lightning struck and shattered it. Typical Undertaker mind games, I liked how you developed this feud with this segment as Hell in a Cell is officially announced for No Mercy. Great decision as it now adds a lot of intrigue to the match, considering that a regular one on one between the two wouldn’t be a wrestling clinic to say the least. Now it can be an all out war and that was the right call.

Kurt Angle vs. Doink the Clown
I was honestly very shocked to see that Angle’s opponent was Doink, I expected it to be a monster sent out from Heyman in retaliation for Angle’s tone of voice and relentless attitude in the earlier segment. Angle dominates, as expected and as it should be, and makes Doink tap to the Ankle Lock. He immediately releases his grip after Doink taps, showing his babyface side despite his frustration with the lack of competition recently.

I’m glad you had Jericho and JBL interact with one another in this episode, with Jericho wanting a fight but JBL declining because he has to rest up for his semifinal match next week. I could definitely see Jericho interfering in next week’s match on JBL’s opponent’s behalf to cost JBL the win.

Cruiserweight title 4-way
The match ends in a no contest, I was hoping for Noble to win the belt but the decision makes sense. I like how you developed the tag team title feud at the conclusion of this match with AMW and MNM taking out the FBI and then MNM turning on AMW. I expected MNM to attack them but it was definitely the right booking decision.

Interesting to see Angle interacting with a participant in the tournament. Lesnar tells Angle that he will be taking the belt off of him and he says that Kurt is a mere shell of his former self. I’m curious to see if Lesnar will deliver on what he said and win the tournament, to earn the title shot against Angle.

Batista vs. Lashley
Power vs. power matchup right here, in the end Batista counters the ten punches in the corner with a Batista Bomb for the pinfall. With the brackets for next week, I’m expecting Jericho to interfere in the Benoit/JBL match to give Benoit the victory and Lesnar to defeat Batista, leading to a Benoit vs. Lesnar final.

Overall, an entertaining show once again as you continue to develop high quality feuds heading into No Mercy. The tournament is really heating up and you’re doing a very nice job of developing your mid card feuds as well.

Feedback on the latest episode in my BTB would be greatly appreciated.
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