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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegadeô

Review for Renegadeís Smackdown

Ladder match: Vito & Palumbo vs. MNM
Interesting to have a ladder match open the show, wouldnít expect to see Vito & Palumbo thrive in a ladder match environment but letís see what happens. Some decent, yet realistic spots in this match as you wouldnít expect anything spectacular from any of these competitors in a ladder match. The aftermath was intriguing, though Iím curious to see if it will lead to a rematch or a triple threat tag team title match with AMW. I was expecting MNM to pick up the victory so I was honestly surprised by the outcome of the match.

Angle shows his passion for wrestling in this segment by requesting a match, despite Heyman trying to keep him rested until No Mercy. Well-written promo here, Angle appeared in character nicely.

Benoit vs. Finlay
Excellent matchup right here, either one of these guys would be quality choices to advance in the tournament. Nice counter to the Celtic Cross by Benoit, rolling him up for a near fall. I was very surprised when Benoit kicked out after he got hit in the leg by the shillelagh, certainly added suspense. Another terrific counter to the Celtic Cross by Benoit leads to the submission victory. Extremely well written match here and I liked the booking as Finlay got plenty of offense in, while Benoit overcome the shillelagh attack and persevered for a big victory. A Benoit vs. Angle World Title match at No Mercy would be fantastic, though Iím guessing Benoit wonít win the tournament.

Jericho drops the steroid line, very interesting. I like how youíre having him as a mix of a tweener and a face right now as Iím expecting a full fledged face turn extremely soon. Strong hints of a future JBL/Y2J feud later on in the segment, you wrote Jerichoís promo very in character. I wouldnít be surprised to see JBL get involved in the tag match later on.

Heyman calls out Hardcore Holly, something I was hoping you would follow up on. He ends up not being able to get out a word as he gets jumped from behind. I like you established Heyman having a no tolerance policy for people that question him and donít do as theyíre ordered, illustrated by this beatdown.

Undertaker vs. JBL
Iím expecting JBL to go over here in cheap fashion. After the ref bump, Goldberg makes his shocking return and takes out Taker, enabling JBL to advance in the tournament, as expected. I thought JBL would win but Goldberg returning was completely unexpected. Iím curious to see how his feud with Taker will come to an end. Quality decision to have JBL advance, especially after Y2Jís earlier promo as Iím expecting the two to meet later on in this tournament.

Hints of a 4-way US title match are teased, I have to admit that I burst out laughing when Kennedy cut off Hassan by screaming out Mr. Kennedy! A four way would be very intriguing and I could see it developing potentially into a 4-way elimination match at No Mercy.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Nunzio
A simple, brief cruiserweight title defense for Nunzio here. Though I wonder if it couldíve been placed earlier in the show, I donít disagree with the match order because with Angle still needing a match and the tag match in the main event, this provides some filler in between them and the earlier tournament matches. As expected, and rightfully so, Nunzio retains.

The earlier ladder match leads to a triple threat tag team title defense for AMW at No Mercy, the decision was expected but it should be interesting to see who leaves with the belts. Iíve expected it to be MNM but with them not winning the ladder match, it makes me wonder if my prediction will turn out to be wrong.

Kurt Angle vs. William Regal
Another terrific matchup here, great wrestling on this show with Benoit vs. Finlay earlier and now this. Regal puts up a stronger fight than expected, but in the end Angle wins in convincing fashion. I was a bit surprised to see no one come out and attack him or cut a promo against him, threatening that his title is in jeopardy, but considering the tournament is still in its early stages I donít disagree with it.

After Jerichoís earlier promo, I was hoping you would give JBL a similar one. He was very in character throughout, I loved the part where he countered the fact that Angle is a wrestling machine with the fact that he is a wrestling goddd. Very well written and Iím expecting these two to either meet in the tournament or JBL to come out and screw him out of a victory against Lesnar next week.

Batista & Lashley vs. Jericho & Lesnar
Action packed main event featuring three monsters, eventually Y2J hits a springboard dropkick to Batista, leading to a roll up from Lesnar for the pinfall. I didnít expect for this match to end in a roll up, though booking it that way prevents one of these guys from looking weak.

Overall a very entertaining show and I liked how you continued to develop future feuds. The tournament is moving along smoothly and I like your selections of the stars that advanced in this episode. Iím curious to see how the JBL/Y2J feud develops next week and who will advance in the tournament as I canít wait to find out who will get a title shot against Angle at No Mercy.

Feedback on the latest episode in my BTB would be greatly appreciated.
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