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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegadeô

Unforgiven Review
Good start with JR and King explaining the build up to the PPV. They were both in character so well done there. Great match to kick off Unforgiven with some brilliant spots, mid way I kept switching views with who I thought would win but AJ won in the end which I was happy with. Ha Ha that Barbeque promo was brilliant. Funny and inventive; each superstar was in character especially Striker and it was even better with the Ron Simmons bit; bravo on that. Another good match with two good tag teams; expected the Dudleyz to pick up the win so nice surprise there to see Jindrak/Cade pick up the win. Iíve always liked this team so Iím glad youíve carried on using them. Good promo hyping the match; Coach was done perfectly and I like the idea of him managing Monty Brown. I like a bright future for Monty Brown after a very good win over Carlito; match was done very well. Good promo again with Holly and Heyman; love the ending and Iím looking forward to seeing what he has planned. Well this match certainly didnít go as expected. Brilliant idea to see SmackDown superstars come out and I see a SmackDown versus Raw rivalry heating up. Good to see Rhyno pick up the win and it was a shock to see Austin back and lay everyone out. Brilliant promo with Christian; it served its purpose and Christianís character was done perfectly. Iíve always found that writing triple threat matches can be really difficult but you did really well here and I liked the finish with Christian picking up the win. Some brilliant spots especially with RVD. Another good promo between the two legends; bit short but it was good. This was surprisingly a good match as when I saw what the match was I wasnít sure but you did brilliantly and this is a great show which I have enjoyed reading; Shame that Kane didnít win but after the sit up I doubt that this rivalry is over. Edge promo was the promo of the night because Mariaís start was hilarious and then Edgeís seriousness in the promo really added tension heading into their match. Damn! Was hoping for the Rock to pick up the win; shame they lost but I donít think you can count them down and out just yet. Edge hitting the spear on Trish was a real evil move which is great for his character. However, I donít think this is the end between both Lita/Trish and Edge/Rock. Okay I was wrong; this promo was match of the night; HBK and Vince were spot on and I see HBK with some doubt heading into this match. What a brilliant match; I was really hooked to this match. It was done so well and I am really looking forward to the aftermath of this match now that HBK lost. Overall a fantastic PPV which I award 9/10. you only lost one point with a couple of spelling mistakes.

Promo of the Night: Maria/Edge
Match of the Night: HHH/HBK

I'll post a review on Raw and SmackDown soon. I hope you'll return the favour of a review.

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