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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Smackdown Review

Great to see a ladder match open the show, but weird that it is 2 heel teams competing in it but anyways. A very unique ending to the match i must say with both teams grabbing the breifcase and it looks like we are going to have some sort of multi tag team match for No Mercy.

Great way to send a message to Steve Austin and foley with Heyman getting his goons to attack Hardcore Holly. Heyman threatens austin and Foley before saying he will appear on Raw.

Solid match here and big suprise with Goldberg coming back costing Taker the match which i'm not too keen on. The smackdown roster has enough talent and you don't really need someone like Goldberg back, but it continues off their feud from the summer and will be interesting to see where it goes.

Angle shows his fighting side and issues an open challenge which is a good way to get him onto the show, and it sets up a very good match later on tonight with whoever his opponent will be.

Good solid promo here hyping up a very possible future match between JBL and Jericho posiblly later on in the tourny.

Great quarter final lineup here, with Benoit and Finlay surely going to bring the goods. You made Benoit look very strong here kicking out after being hit with the shillelagh and Benoit gets the win after locking in the crossface. Wouldn't be suprised see him win this tourny and take on Kurt Angle knowing the great matches they could but don't think he will.

Looks like we are going to have some sort of fatal 4 way in the future after this promo, with Helms, Hassan and Kennedy all wanting to become the US Champion.

Cruserweight jobfest here making Nunzio look strong, not too keen with him as champ.

William Regal comes out and we have another strong technical contest here, but instead we pretty much get a Kurt Angle domination match, with you making Angle look very strong kicking out of the regal cutter and making Regal submit to Ankle lock.

Good JBL promo here running down the man he might possibly face for the championship Kurt Angle and also having enough time to hype his feud with Jericho. JBL was well in character.

A good well written main event here with Jericho and Lesner topping Batista and Lashley with Lesner rolling Batista up for the win, the roll up was a little unlike Lesner for the win and would of been more realistic with Jericho doing it but anyway good main event.

Overall it was a good show hyping up No Mercy nicely. 8/10
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