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Smack down : August 12th 2004; Louisville

Opening Video

Michael Cole and Tazz open the show, welcoming us to tonights edition of Smackdown, the number 1 brand in sports entertainment. They talk about some of tonightís matches, including Chavo vs. Moore, both Angle and Goldberg will be in action, and of course, the contract signing between Cena and Lesnar.

1st Match: Inter-Gender Tag Titles Match:
Dawn Marie & A-Train vs. Nidia & Jamie Noble
Finish: Nidia starts off with Dawn. She takes full control on the champ and begins to dominate her. Eventually, A-Train gets involved and kicks Nidia. This gives Dawn a chance to tag Train, and he begins to decimate Nidia. Noble gets frustrated and tries to help Nidia, but he is well overpowered by the massive A-Train. In the end, A-Train and Dawn cruise to victory, with A-Train hitting the de-railer on Noble, and then tagging Dawn who covers Noble for the win.

We see Kurt Angle walking around the backstage area, with the crowd giving him a mixed response of booís and cheers. We are told that he will talk in the ring next.


Kurt Angle talks in the ring. He explains to the crowd that the reason he didnít help Goldberg last week was because Goldberg didnít want his help, and he didnít want to stick his nose in where it wasnít wanted. Suddenly, Goldbergís music plays. He makes his way to the ring and goes nose to nose with Angle. He takes a microphone and begins to talk. He agrees that he didnít want Angles help, because Angle would surely be pissed off if he kept helping him every week. Angle disagrees. He says its in the interest of a level playing field that he would help him. Goldberg then tells Angle thatís OK if he wants it that way, but Goldberg does things alone, and at Summer Slam he wont want or need his help in taking the WWE Championship from him. Angle says that in 10 Days, Goldberg will need more than help to take the WWE Title from him, he need a freakin miracle! They go head to head as we cut to another commercial.


We return with an interview with Rey Mysterio. He talks about the recent events involving Kanyon, and then challenges Kanyon to face him one on one at Summer Slam.

Summer Slam Classic: Ultimate Warrior defeats Rick Rude in 1989 to capture the then WWF Intercontinental Title.

2nd Match: 6 Man Tag:
Rey Mysterio, Spanky & Paul London vs. Tajiri, Akio and Sakoda
Finish: In a typical cruiserweight match, the action is fast and furious throughout with continuous tagís between all six men. Eventually, Tajiri takes control of Spanky and the Japanese trio dominate Spanky for a good period. Eventually, Spanky makes the hot tag to Mysterio, and Rey Rey cleans house. He is eventually left in the ring alone with Tajiri and the two exchange blows, Tajiri misses the Yakuza kick, and Rey dropkicks him into the ropes. He calls for the 619 and delivers it to a huge pop. He signals for the West Coast Pop, but he is distracted by the presence of Kanyon who makes his way to ringside. Kanyon stays outside and keeps his distance from Rey as they have a verbal confrontation, Rey turns around and is blinded by Tajiriís mist. Tajiri hitís the kick and picks up the win.
Kanyon gets into the ring and looks over Rey Mysterio, before picking him up and nailing a Grand Kanyon. He gets a microphone and accepts Rey Mysterioís challenge to a match at Summer Slam, and proclaims he will prove that no-one is betta than Kanyon!!

We go to an interview with Bret Hart. He shows Josh Matthews the contract to be signed later by John Cena and Brock Lesnar. He states a few of the clauses in the contract, the first he reads is that the match cannot be stopped in any way shape or form, another being that no matter what happens, a rematch will not be permitted in the near future, and the third he states is that both men will be uneligible for lawsuit damage should either man be injured permanently.


Billy Gunn & Stacey come to the ring. They say that they want to make a challenge for the Inter Gender tag titles as they believe they are the #1 Team in the division. Dawn then comes to the ramp. She says that they will never be able to take the inter gender titles from her and A-Train. Then A-Train comes through the crowd and nails both Billy and Stacey with a steel chair. He and Dawn stand over both Billy and Stacey in the ring.

Rob Conway prepares backstage with La Resistance for his match with WWE Champion Kurt Angle next.

Summer Slam promo airs .

3rd Match: Non - Title Match:
Rob Conway vs. Kurt Angle
Finish: After an even start, with Conway getting the better of the action with a spine buster, Angle takes Conway down, and from there, he controls the match, dismantling Conway with a succession of German Suplexes and Belly to Belly suplexes. He then applies the Ankle lock, and Conway soon taps. Dupree and Grenier run to save Conway and a three on one attack begins. Goldberg runs to make the save for Angle and takes out both Conway and Grenier. He goes to Spear Dupree, but he moves and Goldberg spears Angle instead. Dupree and La Resistance quickly leave as Goldberg holds his head in his hands, and the referee tries to help Angle to his feet.

Vince and Brock talk backstage about tonightís contract signing. Heyman brings a copy of the contract to Vince. Vince quickly flicks through and says it looks OK to him.

Eddy Guerrero comes to the ring. (While he enters, we are reminded that at SummerSlam he and Chris Benoit will challenge William Regal in a triple threat match for the U.S Title). He talks about the match at SummerSlam and then talks about being great friends with Benoit outside of the ring. But inside they are the most competitive wrestlers especially against each other. He then says he wants all the animosity to be put behind them at SummerSlam, but wants to settle the score first. He announces that next week he will face Benoit, one on one, three days ahead of SummerSlam. Benoit enters. He agrees with Eddy, but says that unfortunately they will never settle the score to see who is better, because they are both too competitive, however, he cant wait to hook it up one more time next week. They shake hands, but then William Regalís music plays. He comes to the ring and says that this is all very touching, but he doesnít really care. He says he will rip both of them up at Summer Slam, and both will feel theyíve been attacked with a bloody hatchet. He then announces himself as the special guest referee for next weeks match before leaving the ring. Benoit and Guerrero look to each other and shake their heads at Regalís announcement.


Angle enters the backstage area irate with what just took place moments ago.

4th Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Shannon Moore
Finish: In a slower paced Cruiserweight match than what would normally be seen, Chavo controls the most part of the match by working on the back of Shannon Moore. Eventually, Moore fights back, and picks up the pace. He begins to control the match, and goes up top for a Moonsault, but Chavo stops him just in time, and hitís a top rope backbreaker. He gets a cover, but Shannon gets a foot on the rope. Chavo then sets up for a DDT, but Moore reverses and hitís a Spine Buster. He goes up top again, this time for a 450 splash, but as he goes for it, out of nowhere, Chavo senior pulls Chavo out of the way and Moore hitís the canvas. Chavo jr. gets back up and cradles Moore to pick up the win and retain the Cruiserweight title.

We see Cena make his way backstage as the Contract signing is up next!!

Hurricane, Storm and Torrie are interviewed. They talk about Bull and Ivoryís recent attacks on them leading to tonightís 3 on 2 match. Torrie says Paybackís a bitch, and tonight Iím payback!

Contract Signing takes place. Bret Hart enters first and introduces John Cena first. Cena cuts a great rap which includes respect for Bret followed by a barrage of insults to Brock, Heyman and McMahon. Bret then introduces Brock Lesnar. He makes his way to the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman. Brock and Cena go head to head and the crowd goes wild. Bret asks both men step away and take a seat. He asks Brock to sign first, but Heyman steps in. He insists that Cena sign the contract first. Cena laughs. He then jokes that when they let Brock leave the zoo they didnít teach him how to write, so he needs to see someone else do it first before he can. Brock gets mad. He throws his chair out of the ring and tells Cena to fight him now. Cena gets up, but Bret again steps in and tells both men to calm down and step back. Brock snatches the contract, and signs it first. Cena then grabs it and signs his name. He passes the contract to Bret and goes head to head with Brock again. Bret tries to step in, but as he does Mr. McMahonís music plays. He walks to the ring with a chair in hand and points to Cena. Brock looks to Cena and laughs. Cena backs off and tells Brock and Vince to wait a minute. He says that he thought this might happen, so he got in touch with the worldís #1 Protection Agency, and they are here to help him in need of a crisis. The A.P.Aís music hits and they sprint to the ring. Brock goes to take them on but is double teamed. Cena takes down Vince and pounds on the owner. Eventually, he gets out of the ring, and quickly escapes up the ramp with Heyman and Lesnar. Cena celebrates with the A.P.A in the ring holding up the contract.


5th Match: 3 on 2 Match:
Bull Buchanan & Ivory vs. Hurricane, Citizen Storm and Torrie Wilson
Finish: In a surprisingly good match, Bull quickly takes control of the Hurricane and begins to dominate the match. Hurricane fights out and tags Storm. Storm gets the better of Bull for a short period, before Bull uses his power to regain the advantage on his opponent. Bull then tags Ivory, and Storm tags Torrie. Ivory tries to back off from taking on Torrie. She gets out of the ring and lets Torrie chase her, but Torrie runs into the trap of Bull. He slams her onto the mat and throws her back into the ring. Ivory begins to dominate Torrie. She works on the back and locks in a Texas Cloverleaf. Torrie gets to the ropes and Ivory is forced to break the hold. Ivory then messes around and sets up Torrie for a Powerbomb, but Torrie counters and hitís a DDT on Ivory. Both crawl to make a tag, Torrie tags Hurricane and Ivory tags Bull. Hurricane gets the better of Bull thanks to his speed. He hitís a shining wizard, and goes for the cover, but Ivory puts Bulls foot on the ropes. This angers Torrie who goes after Ivory as the match breaks down. Hurricane and Storm double team Bull and Torrie takes down Ivory. Eventually, Bull clotheslines both Hurricane and Storm over the top rope and then hitís a scissors kick on Torrie for Ivory to pick up the win.
Bull and Ivory hightail out of the ringside area after stealing the win.

Backstage, an irate Vince tells Brock he will make both the APA and Cena pay for that cheap stunt tonight, with two matches next week. First the APA will face a tag team gauntlet, taking on every Smackdown Tag team one after another, then John Cena will face Brock Lesnar, all three members of La Resistance and Big Show in a 5 on 1 match. Bret interrupts. He reminds Vince of their conversation a few weeks back about who made matches. Bret then scraps the two proposes matches and signs a 6 man tag next week instead - Lesnar, Dupree and Grenier vs. Cena and the APA, with NO outside interference allowed!!! Vince, Brock and Heyman are all irate.


Main Event:
Goldberg vs. Hardcore Holly
Finish: In a typical Goldberg match, it is short and physical. They begin going punch for punch, with Goldberg eventually coming out on top. Goldberg then hitís the Press Slam into Spinebuster move followed by an attempt at the spear, but Holly moves. Holly then goes to work on the shoulder of Goldberg and applies the full nelson. Goldberg fights out and nails Hardcore with a huge clothesline. He then works on Hollyís neck, but he scurries to the ropes and takes a break on the outside. Goldberg follows but is sucker punched by Holly. Holly whips him into the steel steps shoulder first and then takes him back to the ring. Holly hitís a suplex, and then hits Goldberg with an Alabama Slam, but Goldberg kicks out at two. Holly is irate. He then hitís a side suplex, but again Goldberg kicks out. Holly gets frustrated. He hitís a dropkick on Goldberg, then goes to the outside and gets a chair. The referee tries to stop him from using it, but he pulls it away, and turns around, straight into a Spear from Goldberg. Goldberg then signals for the Jackhammer, and delivers the move, picking up the three count and the victory.
Goldberg stands in the ring and celebrates, he signals that he will win the title at SummerSlam, but then La Resistance run in. They attack Goldberg. Holly joins in and a 4 on 1 attack begins. Angle runs in with a chair and hits all of La Resistance and Hardcore Holly. He throws the chair away and helps up Goldberg. Once Goldberg is up, Angle hitís an Angle Slam, leaving Goldberg on the canvas. He walks out as the picture cuts on Goldberg lying on the mat.

Updated Card for WWE SummerSlam
Date : 22nd August
Location : Sky Dome, Toronto, Canada
Event Music : Kutless, Treason


WWE Championship Match :
Kurt Angle vs. Goldberg

World Heavyweight Championship Match :
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

United States Championship ; Triple Threat Match :
William Regal vs. Chris Benoit vs. Eddy Guerrero

Womenís Championship :
Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim

World Tag Team Championships Match :
Edge & Christian vs. Booker T & Goldust

Hardcore Championship Match :
Rhyno vs. Rob Van Dam

No Holds Barred :
Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena

First Blood Match :
Kane vs. Shawn Michaels

Rey Mysterio vs. Kanyon

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