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Sorry its a liitle late, women troubles! Also, i've had to rush this so there is a chance that there is a lot of spelling mistakes.

RAW ; August 9th 2004: Minneapolis:

Opening Video

J.R: We are live for MONDAY NIGHT RAW!! Less than two weeks away from SummerSlam and in my opinion we have a SummerSlam main event quality match as the main event here tonight.
King: Oh my J.R, It’s gonna be the #1 Contender, Chris Jericho facing the multi time World Champion, Nature Boy Ric Flair!
J.R: It will surely be one for the ages here tonight, that is for sure.
King: But don’t forget, also tonight, Christian takes on Booker T in a Strap match, AND Randy Orton will face Maven.
J.R: What a night it is set to be, and were gonna kick thing off with a triple threat match f with the winner to challenge Trish Stratus for the Women’s Title at SummerSlam!!

1st Match: #1 Contenders Match to face Trish at SummerSlam.
Lita vs. Gail Kim vs. Molly Holly
Finish: In a traditional 3 way, Gail is quickly thrown out of the ring by Molly, and then she and Lita face off. Gail eventually gets back in and fights with Molly. Gail and Molly momentarily team up to get Molly out of the ring before going at it. Gail gets the better, but Molly re enters and takes advantage by getting Gail out and concentrating on Lita. Lita fights back and attempts a Moonsault, but this is stopped by Kim. She hit’s a superplex on Lita onto Molly. She then hit’s a 450 splash on Molly, but she gets her feet on the ropes to save the match.
Gail keeps control on Molly, but Lita soon recovers and puts Molly out and takes on Gail. Lita gets the better and hit’s a twist of fate, but somehow, Gail kicks out. Molly gets back in and takes control on Lita. She attempts a Molly go round but misses. Gail kicks Lita out of the ring, and plants Molly with a DDT to pick up the win, and a match with Trish at SummerSlam.

We then see the arrival of HBK


We return with Coach catching up with HBK. He asks him why he is here. HBK replies that he wants a piece of Kane.

Evolution chat in their locker room. They talk about their respective matches tonight.

2nd Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. Scott Steiner
(During the entrances we are reminded that RVD will challenge Rhyno for the Hardcore Title at SummerSlam)
Finish: In a fairly even battle, Steiner controlled the early part of the match, wearing down RVD and working on his back. RVD made a big comeback and began to get back into the match. He hit a succession of kicks to Steiner and went for a 5 Star. Steiner moved at the last minute and nailed Rvd with a stiff clothesline. RVD kicked out and hit a spin kick before hitting the 5 Star on Steiner for the 1,2,3 Count. Immediately after the win, Rhyno hit’s the ring and Gores RVD out of the ring. He stands in the ring with a sadistic smile on his face before exiting through the crowd.


Interview with Chris Jericho. Flair quickly interrupts and has a showdown with Jericho. Flair says that tonight, he may be the first ever undisputed champion, but he isn’t the Kiss stealing, WOOOOO! Wheeling dealin’, jet flyin’, limosine ridin’, son of a gun! Nature Boyyy, Ric Flair. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Jericho simply replies that if Flair is gonna continue to talk like that, he may need a pacemaker fitted in a few months time. The crowd find this funny. He then walks off and Flair is irate.

HBK storms to the ring. He gets a microphone and immediately calls out Kane. Kane enters and HBK runs straight after him. They brawl all around the ramp and ring area. Kane takes an early advantage, but a fired up Shawn Michaels fights back and takes out Kane with the ring bell. He then grabs a steel chair and busts Kane open with an almighty thud. He continues the assault in the ring, but Kane fights back. He attempts a choke slam, but HBK elbows Kane to get out of the situation, and then fires back with Sweet Chin Music. Kane is left lying as HBK stands over the bloody monster.


We return with an interview with World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. He talks about being the legend killer, and talks about all of the legends he has killed in recent months. He says Jericho may think he is a legend, but that doesn’t affect Orton, because he likes to kill legends, and at SummerSlam in Toronto he will kill the Canadian Icon, the first ever Undisputed Champion, the biggest loser to be considered a legend, Chris Jericho.

Edge, Christian and Trish talk about their matches at SummerSlam plus tonight’s Strap Match. They talk about having the match in the bag.

3rd Match: Non- Title match:
Randy Orton vs. Maven
Finish: Orton dominates most of the contest, wearing down Maven, with Maven making a short comeback, but this is quickly turned around by Orton. He begins to mock Y2J by going for a lion sault, but he misses. Maven gets a roll up, but Randy narrowly kicks out before the three. Orton disguises a low blow from the referee and hits an RKO. He decides not to cover Maven, but instead applies the Walls of Jericho for the tap out victory. He celebrates in the ring by taunting Jericho, but Y2J never appears.

Summer Slam Classic: First ever SummerSlam event from Madison Square Garden.


Evolution are celebrating Orton’s win. They congratulate Orton on a job well done. Mick Foley then enters. He tells Evolution that he is damn sick and tired of them throwing their weight around here on RAW, From cheating in matches, to sneak attacks, to just being three assholes!! He says he has had enough and next week Randy Orton and Batista will face Maven and…Chris Jericho!! Not only will it be a tag match, but their will be a special guest referee in the match - RAW General Manager, Mick Foley. Evolution are irate. They argue with Foley, but Foley doesn’t listen. He then comes back and tells Orton and Batista that there is a cab waiting for them outside and they better get in it right now, or they wont be coming back next week, and don’t be thinking of coming back again tonight, AND THAT’S FINAL!!! Foley walks off and Evolution are fuming.

4th Match: Strap Match:
Booker T vs. Christian
(We are reminded during the entrances that Booker T & Goldust will face Edge and Christian for the tag titles at SummerSlam)
Finish: With a prior agreement that no one would be ringside for the match, Booker T and Christian tear into each other in a 12 minute match. Both use the Strap to effect, Christian took advantage first with a choke on Booker, he touched two corners before Book pulled him back and delivered a Spinebuster. Booker then ripped into Christian with a number of whips using the strap, and also choking one half of the tag team champions. Book hits three corners before Christian pulls him back. Christian begins to work on Booker hitting a number of moves, wearing down Book. He also uses the strap on the former 5 time WCW Champion. On two occasions, Christian comes extremely close to touching the fourth and final corner, but Booker saves the match. Eventually, Booker T takes control of the match and nails a Book End. He hits three corners, but as he goes for the fourth, he is distracted by Trish Stratus, and Edge attacks him from behind. He hit’s the Edgecution, and tries to help Christian to his feet. He carries him to each corner, putting Christians hand on each corner as he passes. At the last moment, Goldust runs in with chair in hand, hitting both Edge and Christian knocking both out. Trish gets up on the apron and argues with Goldust. He pulls her into the ring by the hair and looks set to hit her. He smiles to the crowd, and plants a lip lock on Stratus. She tries to push him off but cant. Eventually he lets go. She falls to the ground trying to wipe her mouth. Goldust signals to Booker to whip her as she is turned around. Booker does so, and Trish rolls out of the ring. Edge then tries to Spear Booker, but Book side steps him and Edge goes out of the ring. He hit’s the Scissors Kick on Christian. He and Goldust set Christian in the corner for Shattered Dreams, but Edge re enters and again goes for the spear, but again, Book side steps him, and he Spears Christian instead. He turns around and is kicked in the balls by Goldust, and then gets side kicked by Booker. Book hit’s the four corners and wins the match. He and Goldust celebrate in the ring with both doing a Spin-a-roonie to the fans delight.

Evolution plead with Foley for them to stay, but Foley tells them to get out right now or else. Orton and Batista quickly scurry into the cab and drive off.


We return with an interview with Booker T and Goldust. They say that tonight is the beginning of the end for Edge and Christian. Goldust then says, “And Trish, I’ll admit, you have the MOST succulent Lip, Lip, Loiww, BOOBS, BIG BOOBS, OWWWW, Lips. Most succulent lips and you will never forget the name….OOOHHHH…Goldust!” Booker looks at Goldust weirdly, and then says, “Now can you dig dat…….SUCKAAAAAAASSS!!!!!!

Main Event:
Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair
Finish: The match begins with a staredown, with Flair trying to physce out Y2J. Y2J replies with a huge WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! To Flair and then nails Flair with a right hand. He backs Flair into the corner, but Flair reverses and then chops Jericho to huge WOOO Chants from the crowd. Flair struts around the ring before Jercho pulls him back to the corner and hits some Chops of his own before doing the Flair strut.
Then they begin to wrestle in a mat technical affair for around five minutes. Throughout this time, Flair and Jericho both take control on a number of occasions each. Eventually, they begin to brawl with Jericho on top. Flair turns the tables with a thumb to the eye. He works on the leg of Jericho for a few minutes, before attempting to lock in the figure four. He spends too long strutting in the ring and is cradled by Jericho, but Flair kicks out at two. Jericho hit’s the dropkick on Flair, but hurts his leg in the process. Flair sees the opportunity, and goes back to work on the leg. He applies the figure four, but eventually Jericho makes the ropes. Flair is irate. He tries again, but Jericho kicks Flair away, he hit’s the bulldog, and then the Lionsault, but Flair moves. Flair goes for a suplex, but Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho. Flair tries to make the ropes, but Jericho has the move locked in. Flair eventually has no choice but to tap. Jericho celebrates in the ring.
J.R proclaims that he has made the biggest legend in the sport tap in the middle of the ring, and also for the second week running has made an Evolution member tap to the Walls. And as we go off air he says that he now must be favoured to win the Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam!!!!!

Please, as always give me your views on RAW. Good, Bad or Ugly, please let me know. Are you looking forward to SummerSlam, if so what match are you looking forward to most.

BTW, Thank you to everyone who has viewed this thread. I am extremely proud to have over 1000 views , and I am hoping there is another 1000 to come.
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