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Re: I'm a fucking dead man, someone please help!

Originally Posted by Spartanlax
Dude a gang of girls is pulling this shit with you, that's pathetic. First off, what did you do to piss them off. Second, why don't you have girl friends of yours teach them a lesson. Third, who's mom hasn't been dissed...doesn't lead to beating a bitch up.

You could have walked/ran away if she kept punching you to avoid harm to yourself and to her. Or you could have just blocked/dodged her attacks, pushed her back even. Nothing real physical and both people remain unharmed. You could have done so much...but no, you not only hit a girl but beat her up as well. You're the worst kind of scum on this Earth, only above CZW-fans.
That's what I did a week ago, when it all started.

Like I said she through her hardest slaps, punches, kicks at me and I just stood there and didn't even walk away but I couldn't do the same thing twice.

She takes me outside and starts hitting me, Do I have time to call anyone?, Her friends told me to figth her one on one and the girl I beat up even wanted the same thing and at the end she got fucked.
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