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Re: Game 555 get in here you little bitch

Originally Posted by X/L/AJ
Here is the best way to put this arguement. Half of you guys make me sick as you bash indy talent and you have most likely never seen it. Then it is all pro WWE stuff because most of the indy people that enjoy it are smarter than to argue with you guys and stay in here. That is why I post at WE is simply for the indy forum. There is awesome guys in there. WWE is way lame compared to companies with real talent. Notice how some of WWE's best matches lately have come from non WWE talent originally. Yeah...ROH guys, ECW etc. The most impressive as of late is the series of matches involving Kid Kash, James Gibson aka Jamie Noble, London, and Spanky. Your lack of knowledge sadness me. Then Punk coming to WWE. OMG, yet as bad as the indies are WWE keeps wanting our guys. WWE is now looking into Roderick Strong. It is so sad. I am not saying WWE has no talent but you guys have no clue what you are talking about. I was watching ROH tonight and Justin Credible had his first match in ROH from Scramble Cage Melee show and they made the crack he wasted 2 years of his life in WWE. That is beyond true. He coulda been something special. As for Joe he is the fucking man whether u like it or not. ROH, TNA, whatever, the only place he wouldn't own is WWE and that is because Triple H runs things. He would never get a chance. That is the way WWE does things. They want the same guys to stay on top. Indy talent which is easily better than most of them would not get pushed just because of who they are and where they came from. The Joe kills people chant, anyone familiar? I doubt it except the guys in the indy forum...anyways, because he is unstoppable, has anything like that been said about Triple H? NO. He uses a damn sledgehammer if he wants to really hurt someone. He is an pretty good wrestler who can carry a match but nothing compared to Joe. It was already stated that Triple H and HBK don't want Punk on Raw cause they think he will steal their spotlight. Which of course that is true. But Triple H will make him job if he thinks Punk is getting to big or stealing his spotlight. That is why WWE sucks and most of you are brainwashed by it. You just see their perspective. You have for so long you forgot how to notice talent and all you think to be good are your regulars on WWE. The indies have so much to offer. Like therealfnshow said, it is pointless to argue with you guys cause the indies vs WWE could go forever but that is just something to think about.
No one's going to read all that. I feel sorry for your keyboard.
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