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Re: Game 555 get in here you little bitch

Originally Posted by WE Legend
If you are so sure of that, then prove yourself. Prove that TNA guys are better than WWE guys.
I can't physically prove it, unless theres a tna vs wwe war smartass!

quote by deluxbitch2000
Realfnshow is either 14 or 15. That, or he's just a really sad individual.

His responses are typical. Someone disagrees with his opinion about SJoe(or in general), and he responds with an attack to the poster. Not legitimate at all, of course. All his claims lack anytype of substance to them. They're as thin as Nicole Ritchie.

I could spout off random bullshit too. Then again, I could probably prodive evidence to support that bullshit. Unlike you.

So in short, you suck at arguing. Please come back in 3 years, when a high school teacher has hopefully taught you something.
How can i prove something if your tiny head is up vinces ass cmon kid! You have been so brainwashed by vince it doesn't matter what i tell you wwe zombies. I could tell you aj is the best wrestler alive and all of you will gather your wwe buddies and attack me like wild wolverines. And no i'm not a tna mark, i watch wwe from time to time, but the e simply doesnt cut it for me. Why u ask? Because wwe lives on soap opera land and stupid suicide and sex angles. Less talking more action is for me!!!
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