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Re: ATTN: TFS - your sig is prejudice

I've been posting here for months. The mods have seen that pic dozens of times at least while doing their jobs, as have most of the members who post in General WWE and Raw.

You are the first of thousands to give two shits. Congratulations. Here, I got you a card to commemorate the occassion.


Seriously, get a fucking life, and quit your little crusade to regulate everyone else's. I've seen three threads by you and they all make me sick with how fucking touchy-feely you think everyone has to be, walking on eggshells for people who are different as if they are automatically victims of prejudice and social pressure to conform, praising people for their sexual preferences, and digging shit out of material that was never even intended to be found there.

You want the true meaning of my sig's pic? Fine. It means you're about to get owned, pwned, whatever. In laymens terms, whenever you see an image with the phrase "you gonna get raped" super-imposed on it, it means that you are attempting an action, usually in an online game or other activity involving competition with other people, in which you are the underdog, and whoever presents such an image to you is telling you he thinks you're about to be soundly beaten in such competition. In the case of my picture, the match in question was one where Kane dominated Conway, not letting him get any offense in at all. At the time of the picture, the match had yet to end, meaning Kane had yet to do his worst to Conway.

Not a damn thing sexual about it. It was taken from the episode of Raw that happened to be the first Raw event I had ever been to and the first wrestling event, period, I had ever been to, and that match involved my two top favorites, Kane and HBK, and they did exactly what I love to see them do in that match, so excuse me if I find that pic, with that text, extremely fucking awesome and cool. Not exactly my fault if that's the only good pic of the match WWE.com had on their site that week, now is it? I don't find it anywhere near as sexual as a lot of sigs depicting divas in their lingire or less, and no where near as degrading as those pics either (I do enjoy them, but let's be honest, when you stack those against my sig? Please...).

Now grow up, and get some maturity. And by that, I don't mean flipping out everytime someone says something that would be considered blasphemous in the Victorian Age. That's not acting maturely. Being mature would be letting it go and just ignoring it because it has nothing to do with you. It's not your business, and neither is anyone's sexuality, in wrestling, or elsewhere.

If this image scars little kids, I have to assume these kids would already have some seriously unhinging mental defficiancies for this to send them any closer to the edge, let alone over it. I saw worse in Saturday morning cartoons when I was a kid than there is in that picture.

^^^I was back and to the left in the shadows in this pic^^^
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