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Re: "Revenge of Nitemare"....hilarious i guarantee it

Originally Posted by I AM SlaM
Yeah...all of us homeless people with internet access. We must be doing something right, eh?

And if NoFuckingClue Forums owns so much, why're you here? Please, explain that one to me.

Last I remembered, when people opted to come here over there, it spoke, and in volumes, of how much that place has it's feet well tucked behind it's ears.

Go ahead junior. Enlighten me of NoP's and Q's greatness. Because somewhere along the fine line, I lost the knowledge.

Is it their setup? Well, we all know that's bull, because aside from it being a mirror image of the one you find here, it's so frickin densely pieced together than even the seasoned veterans get's flustered by it's monotiny.

Is it the members? Well, with ambassadors (emphasis on the ASS) like you, who the hell would wanna enlist when they know they can come here and actually be appreciated. Strength in numbers? Don't make me laugh. You guys have your little clique, and anyone who even attempts to break into it gets barraged by n00bish comments, childish antics, and immediate dis-taste.

Right from the get go you cockwads had nothing but gripes. You couldn't even manage to adhear to the "truce" (so to speak) between the merged boards. W-E was W-E, and you pricks would have no part in anything else.

From what I remember, all of us on this side of the equation gave peace a chance. But dipshits like ][Lucifer][ and countless others just couldn't get over the fact that times had changed. Boo hoo. I'd say cry about it, but you's already have. And still are. (Why else would you be here mouthing off like a whine bag who got dilled by daddy on X-mas morning?)

And as for your staff. What a bunch of immature near-do-wells. Banning people just cuz one person said the word? Atleast here proof is required. You dildo's just off people without any recourse....or real provication. Says a lot about your precious boards in a whole...and how badly they have their heads up their asses.

Run back and tell them I said this. But also be sure to fill them in that not once, from the moment of the merge to this very day, have I said one thing in vain about them.

Because in all actuality, they (nor are you) really worth the hassle. But since reading/dealing with your trite and unentertaining babble does nothing but kill off the few remaining braincells I have left, I felt putting this out there was a must.

Partly because I know what to expect. Massive spam which'll lead to your IP ban, and me not having to deal with you ever again. So fullfill my hypothesis like I know you will. And do it quickly. The sooner the better, for all of us.
This is an early favorite for "Owning of the Year".

Dayum. Who didn't you own with that post?!

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