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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Deadman_014's Unforgiven Review

Nice little addition of Heat to open out the show, with the DX BBQ looking promising, and all matches got their respective build like they should. No Opening Video? Thats not very good, but I'll live, and move on to the opener. And to add, HBK & HHH main event looks very promising, with all of that build to it making it that much better.

AJ Styles vs. Charlie Haas
Nice little start to the match, with the shove the right hand, and the brawl. A face paced start, with a mixed exchange between AJ & Haas here, which was rather enjoyable, but you seemed to have went outside on this one a bit quickly. I think a bit early to have that Suicide Plancha, and I think Haas may of regained composure to get the advantage to quick on this exchange. The exchange off the ropes was quite entertaining, with the headlock, to shoulder block, and then the leapfrog, ending in the armdrag added a nice touch to this already entertaining matchup. Haas goes for a cheapshot, but it ends in the monkey flip by Haas, and I think so far they could/should be more dominance by the champion.
We go outside again, after that nice counter, it would of fit for this to happen now, earlier it was a bit early, and a 2nd time already to the outside is a bit much. And now we are going into a long period of Champion dominance here, which has really held AJ down and out of this contest, since Haas has attempted 6 pinfalls after a ton of stomps, elbows, reversals, and a suplex so its been a nice stretch for the champion, but Styles just won't give up so I think its his night. One very nice spot here with the sit out powerbomb, seen this before I believe from both of these guys, and in many other counters in other big men/little guy matches, but good counter non the less.
AJ starts sending Charlie reeling more or less, and we have another attempt to win from AJ, but I don't see how a running rollup would work explain that to me sometime. The Cannon Ball Buster reversal was a great moment in the match, and Haas goes for the cover, and we have another kickout as we are getting towards the end of the match. Another big reversal here from Haas, really making this match very much so better, and really added more to it there. I believe you meant big back body drop, instead of just elevating out of the ring, and if I am right there then I don't understand how he could ever grab the ropes to help himself to not go to the outside.
But the sunset flip gives us another pinfall attempt here, and Haas kicks out like many times AJ has before him. An ok try by Haas to use a cheapish tactic once again like a trip earlier in the match, but I don't think something like tripping should be used more then once, but it added a bit to this once again with another opportunity for Haas to win, but he can't get it done. Big moment here with the German with AJ landing on his feet, to the pele, and AJ goes up to the spiral tap, but eats mat for dinner there. I can't believe you Adam used a Mystero-esque reversal, you dislike the jumping bean, but use his reversals? Laugh out loud moment there. The ending comes as Haas goes for his finisher, but AJ out smarts him here, and in a rather dissappointing ending we see AJ roll him up to become champ.
Match Rating: *** 3/4 - The ending took away from the match to me, because after all of the action, it doesn't make sense for AJ to use a rollup to win it. It would of made more so sense if Haas did this, because of his countless attempts to try and win the match via different things, and AJ already rolled up Haas earlier in the contest. A good contest, the ending just makes it so we'll get a rematch another time for a 4th time they'd face off, but I think you should of had a big ending to this after all that went down. Dissappointment of an ending, but a solid match throughout which got you high marks, but also I'd like to add that Haas's comebacks needed variaty, because everytime he broke AJ off of him he kicked him in the gut. A little tip for the future there.

We get some fun from DX, and I thought it was pretty good with DX & Striker with it really being a pretty decent promo, and we see Striker thrown out after having his sausage dropped, and having to pay $6 bucks for a free BBQ, golden stuff haha. Nice promo.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Cade & Jindrak
Not a bad start to a match I don't expect much from with The Dudleyz, and Bubba takes control pretty fast. The match has a little excitement at the beginning here, no where near as good as the first match, but that can't be expected with the combatants in this one. The headbang moment wasn't something I expected, nor thought D-Von needed to do, but it got Cade & Jindrak back in, or back to the apron in the case of Jindrak. The tag in for D-Von and the shot that all tag teams do to their opponents when working together comes and it pretty much seems as if Cade & Jindrak have no offense so far not good as champions usually have advantage, at least its been a more so different night with momentum differences then usual.
D-Von continues his dominance and this assures me pretty much that Cade & Jindark are retaining tonight. Pretty boring match so far tbh and Bubba's back into the contest a quick pinfall attempt, but once again Cade kicks out. More slaps/chops here in this tag which have been used a lot so far in the opening bouts. And to comment on Bubba's insults they sound off-ish sometimes, but also decent a bit not a bad touch to the match, but doesn't really add anything much to it. We finally get a tag in here to Jindrak after a cheap rake and now we have more cheap tactics to gain the advantage from the champs.
The double team cheap tactics and the apron guillotine very nice touches for the champions here, who I can very well see doing these in this match at the moment to regain the advantage. We have a few attempts to pin after Cade is finally tagged back in, but I haven't really been excited with this match, the teams don't seem to be clicking every well at all so far. We see another tag team move from the champs, and the finisher of Jindrak, but of course Bubba breaks it up though a heelish move he won't let the match end.
I see a bit more action building and the double teaming, and tagging out of the champions continues. Still not holding my attention a bit, but that huge neckbreaker counter caught my attention, and was a perfect point in the match to do so. Bubba goes on the offensive spree and the match has gotten better to this point leading towards the end and this part of tag matches is always my favorite. The Bubba Bomb hits, but Cade pulls Bubba Ray out just in time there really adding some more excitement here towards the end it seems.
Jindrak recovers a little to quickly, The Wazzup here was a good thing, but you need to add some more detail because D-Von can't just come around to the top rope, and no explanation of what happend to Cade/D-Von brawl there. We have D-Von hit the barricade out of the picture and we come in here in the end, whilst we see Cade hit Bubba with the belt, though I cannot understand why the referee would have his back turned to the action, meh. The ending is a victory roll and definately another dissappointing ending with back to back rolls to win the opening bouts.
Match Rating: ** 1/3 - This match had many flaws involved such as the chops which were a bit overused for this bout with the last bout having a large amount. You didn't really hold my interest in this match, it was rather boring for the most part, and I got lost a few times because of the lack of detail to how people got to places which I had to re-read over a few times to get. Not the greatest tag match, but you got the champions over very much so heelishly. Overall an average match, I didn't expect much more, or much less then this so it played its part. The aftermath with The Dudley's tablizing Cade & Jindrak basically is saying that its probably not over after that. Good attempt at making this best as you could, but The Dudleyz don't just flow with any team, and it just didn't work well here.

I don't understand why a guy like Monty needs a manager, hopefully he drops the baggage in Coach after awile, because he can cut a better promo then Coach can. The promo was mehish, but it built up the upcoming matchup.

Carlito vs. Monty Brown
Starts out more so as a brawl then a match in the opening sentences of this one. A very big brawl for a good portion of the beginning, which was interesting showcasing Brown's power advantage, but Carlito's quickness and will to fight back. I enjoyed the reversal by Carlito and him knocking Monty into the turnbuckle twice into the school boy, enjoyable part there. Brown is showcasing his beastly strength which I enjoy about him since he has some speed and a good amount of strength. Nice little spot there and the match is getting better as we go along. Monty keeps showing off his strength and I am not sure if this makes Carlito look really weak, or not here, flying off of him because he is only like 275 pounds Brown that is.
Rather entertaining contest so far with some good wrestling, brawling, and reversals in this Carlito/Brown contest. The dropkick to the knee was good, but Brown powers out once more and it looks as if Carlito is nothing in this match to Brown as he has powered him off for a 2nd, possibly 3rd time so far. So far so good in this contest with Brown taking a fall for once, but another springboard from Carlito? CCC does use some and he has a variation of them, but he isn't a natural athletic flyer he just pulls a few stunts in his matches, but he doesn't use them this often.
And we're coming towards the closing moments of this contest, and Carlito flies into the barricade here, as I can see this a nice contest so far. As I looked a bit ahead at the moment I saw that the match ends soon, and Carlito hits some offensive here, and Brown had all this power earlier, yet he hasn't been showing it for awile now. We come towards the end, as Coach saves Brown for a diastar ending here, but he's forced into the ring. We finally come up here and Coach gets what he is deserved, but a rather mehish ending here.
Rather short contest it fealt like with most of the match feeling like the closing moments, as at times Brown looked like a beast, but Carlito looked weak. Brown wins the contest mehishly, with The Pounce, as after all of the reversals springboards and all, we see just a regular pounce out of no where win wasn't that great. This was an ok match, but there was little to no real wrestling at all in this contest, which irked me a bit.
Match Rating: ** 3/4 - It sounded like I enjoyed this conest, as I did a good amount, but it irked me majorily the use of Carlito, Brown, and the problem of how many certain types of moves were used. Carlito didn't use one regular move, he used punches, or springboards. No suplex's, no nothing. Brown was all power at the beginning, but at the end he wasn't power at all. The match broke out into an all out brawl to begin and we had like one technical wrestling move at all used in the contest. Carlito just used springboards only to regain offense it seemed and he does have a great assortment of them on wiki, but he doesn't use them all often in his matches, so that was a problem.

Nice little buildup for No Mercy there and the Holly/Heyman exchange was okish, was a filler pretty much to build this upcoming match.

Rhyno vs. Hardcore Holly
The match starts off rather redundant with a lot of shoulder blocks and shoulder moves to start out the match which took away a bit from it. The match wasn't really very good, or easy to get into for awile as I didn't feel it for some reason for a good amount of time in this. The kendo stick was a nice weapon used to choke, beat up, and then snapped over Holly's head which was a very nice part to this match. The Road sign comes into play now and Rhino's been nicely dominant in this, but I can sense that this match really isn't going to be used for just the hardcore title inter promotional purposes, but to build other inter promotional things up like Survivor Series with interferences from both sides surely.
Really hardcore brutal contest with now the fire estinquisher which in hardcore title matches I've seen a lot so it was a nice touch. Now the bowling ball another good hardcore weapon, and I new this wasn't going to really have any wrestling at all, just a pure entertainment match at the moment. Rhino kicks out after that? I don't know for a guy if that could be possible lol, the match continues on. The fire estinquisher was used again, I think once for this one is enough hopefully it isn't used again, and we see the saucepan used against Holly, but the match continues yet again.
A nice little wrestling moment in this hardcore brawl comes in the form of a belly to belly, but of course the match is continuing and I can only wonder how much longer it will go, because hardcore matches usually go around 8/9 minutes. Rhino falls onto the steel chair, and it takes three cookie sheet shots to take Rhino down? Not a good time to try and sell Rhino here, he just smacked his head off a steel chair, but nice new move the flying cookie sheet shot lol, and the match continues which has entertained me a good amount so far.
A tad of wrestling was put here to put one or the other through the table, neither end up going through, and accidently Holly hit Foley with the chair and now something's gonna happen for sure possibly a Smackdown Invasion? Holly's out after a thunderous chair shot, but there is no referee, cause Hardcore knocked him out with a chair. A Rhino Driver on a chair is a big moment in this match, which is getting better as we go along as you are adding a tad of wrestling into this late in, but now I see the Smackdown Invasion is coming so the fun's ending for me I guess.
Cannot realistically imagine seeing part of a cage being pulled off, but I guess it is PPV so it could, still don't buy it. I was right about the Smackdown Invasion and a huge invasion it is of 12 superstars which 10 come out after Orton and Booker do. Holly's majorily pissed it seems as I remember before, but he's forced to finish him off, a huge surprise comes in the form of SCSA appearing and for sure he'll help clean house.
Huge moments come in the form of Austin clearly cleaning up and burying everyone. Thankfully Orton & Booker got out after it all was said and done, but really it was nuts. I cannot imagine Austin hitting all of those guys with a steel chair back to back to back over and over again. But it worked and Austin stuns Henry, Booker & Orton run, he gets Foley out of the ropes as well nice there. And we come right into the end Austin lets The Gore do its work to take Hardcore down forcing the title to stay with Rhino here in what was a really long match.
Match Rating: ** 1/2 - Well I can't really grade it high because it was just a messy hardcore brawl with some unrealistic factors like pulling part of the cage off. Some wrestling came in slightly before the Smackdown Invasion, but I would of rather seen albeit more of just the brawling, reversals, and all that as there were really none. This was average as it was entertaining, there was really no wrestling besides one point, and the pulling part of the cage off wasn't the best realism wise. But it sets Survivor Series in the works here and its not so bad time wise now that I look that it was a House of Fun match.

The interview was nice here I liked it was more serious and Christian can do some good serious promo's instead of just some funny ones. Builds the next match up which is the three way.

Christian vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin
Well it starts off with taunting, all in different corners, and all the posing like you could expect. The Christian pose part I thought was nice touch, since he's the type to do that, RVD pushes Christian, Benjamin attacks RVD, and the brawling begins as they spar off in this match. Double team on RVD as I could of expected since its two heels and once face, there we have Christian/Shelton partnership, but immediately Christian outsmarts Shelton, I would of rather of seen Shelton beat down RVD a bit, then Christian throws him out would of been better in the outsmarting thing there.
RVD now gets a slight advantage when Captain Charisma comes back, but of course Christian outsmarts him holding onto the ropes, so far Christian's been portrayed in this match quite well as his character is coming off flawlessly. Jacknife cover nicely used here, I expect maybe two, possibly three in here of those tonight. Christian pokes RVD in the eye with more heelish tactics, before Benjamin comes into the fray once again brawling with Christian here. I don't understand why just a right hand one time from Shelton would take Christian down, but a short pin attempt there now.
Shelton plays the same game Christian did, RVD starts up, but a nice touch with Shelton hitting the Corkscrew there. RVD takes em all out then with a Crossbody splash, and we're getting a little action, but so far its just been punch, whip into ropes, and reversal almost the whole time it seems. Spinning Leg on Benjamin should take him out of the game for a good amount of time, until a minute or two later I bet.
The sunset flip thing was a nice touch here, it always happens in RVD matches, but Shelton's already up? That makes no sense he just got hit by one of RVD's most devistating manuevers so that shouldn't be. Shelton goes for a quick pin now and we slowly move along this match now a bit, flipping neckbreaker is alright here and gets us another close pin. You should of said Christian fell down from the kick to the head, but I don't think he'd fall into place that fast for the Split Legged, but whatever another nice moment. Shelton saves the contest pulling RVD off.
Your using strikes from the punches/strikes a bit to much, because coming into every one on one meet up brawling, you just have someone block a punch and hit him in the ribs, or whip his adversary into the ropes. Shelton regains control which I like here, Christian could of stayed down longer I think, but meh once again. The duo work together finally after screwing each other over twice, you could do a different duo, possibly RVD/Christian, or Shelton/RVD working together doesn't have to always be the heels working together.
The Stinger Splash comes and we go through the motions of Christian and Shelton's teamwork here. Your overdoing the duo screwover, or at least the way your doing it, they don't have to be thrown over the top rope each time ya know. Tomko ends up ejected because he stops Shelton from winning, which is nice I don't like Tomko really. Christian gets caught up by Shelton due to him arguin with the referee which I can see happening. We go through a few reversals and nice stuff from Shelton & Christian which leads to another Shelton pinfall attempt, but to no avail yet again.
The RVD/Shelton/Christian moment was golden perfect moment. I don't know how RVD could lift them up like that for any period of time, unrealistic, but really would be a cool thing to see none the less. To add a side comment, this match seems a bit rushed to me, I don't know detail seems a bit off so far, etc, and lack of ideas for some parts. Also another remark I'd like to make is why RVD took so long to get up just from a double powerbomb, yet Shelton gets up 10/20 seconds later from one of RVD's biggest moves in his arsenal.
They stay down for 8 seconds and get up, they brawl again, and we see Christian take a crescent kick, and then a spinning heel kick thingy there that Christian breaks up. Stretch Side Kick to Christian in which leads to the Rolling Thunder, I don't like how many kicks have been done (to the gut, different kinds of kicks from RVD, etc). The RVD/Benjamin reversal encounter there was awesome, if they had a one on one match, it would be better then this has been so far it seems that way to me at least.
Another big reversal the neckbreaker one from Shelton, this was another cool spot in this one, good nice one there. Shelton/Christian have a really good encounter right here, RVD's missing outside at the moment it seems from the Dragon Whip, and we see an exchange of attempts in pinfall which leads to a reverse DDT that is kicked out of by the great Benjamin. The Christian temper thing fits his persona more, you've portrayed Christian to his peak in this so I expect him to win most likely. T-BONE! T-BONE! No! Damn RVD breaks it up and it finally starting to interest me more here. The signature three shoulder thrusts in RVD style come here = awesome.
Stinger Splash ends in no mans land for Benjamin, thus RVD hits another springboard move, but can't win with Shelton kicking out. Never said Christian got up (should of just added that detail), Christian recieves elbow, and Shelton knocks RVD, but after one shot off momentum into him (would be mighty powerful) which would either knock RVD down, or back not being able to hit him with a right of his own then most likely. Huge mark moment with the Benjamin flying into a reversal. RVD does the work with the Frog Splash on Shelton, Christian throws RVD out of the ring letting him take it after RVD hits his patented 5-Star, giving Christian a stolen victory.
Match Rating: *** 1/4 - This match held my interest towards the end, but it seemed really repetitive. Every time a friendship between Shelton/Christian went on, they threw the other to the outside, you did that way to many times. Some spots in this match were pretty nicely done, it was an ok match, but due to the excessive kicks, rights, and same ol type of things throughout I wasn't as entertained, and would of rather a regular singles between any of these guys one on one with any of the others in this, it would of been better then. Also I may seem harsh with this match, I liked this match in the end despite those problems tbh, Adam.

Austin & Rock promo was ok, nothing special, you should of said from Rock `I'll give Edge a Stunner just for you' would of made more sense since its his move.

***Note: The rest of this review will be notibly shorter then odviously the last match review, I will leave the next two matches really short, the main event i'll make regular length, sorry I just want to get this up...***

John Cena vs. Kane
I don't have much to say about this contest, more or less skimmed through it, read the middle, the start, and the end, but not it competely (I will read it more throughly a little later, but this one I know won't hold my interest). The opening was blandish for me seemingly, because the flurry of punches attacking Kane like that, etc, has been done before, and a lot of that type of stuff has been done so far in this show so yeah. Cena goes reeling from Kane pretty much through tons of powerful uppercuts and elbows, leading up to him going into a turnbuckle.
The match progresses a bit, Kane goes into the ring post, and we have Cena/Kane brawl a bit before Cena takes Kane down in the ring with a shoulder tackle, Kane easily powers out though. Kane goes right into the steel ring post with help from Cena, leading to Kane falling to one knee, pretty much Cena playing a monster underdog in this (just the way the match is going so far). A little bit further along and we see a sidewalk slam from Kane, leading to a 2 count on Cena, yet he kicks out as the match is still in the early going it seems.
Cena gets a 2 count on Kane, I progress a long (get bored and skip a bit sadfully), and STFU by Cena at this point Kane quickly gets to the ropes, but I would think maybe he could lift his body up with Cena on him and throw him off maybe (a slight suggestion that could possibly happen). A special Cena move combo which leads to a pinfall, yet Kane kicks out late in this, but the five knuckle shuffle I don't think should keep Kane down for a late two (even with the free style I think), and we see Cena's fustrated.
Fast Forward through a few moments, and Cena F-U's Kane over the top rope, but he lands on the apron??? Thats impossible I can't see that with Kane's size and all that happening with his outfit, but meh whatever. Kane retakes the advantage leading to a Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker there which is a signature of Kane I believe. Cena shows reziliances (spelt wrong I know...), getting up after that big clothesline, but can't get up twice after that. Flying Clothesline there from Kane leads to a late two count as the match dwindles down a bit now to its ending.
Cena pretty much (very close) low blows him basically, no referee talk with him, or anything? Not a fan of that much. Kane's left arm gives after the onslaught earlier. 5 Knuckle attempt, but Kane sits up which is a huge moment in this. The referee must take a while to just throw away a Knuckle Guards, Cena cheats with the steel chain, F-U there, and its over giving Cena the victory, yet I would of liked it if you had Kane kick out only to recieve another F-U to end it (would of made Kane look more like a monster).
Match Rating: *** - This wasn't the greatest match, but you made the best of it more or less better then I thought it would be, and I still made this more recapped version compaired to the Shelton/Christian/RVD match review pretty long I guess. I would recommend to possibly make Kane look more monsterly, you tried, but I would of loved to see Cena have to pull a Top Rope F-U, something super then just a chain shot, and an F-U. Still a pretty decent match, to note this match coming up really will be pretty recapped, I ain't a fan of the Women's Division.

Edge promo was fine, he was in character, wasn't feeling it greatly, but meh don't care that much it was good enough for just a quick PPV interview.

Edge & Lita vs. The Rock & Trish Stratus
This was a pretty nice matchup, I read this and not a huge fan (I just don't like reading Women's Matches), and overall this was alright... thats it no more for this match, lol just kidding. Rock takes control fast in the beginning which is nice, nothing special really at the beginning, but typical Rock taking advantage really. Edge shows his heel tactics calling Trish a bitch, and a little bit later on Trish hits a Statusphere here on Lita which gives us the first big pinfall attempt of the match leading to a Lita kick out of course.
Trish is beaten down a bit by Lita and then Edge, a few kick outs by Trish here, nice teamwork from the heel couple. Edge comes in and plays with Trish a bit, before Lita comes back. Lita's a slut lol, anyways we see a moonsault attempt from Lita, and like in other matches between the two in the past Trish moves out of the way. Edge gets back in and fights with Trish, almost gets her then a bit, and then puts her in a sleeper after not being able to pin her like the true heel Edge is. Trish though keeps alive and gets her arm up staying in this.
Trish gets out and tries to get Edge, but only to receive a wheel kick into a pin, Rock breaks it up there nicely and this match hasn't been half bad so far. Trish does The Matrix manoever to evade The Spear which is a great moment in this I see, and Rock soon comes in after which heats this up big time the match I mean. Rock gets hold of Lita for a moment she pleads, Edge saves her only to recieve his dues soon after that with a spinebuster, and then the people's elbow baby! EDGE KICKS OUT DAMN!
That woulda been a fast, but cool finish there. And Edge gets back up, Lita helps save him for a bit, which leads to Lita almost getting taken out, but Edge hits the Edge-O-Matic to get a close almost three count there. Lita tries to get her team DQ'd after that, but Trish stops her. An accidental tag happens here which leads to Lita coming in, Trish is let in then leading to a nice slick roll up, once again though a kick out. Trish hits the Chick Kick now on Lita, right before that though Edge sends Rock right into the ringpost taking him out of the equation a bit.
Edge then comes in and SPEARS TRISH giving Lita the opportunity to pin Trish, and take hom the victory at the right moment, and Rock can't save her in time leading to the heels winning AGAIN for the third straight match.
Match Rating: *** 1/2 - I don't know, I enjoyed this one more so then the others to me, it had the `It factor' to the match. I got into this, the heel tactics, the Rock coming it intrigued me. The Main Event of course will probably be match of the night, but this was a nice match to bring up the quality of the show before heading into the main event, good match here especially for Women's and all.

Haha nice promo here, I can see HBK losing here, but I would love to see him win (a face needs to win so HHH will win). Good promo here, Vince might have his teeth missing at back to back PPV's if he comes out lmao.

Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels
Heel tactics from HBK to start things off trying to annoy The Game, play him per say, but no one can play da Game muhaha lol. HHH finally gets his hands on HBK, and this match starts off, (sadfully I am just trying to finish this so this may end up shorter then I like, sorry Renegade). Triple H beats him down with punches, leading to him choking HBK who is taking a big beating so far into this contest it seems, interesting to me to say the least. The fighting around the outside continues with HBK going into the barricade and all that, pretty nice start to this really big last man standing match.
HBK fights back using a trash can lid to gain the advantage for seemingly the first time in this match. HBK gains heat with You Suck chants and all the Suck It taunt comes into play, all looks pretty interesting so far and HHH gets back into it pretty quickly. The Game uses the trash can to his advantage really here to help him take HBK down for the first time in the match this time for two seconds, Michaels gets up though, this has been pretty entertaining so far to be honest with ya mate. Triple H then proceeds to hit a suplex on the trash can, we go through a momentum shift then to HBK.
Thus leading to Shawn using the RING BELL SMASHING HHH! The Game begins to bleed already, and Michaels isn't done yet I guess heh, so of course the match continues on. HBK takes out a ... LADDER? Thats definately interesting here, but he loses the ladder out of his hands quickly. HHH attempts a piledriver on the ramp here, but HBK cheaply gets out of it, and really intense match so far holding my interest entirely to this point.
HBK wants to hurt HHH more and uses his belt to his advantage, Damn I would love to see something this brutal on regular PPV TV with same stipulations in place. This leads to HHH finally getting control, well at least shifting to a neutral momentum with the spinebuster having the first really downtime period of this really nice hardcore match at this moment. Both guys finally get back up, now HHH has the belt which will make things ut so much more interesting , thats good. HBK low blows HHH and we go further into this match which will probably hit a big finale in the next bit.
HBK now gets the ladder up and he goes through the motions of getting up it, and FLIES OFF HITTING THE DIVING ELBOW THROUGH THE ANNOUNCERS TABLE! Big spot there. Vince comes out and damn the fun's over now I guess isn't it? Doan comes out to count HHH down, but HBK realises it all and levels Vince & DOAN! Go HBK! As ya can tell i'm into this hehe. Triple H hits HBK then with a chair taking HBK out now and he drops the chair going towards the real end of this match. The flying forearm comes up right here and we have the HBK nip up at 5 and HHH up right after.
SWEET CHIN MUSIC! HHH IS DOWN! Its not over, The Game is back baby! (Yeah I'm into it Adam bite me a bit lol..), PEDIGREE TO HBK! 8 Count and he's back damn this is heating up to its eclipse ending. HHH and HBK brawl now leading to another spinebuster, which usually happens a repetitive move towards the end using it a 2nd time to gain the advantage. HHH NAILS HBK WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER, HE'S GONNA HIT HIM ONE LAST TIME, MR. MCMAHON? Damn.. VINCE EATS HAMMER! Pedigree on the steps says goodnight for Vince.
HBK though uses the steel trash can and `tuning up the band' comes now. Shawn goes for it BUT ITS CAUGHT! Pedigree time ... NO he trips him and sends him into the turnbuckle, SCM CAUGHT BY THE GAME. And now The Pedigree on the chair both men are out, But Triple H gets back up in time ... to WIN! A celebration after to end this show and the review is FINALLY over (pats self on back for doing this super long review...)
Match Rating: **** - The Main Events to PPV's from almost everyone who I read are always great, this was no different, solid main event man. I enjoyed it, I tried to add excitement with the caps in it, when I was excited. I put a hell of lot of effort into this PPV Review, I probably won't review like this again ... here's my very late, but hopefully worth it review. To comment on the match it was pretty good ending, maybe something more special like a hugely special spot. All spots were realistic, but maybe something off the stage, something really incredibly special would of made this stand out greatly and added a lot. Good job man, final grade is coming right now.


- This was a good PPV, it was realistic, though it had a lot of average matches to me. The realism factor was nice in this, though I would of liked more description, and a few problems were some of the winners. I think at least the match order was screwed up, because at first you had face victories with 3 out of 4, then you had the next three all heel wins. Thats not good, you should of split them apart.

- Also an issue I had was some repetitive ness, a bit to many punches in some matches, and in Christian/Benjamin/RVD there was no diversity in how the match went which bothered me. It was good though Renegade, enjoy the review probably the longest PPV review i'll ever do, here ya go bro. Sorry for it being late also Adam, come on MSN when ya can...
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