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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review:

Nice opening match with Michaels and Flair. Thought the match might go a couple of minutes longer, but it was still a good opener. One comment that I will admit, is that you have an unbelievable skill of taking mid card wrestlers and elevating them to legitimate contenders or superstars entering main event status. As for the beatdown with Dinsmore, Dinsmore has grown quite a bit since the days of Eugene. Finally, it seems that you haven't forgotten the comedy side of Cade, as that promo, while bizarre, was quite funny.

Man you turned what was looking like a complete dud of promo, into a great promo by the addition of one Mr....Kennedy!!!....Kennedy!!! Looks like Kennedy and Conway will be feuding and it looks like we might have a match between these two at Backlash.

Nice to see that the Divas are getting some time on the show and it looks like we're going to crown a new champ at Backlash. Hopefully Alexis Laree gets a run as the champ sometime down the road in this thread.

Short promo from Theodore and The Brotherhood. Here is another example of what I mentioned about taking mid-carders and making them make an impact in this thread. As for the Edge/Benjamin match, these two put on a wrestling clinic, and Carlito and Stacy getting involved in the match which leads to Edge winning the match, just continues the feud between Carlito and Shelton as Backlash draws closer and the two meet for Carlito's Intercontinental Championship.

Before I comment on the Cena segment, I have a feeling that Finlay will be quite a force on Raw.

Great segment with Lesnar/Cena/Christian. I will say this, that Christian was the star of that segment. I know you have been pushing Christian since last year in this thread, going back to his 4 back to back to back to back victories/pinfalls over The Undertaker on Pay-Per-View. While I don't think Christian nor Brock is winning at Backlash, I have a feeling Christian is going to be the champion on Raw within the next couple of months, possibly a Cena/Christian feud leading into Summerslam.

I might be wrong, but I see a possible break up with Cade and Michaels and into a feud between the two possibly starting at Backlash with Cade or Michaels costing the other their tag match with Flair and Dinsmore, which leads to a Mentor vs. Protege type of feud between the two.

Good to see Rhyno getting a push in this thread as I felt he might get lost in the shuffle following Mania. As for Conway and Kennedy meeting at Backlash, I honestly see Kennedy picking up the win, as Conway is probably only on the card since this is a brand-exclusive event.

As for the Main Event, great match and Cena winning gives him the advantage as Backlash draws near. And with Brock and Christian going at it on the outside, Cena stands tall and still the champ!

Once again great show, as I felt that your 3 hour show was lacking quite a bit, save for some segments. Looking forward to your next show.

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