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Re: Being The Booker

Deadman_014's Raw Review

The commentary to start off the show was nice, and we fly right into a big match to open up, with HBK/Flair which is a great way to get the crowd hot (happy in general for seeing Flair and HBK). HBK goes over in the opener and we get a little interesting/funnish ending with HB-Cade saving the day, but having some lame phrases, and HBK doesn't really like him a lot in the end this works a bit to give us a hint at a breakup in my mind at least. A fillerish segment for Kennedy/Conway there which actually might lead to a match at Backlash with Kennedy turning into a face which would just continue his momentum, and all that, good start to the show here I hate Conway, but Kennedy did good for the promo.

Trish & Alexis win their tag match here and nothing happens after match to either, so this is a build up thing for Trish here most likely, and continuing the push of Alexis from her debut. Long gives a nice little promo in character and all that. The Brotherhood could be a major force if given the right victories at Backlash, or could be just stay the same if they lose at Backlash, we'll see, I am enjoying the Backlash build so far since its very much so building quickly. Edge vs. Shelton is now up and it is a very nicely written out match well not fully written, but y'know what I mean. Carlito screws Benjamin here and this starts the build for their title match at Backlash.

Finlay debuts in two weeks thats very cool, I can't wait to see how you use him on Raw, it should be fun to see. Cena/Lesnar/Christian promo here is pretty decent, Cena's good, Lesnar's fine, and Christian's fine. Nothing incredibly great, but with Lesnar on the mic, and all that, its hard to make it great. Orton/Cena buildup continues and I think possibly Orton could screw Cena out of a world title win at Backlash, as I don't see Orton appearing on Raw before Backlash, unless you have a little push over match for him, but thats unlikely.

The Cade/HBK storyline continues and this should be interesting. This will lead to a HBK/HB-Cade feud very likely, but you never know, we could see HBK turn HB-Cade around, in the end I can see Cade walking out on HBK at Backlash costing him the match. Rhino wins a squash match and Kane comes out and ends up brawling with Rhino, I see Rhino/Kane being hte last match added to Backlash, and a little interview from Rhino ... very little interview tells us we will see that.

Conway vs. Kennedy now is at Backlash easily the biggest squash of the card. This promo was pretty decent with Bischoff acting dum, well actually would really feel like he was dum to the fact that Conway referred himself as a 2nd coming of Hogan lol, funny stuff. The commentators for a 2nd time build up Backlash and really using a lot to build it, earlier it got a few comments, and now again so this is really getting a nice amount of build thankfully. The big exclamation point at the end of the show with this tag match, giving us another Cena win making Tomko tap, and the end brawl leads to have Cena standing tall with the other two destroying each other.

Good show Wolf, I can't give many critism's as there weren't many flaws, I wasn't a fan of Cade's speech, or just Cade as I don't think he fits on the mic at this point he needs it though I guess. All storylines are building nicely and we have Backlash's card well set with Kane/Rhino going to be the last edition to it I suppose, and topping it up with its 8th match. Good show man and here's a review for ya, enjoy.
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