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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

ORRY'S Unforgiven Review

Sunday Night Heat:
Standard addition of heat, with some hype being put into the show, although not as much as expected, and a few matches taking place.

Charlie Hass vs. AJ Styles: Just a note before I get into the match review, I'm a little dissapointed there was no opening video for this PPV, as I feel videos add that something extra and create even more suspense for the show to come. Anyway, what a way to kick off the show with the rubber match in the Styles/Hass feud, and damn did it ever live up to its hype! Great action, as expected, from both men, with AJ coming out on top in the end to claim the IC Title for his own. Great start!

Nice little promo here, an effective way to get the Degenerates and Striker on the show. Funny segment, and Simmons interjection at the end was right on cue.

Cade and Jindrak vs. The Dudley Boyz: I like Cade and Jindrak as a team, and their run as Champions has been entertaining so far, but with lack of real solid build heading into this match, I must admit it was not one I was particularly looking forward to. However, you proved me wrong and managed to pull out a great match, and as you can probally work out, I'm happy with the result and the fact Cade/Jindrak are still the Champs. Now just bring in some frsh teams to feud with the Champions, and BANG, the Division is firing on all cylinders again.

Nice segment here from Coachman, and despite the fact I feel Brown is pretty solid on the stick, his pairing with Coach is definately a good one. This next match should be very solid!

Monty Brown vs. Carlito: This was another really solid match, with some great back and forth action from these two rising stars throughout. After some typical strength vs. speed wrestling earlier on, Carlito looked to have the match won until Coach got incoled. The manager copped a faceful of apple from the Caribbean superstar, but Brown hit an unexpected Pounce to pick up the win. Good result, and I liked how you retained Carlito's credibilty by having the result stained with controversy.

Nice vignette here adding hype to the upcoming No Mercy PPV.

Heyman/Holly segment left me thinking that there is somethign more going on here that meets the eye. We'll just have to wait and see how the next match goes down.

Rhyno vs. Hardcore Holly: Great start to the match, I loved the big spot earlier on, a nice touch indeed. Foley is down and out, and Heyman hits the ring, closely followed by heaps of Smackdown Superstars. WHAT! IT'S AUSTIN! Stone Cold hits the ring, Stunning the shit out of everyone in sight, which gives the Manbeast adequate time to nail the Gore and win the match and the Title.

Funny promo from Captain Charisma here, the Instant Classic insults everyone he can think of, and is obviously feeling pretty good heading into the big Triple Threat match up next.

Christian vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Rob Van Dam: MOTN so far IMO, with some fast paced, entertaining wrestling action throughout. All three guys, particularly Benjamin and Christian, are great workers, which in turn made the match turn put just that little bit more special, and the finish was great, with Christian not only winning the contest, but gaining big heat in the process.

Austin/Rock segment was a nice touch added to the show, and was definately a 'bigtime' moment in my eyes, although I would have liked to have seen a little more animosity shared between these two icons, considering their past.

John Cena vs. Kane: A solid match here, allbeit not mindblowing. Kane dominated the earlier stages of the contest, but an oppurtunistic Cena came back strongly, working over the injured arm of Kane. In the end, Cena has to resort to cheating to pick up the win, nailing Kane with a steel chain then an F-U to gain victory. Nice finish here, as Cena came across looking storng, whilst Kane didn't lose any credibility because of the dodgy finish.

Decent promo from Edge here, even if he did tend to slip in and out of character at points. The segment served its purpose in hyping the next match, one in which I am very much looking forward too.

Edge and Lita vs. The Rock and Trish Stratus: A decent match here, you delivered it pretty well, and all 4 stars came across as they should have. Edge nailing the Spear to Trish was the logical way to end the match, and by the looks of things this Edge/Rock feud is far from over, which is most definately a good thing.

Vince/HBK segment was intense to say the least, and if I wasn't looking forward to the main event before (which I was anyway), then I definately am now

HBK vs. Triple H: Awesome main event, awesome match, awesome end to the show! The emotion and personal hatred heading into thismatch made the contest all the more enjoyable, and with the added figure of Vince McM<ahon looming in the shadows, this certainly was a match to remember, and a more than fitting way to end the night. McMahon got owned in this match to say the least, suffering from a number of devestating blows. The finish was great, with all the reversals, and finally HHH is able to gain the Championshp once again. Great end to a great night.

Overall: A very solid PPV here man, with no matches flopping badly, and every promo coming across fairly well. The main event was obviously MOTN, and a fitting way to end the rivalry. 8.5/10!

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