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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown review:

Kid Kash vs Tajiri:
Great way to start off the night, with a cruiserweight match, was dissapoited that Triple H came in and spolied it. But it's the kind of thing he would do so no complaints about that really (plus i didn't see it coming as Tajiri had gone through the trouble of earning the title shot). The HHH promo was pretty good, he dragged it on like he normally does. The concept of a London vs Triple H feud is interesting, (mainly due to the differance in star power), i can see London pulling off a Benjamin style upset over the game.

Jericho interview:
Decent promo, i like how Y2J is acting differant lately, showing that the focus and obsession he has with this feud with Taker is having an effect on him.

Charlie Haas vs Test:
I like the angle your creating with Haas, (being angry due to being drafted, and therefore taking it out on everyone else.) But due to the size differace between him and Test, it does't seem believable to me that Haas could dominate him like that, no matter how pissed off. I guess it did make Charlie look strong though, which was a good thing.

JBL interview:
You've done well pushing Bradshaw to world title status recently. This promo started off very similar to the ones we've heard from him during the last few weeks, which lost my interest a little bit. However the Stoe Cold referance was interesting. I expect because of the way Cole and Tazz reacted to it, that a superstar may feud with JBL due to those comments (possibly the Rock, since you've shown that he respects Austin).

Hardy and Batista vs Jericho and Albright:
Seemed like an average tag team match (thought the ending came a bit too suddenly though). Jericho pinning Brent seemed to kill off the momentum you gave him last week, which isn't a bad thing in my view, as you are currently pushing a lot of people. The aftermath with Taker was done well, Y2J gets to see Batista recieve the chokeslam, so he sees what he's in for, however manages to escapse it for tonight.

The Rock interview:
Rocky seemed to be in character, and said everything i assumed he would. I thought this promo could have been longer seeing as it will be an important match in his career, hell arguably one of the most important matches in WWE history.

Dudleys vs Spirit Squad:
The Spirit Squad winning came as no surprise to me, and the use of the megaphone was the perfect was for them to do it (puts over the gimmick, and doesn't completly kill the Dudley's credability). I expect the cheerleaders may recieve a title shot soon, though personally i'd like to see them feud with Bubba and D-Von longer, since their personalities contrast so much, it could make for some interesting promos in my opinion.

Kurt Angle promo:
Very good promo here, and probably the best of the night. You portrayed Angle well as the intense wrestling machine. Angle vs Benoit, even though it's been done countless times before, still sounds good to me. I don't quite understand the hype around Angle's return though... he hasn't been gone as long as Tazz and Cole would have you assume .

Austin interview:
You did a good job of portraying Austin as the hell raiser of old. But i thought it was a bit weird that for the last couple of weeks Austin has been talking about respecting the Rock, but suddenly he seems to change his tone about that.

Austin vs Rock:
You'd probably miss out on a tonne of money by having this main event a weekly show and not a PPV, but meh . The match started off ok (the Rock Bottom on the floor was a good touch). But the flow seemed didn't seem quite right to me after that. It looked as though the match was coming to the finshing sequance (with the signature move attempts... by the way, it was a bit weird that Rock didn't go for the people's elbow after the spinebuster as usual), but then they went back to using some basic moves, (Rock's russian leg sweep) which would have been ok if there were more near falls following it, but the end came a bit too suddenly in my view which took some excitment away. I did like Austin using his old finishers though, such as the lariet and the million dollar dream. So overall it was a good match, but there could have been a bit more exciting and tense.

A solid show, although looking at some of your previous ones, i'd say a couple of them were a bit better. Like Deadman said, not having people like Benoit and Heyman on the show was strange (even if it was centered around Austin). But overall it was a good read .
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