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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Unforgiven Review:

A lot of matches on Heat which was a surprise. Expected to see the show build up the Pay-Per-View some more, but this was alright.

Match 1
WWE Intercontinental Championship
AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas (c)

What a way to open this show. Styles is the new Intercontinental Champion, and we even got to see the Spiral Tap. Styles finally has some WWE gold in this thread, and it looks like things might be looking up for the master of the Styles Clash. Match length was good as well. ***.5

One thing that I have always said about your shows, is that the promos are top notch. And this was very good. All three men involved and even Ron played their role to a T. Nice way to use up some of the time.

Match 2
World Tag Team Championships
Dudley Boyz vs Cade & Jindrak (c)

Even though this match screams filler to me, you were able to not let it live up to that. Jindrak and Cade are a great team, and they used their heel personas to get the win with the victory roll. The length in this match was right, as 12:40 seems good for this match. Hopefully this feud continues though. Nice aftermath while the Dudleys losing, they still remain to stay over with the crowd. ***

Match 3
Carlito w/Torrie vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

Short promo from Coach, but it got the point across. As for the match itself, we see an Alphalanche from Brown, but Carlito remains in the match. Carlito comes back with the crossbody, but still the match continues. Coach even gets involved by moving Brown out the way, and causing Carlito to go right into the barricade. I like how Coach is being used in this match. Monty hits the Pounce and gets the win over Carlito. **1/4

Match 4
Inter Promtional Contest
Hardcore Title
Clockwork House of Fun Match
Guest Referee: Mick Foley
Special Enforcer: ???
Rhyno (c) vs Hardcore Holly

By the sound of that segment, Heyman is going to try and cost Holly the match. Woah! The bowling bowl spot is seen once again in a match! Haven't read that spot in a while, so this match is going good so far. Foley has been hit with the chair and here comes Heyman. Smackdown makes it's presence known but wait...It's Austin!!! The Rattlesnake starts to hit stunners on anyone coming at him. Rhyno gets the gore and gets the win and retains the championship! ****

Match 5
Triple Threat Match
Rob Van Dam vs Christian w/Tomko vs Shelton Benjamin

Christian's promo hit all the right points. How he does in this match imo, will see how you plan to use him in the next couple of months. As for the match, it was a fast paced and a lot of spots, which was to be expected. A lot of near falls, and the ending was done really well to get heat on Christian. Great match, and so far MOTN. ****

Another great segment this time involving Rock and Trish and Austin. Rock and Austin seeing each other and then laughing and then going into their dialogue was a good touch and even though I feel Rock and Trish might lose this match, this was nice to add in.

Match 6
Kane vs John Cena

Great match, but a lot of the heels are going over here tonight. Cena as a heel is great as a lot of bookers are using Cena as a face, so a heel Cena is good. Both men got in their moves, but it could've went about two minutes longer. ***.5

Match 7
Mixed Tag Match
The Rock & Trish Stratus vs Edge & Lita

Edge shows once more why he is one of the best when it comes to promos. The match itself was done I guess to get the crowd warmed up for the Main Event. I see shades of ONS 2006 with terms of the finish of this match. Edge and Lita maintain their heel status especially Edge and another heel team goes over, which to me means that that the WWE Championship is changing hands. ***.5

Match 8
Main Event
WWE Championship
Last Man Standing Match
Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

Before I did this review, this was the one match that I was able to read, and this was the MOTN by far. Everything about this match was done to a T. Hunter wins and as I read by your notes, Michaels will be out for a couple of months for some time off, and Hunter seems to be done with dealing with Vince, and I'm looking forward to the next couple of shows. ****1/4

Overall Score: 82/100=B!

Like you mentioned in your review for KOTR, the first half of the show started out slow, but when you got to the Clockwork House of Fun Match things started to pick up for the better, and the show ended great with a NEW WWE Champion! Great PPV man! 1!

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