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SMACKDOWN - The aftermatch of Vengeance

Smack down : 22nd July; Anaheim:

Opening Video

We open with Mr. McMahon and Brock Lesnar in the ring. They talk about Vince beating Cena at Vengeance. Cena then enters. The arena erupts for the Doctor of Thuganomics. He is totally pissed off, and challenges Lesnar to face him tonight. Vince and Brock both laugh in the ring. They say that Cena isnít in Lesnars league. Vince then says that he will give him one chance. Should he win a gauntlet match tonight, then he will get a match with Brock.


1st Match: Winners get an Inter Gender title shot next week.
Rikishi & Jacqueline vs. Danny Basham & Shaniqua
Finish: Rikishi and Jacqui get the win after Jacqui spots Danny switching with Doug. They hit the Banzai drop on Shaniqua for the win.

Bret Interview. He says he wants to put on the greatest SummerSlam of all time as it is from Canada. He then hypes Goldberg vs. Angle as the SummerSlam main event.
Rey Mysterio talks to Kanyon. He offers him commiserations on his loss at Vengeance.
Interview with Eddy Guerrero. He talks about not winning the 4 Corners match at Vengeance. Regal then enters. He says Eddy is just a poor excuse for a competitor. Eddy pushes regal to the floor.


2nd Match:
Rey Mysterio & Kanyon vs. Chavo Guerrero & Billy Kidman
Finish: Kanyon hitís the Grand Kanyon on Kidman. He then knocks Chavo off the ropes. Meanwhile, Rey hitís a West Coast Pop on Kidman for the win. Kanyon isnít too pleased as he thinks he had the match won.

Bret talks to Benoit. He says to Benoit that he put up one hell of a fight at Vengeance. Benoit nods. He says that although he appreciates that. It still doesnít make him feel any better about losing. He then thanks Hart for booking him and Eddy vs. La Resistance for the tag titles tonight.
Backstage Heyman and Lesnar talk about Vengeance and Cena.
Goldberg arrives


Goldberg goes to the ring. He talks about finally pinning Lesnar, and now onto SummerSlam where he will once again become WWE Champion. Angle enters. He tells Goldberg that he has a lot of respect for him and he put up a hell of a performance at Vengeance, but at SummerSlam he just wont match up to Angle. Goldberg thanks him, and tells Angle that he put up a hell of a performance at Vengeance, but all that effort he put into retaining the title will be short lived, because at Summer Slam - Angle is NEXT! They go head to head as the camera cuts to a commercial.


Big Show goes to Bret. He demands a match tonight. Bret tells him he will be part of the gauntlet match.

3rd Match:
Torrie Wilson vs. Ivory
Finish: Ivory defeats Torrie in a short match. Afterwards she says that she wants to be a champion. She then makes an invitation to any male backstage who wants to be her full time partner in the Inter Gender division. Suddenly we hear a strange music and we see a returning Bull Buchanan. He walks to the ring and looks at Ivory. He then grabs Torrie and hits her with a press slam. He and Ivory laugh and walk backstage together.

McMahon talks to TWGTT. He tells them that they will be the first two to take on Cena. He tells them he doesnít care if they win or not, he just wants them to soften him up.
Interview with Brock Lesnar. He talks about losing to Goldberg. Goldberg enters. Brock says that Goldberg cant beat him 1 on 1. Goldberg laughs. He challenges Lesnar to a match next week. Brock accepts.


4th Match: WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
La Resistance vs. Benoit & Guerrero
(William Regal sits in as a colour commentator)
Finish: Eddy goes up to the top for the frog splash, but Regal pushes him off. Dupree gets the cover and the win. Benoit flips out and attacks Regal. He nails him with a steel chair, and then applies the cross face. Eventually he is pulled off by backstage officials.

We see John Cena preparing backstage.
McMahon talks to WGTT, A-Train, Rob Conway, Hardcore Holly and Big Show. He says he is depending on them to win this match.


Main Event: Gauntlet Match;
(If Cena wins, he gets a match against Brock Lesnar)
John Cena vs. WGTT
Finish: Charlie holds Cena for Shelton to hit a Superkick, but Cena ducks and he hits Charlie instead. Cena kicks Shelton out of the ring and pins Haas.
John Cena vs. Rob Conway
Finish: La Resistance distract the referee in order for Conway to hit Cena with a chair. Cena hitís a low blow instead and hits Conway with the chair for the win.
John Cena vs. Hardcore Holly
Finish: Cena rolls through an attempted Alabama Slam, and gets an inside cradle for the win.
John Cena vs. A-Train
Finish: Cena kicks out of the de-railer, and then ducks A-Trains big kick. He hits an FU and wins.
John Cena vs. Big Show
Finish: Show jumps Cena as soon as he pins A-Train. By this stage Cena is shattered, and Show decimates him. He goes for a choke slam, but Cena fights out. Show goes for a clothesline, but Cena ducks, and he hitís the referee instead. Cena grabs his chain and nails Show. He gets the cover and another referee runs down to make the count. Cena wins. Cena celebrates, until McMahon enters. He says there is one more entrant - VINCE MC MAHON!!
John Cena vs. Mr. McMahon
Match: McMahon stands outside and taunts Cena. Lesnar comes through the crowd and hits an F5. Vince gets a cover, but Cena kicks out at two. Lesnar is shocked as is McMahon. Lesnar gets Cenas chain and attempts to hit him, but Cena hitís a drop toe hold. Brock drops the chain, and Cena grabs it. He hits Vince, and then an FU on Brock. He covers Vince for the win.

He celebrates in the ring, as both Lesnar and McMahon scramble out of the ring, as the show goes off the air.

Also, I would really appreciate it if anyone who enjoys my shows would vote for me in the Be the Booker awards for March. Thanks. RAW is up tomorrow!

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