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Re: Being The Booker

Show kicks off and the Cruiserweight match is interrupted and destroyed by Trips! Long promo from The Game just calling out London and finally the youngster appears, and we have a brawl on our hands! London surprisingly holds his own quite well here and security seperates them, this is gonna make London into a star no doubt this feud

Jericho stills wants Taker, the question is, will Y2J be able to beat him next time? Methinks, no. Nice and short promo

Again Haas puts himself over as a psycho asshole, sorta like how I used to portray him back in my WIWA thread years ago. Test may've hurt his neck big time, but Haas doesn't seem to give a shit

JBL disrespecting Austin's night of commemeration and leaves the building, also putting himself more over as a total jackass

Jericho & Batista get an expected win over Hardy and the new jobber it seems in Albright. Y2J then calls out Taker and the Deadman finally shows up on SD! Chokeslam to Batista, but Jericho escapes the punishment, and finally this feud can continue to have some build towards a match at Judgment Day

Rock promo was fine, although short as you'd expect from a Rock promo. The match tonight should be sweet

Spirit Squad get the better of the Dudleyz again, pity the Dudleyz aren't being put to better use but now it seems like AMW might finally get an opponent to worry about on SD! for the first time in along time

Angle is back and he's gunning for Benoit's title. Will be interesting to see if losing to Bret actually has an affect on his in ring performances these days, which it could very well do

Austin turns up the intensity for his match, sounding a bit heelish in parts but that ain't gonna work lol. JR is here too, no doubt to call Austin's final match

Austin had most of the running in the end even after copping a Rock Bottom on the floor, and the Rattlesnake is sent off in a great way with a victory and an embrace with The Rock and a beer bash to follow. Great moment, sad to see you rid SD! of Austin, but atleast you kept The Rock around

Another good show Snap. 8.5/10


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