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UPDATE!!! #2

Here is the Smackdown update. Hope you enjoy!!!

The May 27th episode opens like the previous week with Brock, Vince, and Bret standing in the ring surrounded by the Lumberjacks. They announce the matches for Lumberjack appreciation night. One of the matches is Angle vs. kanyon for the U.S Title. Angle then tells Hart that he does not want the U.S Title because he still feels sick about his involvement in the match at Judgment Day. He argues with Chavo, thus setting up a match between them later.
Paul Heyman returns to the fury of Bret Hart. He tells Heyman to leave, but is informed that he is Lesnars favour, as Brock has used his favour to bring back Heyman as his manager.
Kurt Angle defeats Chavo via submission as Chavo taps to the ankle lock, he then later talks about wanting a title shot.
Eddy and Benoit have a showdown backstage and argue about who should be first in line for a title shot.
Brock Lesnar retains his title against his choice of opponent - Hurricane.
Later, he screws John Cena as Cena looks set to win his 3 on 1 match. He hits an F5, and Danny Basham gets the win.
Another William Regal video airs telling us he will return soon.
In the 4 on 3 main event, Goldberg, Benoit and Guerrero take on Big Show, A-Train and La Resistance. Goldberg is dominant once again as he Jackhammers A-train for the win. Eddy and Benoit continue their arguments throughout.
On June 3rd Smackdown, Benoit opens the show asking for a title shot against Lesnar. Eddy interrupts and asks for a title shot also. Kurt then enters, and argues with the two men over who should be in line for a title shot. Cena then makes a case for getting a title shot. Bret then decides to do something about it. He announces that the main event will be a fatal 4 way to determine the #1 Contender, He says it will be, Benoit vs. Guerrero vs. Angle vs. …..Big Show!! This angers Cena who is told he is just not championship material, he is then put in a match against A-Train.
La Resistance win a tag team battle royal to earn a title shot against TWGTT next week on SD.
Chavo pins Rey Mysterio in a tag match. He then declares that he should be getting a cruiserweight title match against Rey.
Goldberg continues to dominate as he beats Jamie Noble in less than two minutes.
John Cena defeats A-Train after interference from McMahon and Lesnar couldn’t foil Cena.
Kurt Angle wins the fatal 4 way to earn a title shot next week after he kicked Benoit out of the ring who had just hit a head butt on Eddy. Angle nailed an Angle Slam on Guerrero to make sure of the three count.
In St.Louis on June 10th, We open with Mr. McMahon on the tron. He tells the audience that John Cena and Goldberg are both banned from the arena tonight, as it would be inevitable that they would interfere in the WWE Championship match later.
Brock and Heyman then come to the ring. They talk about Kurt Angle. John Cena then makes a surprise appearance before being escorted by Police out of the arena.
Chris Benoit continues his quest to become WWE Champion with a tap out victory over the Big Show.
La Resistance become the new tag team champions after help from Rob Conway.
Another Regal video is shown. It tells us that he will return at SD in two weeks.
APA have a showdown with Big Show. He then decimates both.
Chavo helps A-Train in his match with Rey Mysterio.
Eddy Guerrero also keeps up his claim for a title shot with a win over Hardcore Holly.
Eddy and Benoit again have a showdown and argue over who is next in line to meet the WWE Champ.
In the main event, Brock Lesnar defends against Kurt Angle. Thanks to help from Heyman, Brock looks set to win, however, out of nowhere, Goldberg, who was banned from the arena, makes his way to the ring, distracting Brock, heyman, and the referee. Then Cena runs to the ring and hits brock with an FU. Cena runs back through the crowd, and Goldberg is arrested, Angle gets the cover and gets a 3 count to become the NEW WWE Champion!!! Lesnar and Heyman are shocked and irate as Kurt celebrates.
Smackdown on June 17th opens with a tag match featuring Mysterio & Gunn vs. Kidman and Chavo.
Chavo and Kidman argue as Rey gets the win.
Bret announces that he will be introducing a new title at the next SD PPV, Vengeance! He says that as he has just signed a number of Divas out of contract from RAW, the new title will be an inter gender tag title. With an 8 team tournament starting next week.
Kurt Angle retains the WWE Title in an impromptu match against A-Train.
Brock Lesnar complains that what happened last week was a disgrace and just a plain screw job. Cena and Goldberg enter. They tell him that now he knows how it feels to get screwed.
Bret then makes a 3 on 2 main event.
Big Show dominates the APA in a Two on One match.
Bret also announces a number one contenders match next week to face WWE Champion Kurt Angle at Vengeance, Benoit vs. Guerrero.
We are reminded that Regal will return next week to SD!
The main event is a 3 on 2 match: John Cena and Goldberg vs. Basham Brothers and Brock Lesnar.
At the conclusion of the match, the Bashams fight with Goldberg to the outside. It leaves Cena and Lesnar in the ring. Cena hits an FU on Heyman and then looks set to do the same to Lesnar, but Vince distracts him and they argue. Lesnar hits an F5 and picks up a three count for the win. Afterwards, McMahon, Lesnar, Heyman and the Basham’s assault both Goldberg and Cena to end the show.
We begin with the first match in the inter gender tag tournament, Jacqueline & Rikishi vs. Shaniqua & Doug Basham. Jacqui picks up the win over Doug to progress to the Semi-Finals.
The other match in the tournament sees Jamie Noble and Nidia get back together to face Torrie and Hurricane. Throughout the match, they argue, however, in the end it is just a ruse to distract Torrie and Hurricane. They win the match and kiss afterward.
John Cena challenges Lesanr to a match at Vengeance. Vince enters. He says Cena doesn’t deserve to face Lesnar. Cena then challenges Vince. Vince accepts. Bret then makes it a cage match.
Regal returns and says that he came back to SD because it needed someone with a bit of class. He later in the night attacks Kanyon and accuses him of being the worst representative of the USA ever, and now Regal is going to make sure that he doesn’t have to much longer.
Chavo and Kidman fight to a no contest in a #1 Contender match for the Cruiserweight title.
Goldberg and Lesnar showdown. They fight, but Goldberg finishes up on top.
In the main event, Eddy Guerrero and Benoit fight in a classic technical battle, with Benoit winning the match with the cross face.
Bret Hart then informs him that the match with Angle at Vengeance will be a classic as it will be an Iron Man Match.
On the July 1st edition of Smackdown! We open with another tournament match in the inter gender series, Sable & Rob Conway are beaten by Stacey and Billy Gunn. And the final 1st round match sees Dawn Marie and A-Train beat Ivory and Lance Storm.
Rey Mysterio wins a triple threat match for his cruiserweight title when he pins Kidman.
Bret then gives Chavo a title shot at Vengeance as he was not pinned.
Regal continues his assaults on Kanyon.
Bret also makes a 4 Corners match at Vengeance to determine a #1 Contender for Summerslam. He says the participants will be Lesnar, Show, Eddy and Goldberg.
Benoit and Angle talk about their Iron man match at Vengeance. They shake hands and wish each other luck as they agree that it will be the best match anyone will ever see.
John Cena and Vince have a showdown in the ring. Cena floors McMahon. He is then attacked by Brock Lesnar. Vince then hits him with a steel chair. He then tells Cena he will run him out of the WWE just like Austin.
The main event is a 6 man tag, Benoit, Angle and Goldberg vs. Big Show, Lesnar and Hardcore Holly. John Cena runs to the ring and attacks Lesnar with a steel chain. Big Show fights with Goldberg on the outside, and Benoit and Angle lock in the crossface and ankle lock on Holly. He taps as the show goes off with both men going head to head in the ring.
Smackdown on July 8th starts with Vince announcing tonight’s main event, John Cena & Brock Lesnar vs. La Resistance in a non title match.
The first semi final in the inter gender tag pits Dawn Marie and A-Train against Stacey and Billy Gunn. Dawn and A-Train pick up the win and advance to the Finals at Vengeance.
Jacqui and Rikishi take the other place in the finals, with a win over Noble and Nidia.
Chavo attacks Rey Mysterio, and attempts to remove his mask but he is stopped by Shannon Moore.
Bret gives Regal a U.S Title match at Vengeance and give him a referee shirt to officiate Kanyons match tonight against Hardcore Holly.
Big Show attacks Goldberg and choke slams him through the announce table. Eddy tries to stop the attack but is also overpowered by Show. Big Show then says that this is just a taster for Vengeance.
Benoit and Angle argue about who has the better submission move. They argue.
Later in their match vs. TWGTT, Benoit accidentally hits Angle. Angle then attacks Benoit, and locks in the ankle lock.
Regal screws Kanyon in his match against Holly. Kanyon goes for a cover but regal KO’s Kanyon with brass knucks.
In the main event, Lesnar immediately turns on Cena and helps La Resistance to get the win. Vince comes to the ring and makes fun. Cena then grabs his chain and hits Lesnar, and La Resistance. Vince quickly scrambles out of the ring before Cena can hit him.
On the final Smackdown before Vengeance, Vince and Cena have a final showdown before the event, with Vince telling Cena that at Vengeance he is going to be making career suicide.
A-Train defeats Rikishi ahead of Vengeance, thanks to a distraction from Dawn Marie. Jacqui rushes out to help but A- Train and Dawn leave.
Rey Mysterio and Shannon Moore beat Akio and Sakoda despite interference from Chavo. Rey gets the upper hand on Chavo afterwards with a 619 and West Coast Pop.
Eddy and Goldberg fight Lesnar and Show to a no contest when all four men brawl among each other. Lesnar ends the exchange on top.
Kanyon finally gets the upper hand on regal when he lures him backstage and nails Regal with the brass knucks.
Angle and Benoit have one last head to head with both men promising victory at Vengeance.

William Regal defeated Kanyon with use of Brass Knucks to become NEW U.S Champion.
Rey Mysterio retained his Cruiserweight Championship against Chavo with the West Coast Pop.
Dawn Marie and A-Train won the first ever Inter gender Tag team titles after A-Train hit Jacqui with a Steel Chair, and placed dawn on top for the win.
Goldberg won the 4 Corners match to earn a title shot at Summerslam after a Jackhammer to Brock Lesnar.
Mr. McMahon defeated John Cena in a steel cage match after interference from Brock Lesnar.
Kurt Angle faced Chris Benoit in the main event for the WWE Championship in an Iron Man Match.
Angle won the first fall at 17:23 with an inside cradle.
Benoit levelled at 21:59 with a cross face.
Angle re took the lead with the Ankle Lock at 34:12.
Angle went 3 - 1 ahead with an Angle Slam at 35:22
Benoit pulled a fall back after three German suplexes at 49:44.
Benoit then levelled at 56:54 with an Ankle Lock.
Angle then went 4-3 ahead on 59:13 with a Cross Face.
Kurt Angle retained the WWE Championship 4-3.

There it is, the Smackdown update. Now its onto SummerSlam. And personally I think it could be pretty big. Stay Tuned!!!
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