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Okay. With this thing possibly starting soon with Grendrill, I will just post up all major happenings in June and July up to Vengeance. Sorry, but I want to get off to a good start, and frankly the next two months sucked anyway. I will go through each week at a time. Here is RAW from May 25th to Bad Blood on June 20th.

On the May 25th Episode, Vince McMahon made a surprise appearance on Raw He gave Foley a fine and the night off because of his comments the week before on the Austin situation.
Vince informed Cade and Jindrak to forget what Foley told them last week about making a clean defence of the titles, and to win at any cost necessary. Later in the night, Cade and Jindrak successfully defended the titles after cheating yet again.
He also signed Sting vs. Steiner at Bad Blood, and Kane vs. RVD for the following week.
Trish Status attacked Lita after Lita helped Stacey last week when Trish had attacked Stacey.
Booker T scored some revenge over the brotherhood when he cost them a tag match against O‘Haire and Palumbo.
And the animosity rose between HHH and Orton as they had a tag match against Booker T and Jericho. HHH left Orton to fight both. However, Christian gave Jericho a chair shot and the Brotherhood distracted Booker to chase them out of the arena. Orton picked up the win over Jericho to end RAW.

On the May 31st episode of RAW, Mick Foley made his return and with the permission of Linda McMahon screened a proper Steve Austin tribute.
HHH and Orton continued their rivalry with both men having a showdown in the ring. Orton told HHH he thought they were friends. HHH told him when the World Title is on the line, friends don’t exist. Flair and Batista are eventually forced to break up a tussle between the two.
Cade and Jiondrak again cheat to win, this time against the Dudleyz. Foley then announces that next week, he has signed a triple threat match with the winning team to receive a title shot against Cade and Jindrak at Bad Blood.
The war between Jericho and Christian took another twist as Jericho found himself two allays in Lita and Matt Hardy. It was announced soon after that at Bad Blood, Jericho, Hardy and Lita will face Edge, Christian and Trish. Matt Morgan continued his dominance in the Hardcore Division, but was shocked soon after another successful defence when Raven returned to scare off Morgan. It was later revealed by Foley that he had signed back with the WWE and next week he will enter an invitation match to face Morgan at Bad Blood.
Also, the Brotherhood, got the upper hand over Booker T. Even help from Goldust couldn’t save Booker. Later the match for Bad Blood was made- Booker T vs. Orlando Jordan.
And in the main event, Kane defeated RVD in a No Dq match. Neither HBK or Undertaker were in the arena. After the match, Kane hit a tombstone on the ramp, and sent a message to HBK.
On RAW from Chicago on June 7th, Raven won a Hardcore Invitational to advance to Bad Blood to face Matt Morgan. Later in the night he was the victim of a vicious assault from Morgan.
Test and Steiner defeated Sting and his makeshift partner, Nick Dinsmore.
Christian helped Trish to become NEW Women’s Champion in her title match with Lita.
Foley then made the decision to put Christian in a match with Matt Hardy next week with the I.C title on the line.
In a triple threat match to determine #1 Contenders for the tag titles at Bad Blood, Cade and Jindrak interfered to end the match as a no contest. Foley then told them that he left them no choice but to make the tag match at Bad Blood a 4 Corners Elimination match.
And the main event pitted evolutions Orton, HHH and Flair against RVD, HBK and Maven. Interference from Taker and Kane, cost HBK and RVD the match. HHH and Orton then fought afterwards with Orton ending on top after hitting HHH with the RKO.
Then the final RAW before Bad Blood saw Cade and Jindrak leaving their opponents at Bad Blood in a mess after another cheap win, and an after match attack.
Batista mauled Maven leading to Maven being placed on a stretcher and being brought to hospital. Foley then told Batista if Maven is in a good enough condition come Sunday, the two will meet at the PPV
Thanks to Y2J and Lita, Matt Hardy became the new I.C champion over Christian.
Booker T got the last laugh over Brotherhood going into Bad Blood after a tag team victory with Goldust against Jordan and Mack.
Test, Steiner and Morgan got the last laugh on Sting and Raven after a 6 man tag win which also included Nick Dinsmore.
Chris Nowinski also was interviewed. He announced that he will be returning in the next few weeks to RAW.
HBK and RVD had one final showdown with Taker and Kane before the tag match at Bad Blood.
And HHH decimated Randy Orton after a long showdown. He pedigreed him twice and also nailed him with the title belt.

Bad Blood:
Sting defeated Scott Steiner after he ducked a Boot from Test which inadvertently hit Steiner. He then locked on the deathlock for the win.
O’Haire and Palumbo defeated Cade and Jindrak, Al Snow and Dreamer and the Dudleyz in the 4 way Elimination. C+J first cheated to beat Snow and Dreamer, and then again cheated to eliminate D’ Von and Bubba. Then all the cheating backfired as O’Haire nailed Cade with the belt to win the match and the tag titles.
Orlando Jordan defeated Booker T thanks to interference from Long and Co.
Jericho finally got the last laugh on Christian in their major feud. He made him tap in the 6 person tag match.
It was announced that Summerslam will emanate from the Toronto Sky Dome.
Matt Morgan pinned Raven in a bloody Hardcore Title Match. He won thanks to a twirling power bomb through the announce table.
Batista defeated Maven by KO after the referee stopped the match due to Maven being unconscious.
In the tag match between HBK, RVD vs. Taker and Kane, HBK pinned Undertaker after a wonderful match. He pinned him after connecting Sweet Chin Music.
Then in the main event, Randy Orton pulled off a stunning upset, when he defeated HHH. They went at it in an epic encounter. HHH had hit a Pedigree, but with the referee out cold, he couldn’t win. He then tried to revive him, but as he did, Orton nailed a low blow, and an RKO on the title belt for the victory.

The following night on RAW, HHH wasn’t happy but congratulated Orton on being resourceful to retain the title.
O’Haire and Palumbo retained their belts against Cade and Jindrak.
Booker T defeated both Mack and Jordan to face Teddy Long next week, with no interference allowed.
Matt Morgan decimated Raven in a sneak attack.
Christian challenged Jericho to face him in a steel cage match next week on RAW.
Undertaker screened a message on the tron which made reference to him coming for Ortons title.
In an eight man tag main event, Evolution faced HBK, RVD, Sting and Jericho. Orton looked distracted throughout after the earlier message, while HHH pulled a muscle in his leg forcing him to be helped out of the arena. RVD picked up the win over Flair. Christian then ran in and fought with Jericho, Orton quickly left with Evolution, and Kane launched an attack on HBK, so severe that HBK was laid out unconscious to end the show.
The June 28th RAW saw Chris Jericho win a cage match against Christian to end their feud.
Raven defeated Matt Morgan to become NEW Hardcore Champion.
Booker T decimated Teddy Long to end his feud with the Brotherhood.
Kane proclaimed that he had ended HBK’s career for good, and an update from a local hospital in HBK’s hometown backed up this claim.
Undertaker again sent a message to Orton that he wants the title.
We were also informed that HHH would be ruled out of action for three months after injuring his groin.
And in the main event Randy Orton, won a triple threat match for the Heavyweight Title against Sting and RVD. After the match, The Undertaker made his way to the ring and scared off Orton.
The following week, Foley announced that Orton would defend his title the following week against Undertaker in a casket match. During the night, Orton pleaded with Foley to change the match, but this was to no avail.
Kane again talked about ending HBK’s legacy.
Matt Hardy successfully defended the I.C title.
Edge pinned Sean O’ Haire to gain a tag title match for him and Christian next week.
Chris Jericho and RVD defeated Batista and Flair.
And the show ended with Orton coming to the ring to make a plea to Foley. Foley didn’t show, but Undertaker did. He tombstoned Orton and held the belt to end the show.
And on the July 12th edition, Edge and Christian became the new Tag team champions.
Rhyno earned a title shot against Hardcore Champion Raven after winning a triple threat to meet him next week.
Jericho met Kane after he told the big red machine to shut the hell up as Kane again gloated about ending Michaels career. Kane got DQ on purpose and then attempted to injure Y2J until HBK returned to help Y2J. A shocked Kane left as quickly as he could.
Chris Nowinski returned and immediately made an impact when he screwed Sting in his match with Test.
Then in the main event, Randy Orton retained his Title against Undertaker in a casket match when Evolution came to Ortons aid. They attacked Undertaker and proceeded to win the match by placing him in the Casket for the win. After the match, The trio continued the beat down, as Orton used a sledgehammer on the closed casket. They then carried the casket to the back where they placed the casket in a truck which was then set on fire to end the show.

That was the RAW side of things. I will post the Smackdown update tomorrow, and then its back to normal.
Until then, goodbye.
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