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Re: The Wrestling Forum Interviews. Series 1: Ryan Pelley

Wrestling Forum Interview: Series 1.

Ryan Pelley.

Name: Ryan Pelley
Birthday: April 27, 1988
Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
Employment: An expendable nobody to the FedEx Corporation
Highest form of education: One lovely semester of college
Relationship Status: Single
Favourite Item: Mobile Phone
Member since: June 2011

I finnaly snagged some free time now I am finished for the Summer with Uni to get the rest of these interviews done. Thankfully RP was free today to take the time out to do this one. RP is one of the users I find humorous so I decided to add some silly questions into this interview. Before the interview I believe RP bashed one out to clear his head and prepare for the onslaught of questions. I enjoyed doing this interview as it felt more relaxed than my last one.

Good Afternoon Ryan P.

Glad to have you in the hot seat! How’s the day treating you so far?

No complaints, so far. It's early, I'm feeling fine, listening to The Doors and honored to be partaking in this interview with you. Thanks for having me.

My word, The Doors! You always been a fan? I'm kicking back to the Rock's Hollywood "heel" theme.

Awesome theme. Very catchy! Certainly a nice change from his standard upbeat 'Nation' remixes. But no, I've only been listening to them for about a month now. Absolutely loving them however.

1. Do you have an all time favorite band then? (Gun to the head question I know!)

I do; HIM. I know, some people will laugh at that, and rightfully so. They've been my favorite band for over ten years now, even through some of the awful albums they've put out in that time. Plus, all of the gothic teenage girls wearing their ugly merchandise kind of paints a bad picture.

Ah, Ville Valo's band. I used to be a fan. Mega balls for admitting it though. Which albums is your favorite from them? (Mines Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice)

Oh, you're familiar with them! Fantastic. 'Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights' for sure. My favorite album of all time actually. Really love anything of theirs from the 1996 EP through Deep Shadows, bootlegs included. Great concerts in those early years. I do enjoy 'Screamworks' and their latest, 'Tears On Tape' very much as well.

I never listened to TOT, I downloaded it ages ago but never unzipped it and played it, thanks for the excuse to play it on Spotify now .

Absolutely! The album has a pretty soft, mellow sound to it. Easy to kick back and fall asleep to.

Sounds good so far,

2. So your bio says you work at Fed EX. Any memorable moments from work?

A lot of great memories. I won't bore you to death, but I've seen some pretty cool things, working outside and all. Not too far from our work group is the Indianapolis Airport hangar, where I saw Vince McMahon's beautiful black jet the day of a Smackdown taping, some years back. That was a very cool sight, about 500 feet away.

You won't bore any of us. I would not of wanted to leave that jet, until I saw him get on and fly away.

Haha, I know what you mean! Would have been cool to see him doing his famous strut into the plane.

3. So why did you choose Wrestling Forum as the place to post for the past three years over other sites?

But funny story. Actually, it's not funny at all. It's boring and uninteresting. I had been banned from Gamefaqs several times and I just wanted to talk wrestling. So I decided to Google "Wrestling forum". Lo and behold, there's a site called WrestlingForum.com. I signed up and the rest is history!

What were you banned for?

Just stupid teenage things. Making inappropriate jokes, thinking it was funny. But trust me, I've matured since then. Now I sit back and watch other people get banned, and laugh to myself.

That's the best part about a forum though, the trolling and stupidity of it all. WF is serious business.

Absolutely agree with that. Like early hours this morning (American time), someone kept making accounts and posting ridiculous threads for a good two or three hours. Even posed as Headliner with one account. I won't lie. It was very stupid, but passed the time.

I saw a few of those threads; did the Headliner guy close his own thread? (Headliner, <3)

Haha, great question!

4. What is the most beautiful thing you have seen or been a witness too?

My daughter being born. It was just incredible. Well, except for all of the bloody rags on the floor and intestines hanging out of my daughter's mother (C-section). But really, once she was born and they laid on her the table, checking all of her vitals, I was standing by and just in awe of how beautiful she was.

That's sweet, it does ring true that men say this about their children. Could you give me and the rest of WF some basic tips on parenting or tricks?

You're really putting me on the spot here! Something I've learned over the past two years as Hayden (my daughter) has grown is to find as many things to bond over with her. Whether it's a television show you both love and an activity, you can never have enough. Hell, my daughter got me back into Pokémon and we collect cards together now. Watching how excited she gets and her reactions to getting good cards is just priceless, because I remember the same excitement as a kid. The bond over things like that really adds so much to the relationship as a whole.

Thanks, always a pleasure to hear positive responses.
I hope my children can share the love of wrestling with me when I have them.

Time for some humor.

5. When did you parents realize you were no longer a virgin?

Haha, great question man... Well, when I was 19 years old, I started seeing a 36-year-old lady. She was a friend of my friend's mom. I think I flat out told my mom about it, thinking it would be funny. Obviously, she thought it was a little weird. My mom told me, "You know, all older ladies want from young guys is sex." I told her, "Yeah, I'm fine with that." Pretty sure it clicked right then for her. And apparently my dad didn't know anything about that until recently. So I guess, finding out he was going to be a grandpa was when he found out.

You were on a MILF? Your poor Mother :L

Hey, I genuinely liked her, but I knew what the deal was. Now I'm going to have to ask my mom how she felt about that situation, since you brought it up.

You made my day. How did the relationship end?

Well, I had met another girl (much closer to my age) who I really liked. The MILF (thanks for coining her as that) told me that I could date the other girl and just sleep with her... Yeah, nice lady, right? But after we slept together, I felt totally awkward about it, since it was my first time, and I'm guessing she had plenty of experience. I don't know, it was just weird to me after that and I never went back to her house. Slowly stopped talking to her. But she congratulated me on being a dad a year later, since she ended up working with and befriended my daughter's mother's mother.... Small, confusing world.

Reading that back, I really should have just used fake names, instead of the mother's mother's son's son's mess.

Very small world. Do you feel that the relationship you had with this “older lady” benefitted you as a person?

As awkward as it ended, I'd say I benefitted greatly from it. I had messed around with other girls, but Nikki (the MILF) was the first girl I had dated. I would get off of work and head to her house and just hang out or mess around. That really helped me relax about the whole idea and feel really comfortable. I mean, she was a really attractive MILF that was into me. My self-esteem and confidence really sky rocketed after this and led to a fantastic summer. She was a sweetheart though; kind of miss talking to her.

6. I have asked everyone this so far and will continue to do so: What is the one thing you feel WF should know about you?

(Tugs at shirt collar) This really is the hot seat, eh?! Oh, I know. TSE, a former user, was kind of a dumbass. And creepy. I started being nice to the guy, just for the hell of it, and he created this goofy forum stable, which I was by default added to. I just want everyone to know that I wanted no part of that. Do not judge me as you did TSE!!!

Lel, Did the stable accomplish anything?

Making an ass out of all of us. I think that's the only thing it accomplished. He was certainly out there, so I don't know what his thought process was with the stable idea. I mean, it's a fucking forum. Are we going to gang up and red rep someone as a group?

Sure why not? It's been done before I believe?

7. What would you name your autobiography?

"Blowjobs for Buys: The Ryan Pelley Story" I mean, I did promise blowjobs for votes on this interview series... Which I guess I have to live up to. Honestly, I don't know really. I don't think I have a pun I could work into a book name, that relates to my life. "Chrome and Fid Live Kinda Close To Me: The Ryan Pelley Story" might work.

I'd promote the hell out of those.
You're telling me you never even gave those who voted their worth in a BJ?

I appreciate the support! And no, I haven't... YET.

8. Any shoutouts to make whilst here?

Absolutely. A shoutout to "Perfect Poster." Sorry for calling you an "Inbred faggot" and getting banned for a week. Forgiveness, please.

Peace to all.

9. Who are you dying to meet?

I'm going to be corny and cliché and say 'my future wife.' Cue the tacky music to go with that. There's truth behind that, wanting to build a real family for Hayden and myself.

But there are certain wrestlers that I would love to sit and talk to for just a little bit. I don't think I would go into nosey, annoying mark mode, asking them about booking decisions and shit. Bret Hart, Edge, Chris Jericho would be at the top of my list. They all seem like great guys, plus being a huge fan of all 3.

Is there anyone in sight at the moment or are you still searching?

I'm not "searching" per say, but I wouldn't mind just meeting someone casually. I just don't go out enough anymore.

10. Your biggest turn off?

I have a few turnoffs, can't really pick just one. Typing or speaking like an idiot is a huge one. Grammar / spelling Nazi all the way. I just like girls who don't come off as unintelligent. Also, bad hygiene, bad manners and generally trashiness. Those are things that will kill my interest in a heartbeat.

Pretty much the normal, at least you have standards. As much as I detest those things nothing really stops me, except hygiene. You gotta be clean.

Agree 100%. I'm not shallow when it comes to looks, but please, just shower and take care of yourself.

11.First thing you did this morning?

I woke up wide awake at 4am this morning and watched two episodes of Boy Meets World. A college professor made a move on Topanga, but Corey pushed him down, nearly getting himself kicked out of college!!

12. Do you know how you will die?

Probably a bad illness. I've had pneumonia 10 times and I have asthma. My lungs will eventually give out on me. Though, dying in a heroic fashion would be cool. Like Sebastian in 'Cruel Intentions', you know.

I hope not, no idea how Sebastian went out....

Oh, well he and Ronald were fighting over something that Kathryn lied about. Annette tries stopping them, but gets knocked into the street, with a car about to hit her. Sebastian pushes her out of the way and gets hit by the car, dying basically in her arms. Touching and heroic. <3

Single tear rolls down my face

13. What do you need to do but keep putting off?

Getting back into shape. I've been eating terribly for years now and put on too much weight. I'm too lazy about it and just keep saying, "Eh, I'll start next month." It's time to get back into my 'MILF seducing days' shape.

That's definitely the hardest thing to do, solo as well. I made it 4 months with no sweets/ sugary drinks etc. and caved at Christmas. Have not been able to get back on the horse and try again.

Ahh man, Christmas time is the worst when it comes to bad food!.

Will you lose that weight?

At this rate, I probably won't, to be honest

14. Worst thing you have done?

I used one girl who liked me to make another girl completely jealous, for my own selfish reasons. I still feel awful about that.

Ouch, who hasn't done that though?

15. What would you like to know about the future?

I just want to know that my daughter will be all right growing up. She's all I have, so naturally, I'm over protective. But I just worry about her so much. As long as she has a long, healthy, happy life, I will be fine.

But I guess it wouldn't hurt to also know if and when I'll get married. Maybe having other kids? Who knows?

16. Have you heard of Dash Con?

No, I haven't. Who or what is it?

(From Facebook):
"Ok so this post is an interesting one and a lot of you requested it. If you haven't heard yet Tumblr dwellers tried to make their own con up, as imagined it was a complete failure. So we'll basically sum it all up best we can for you all to laugh at them. So basically some tumblr dwellers try and make up their own con calling it Dashcon, tickets for one day was $45 for the whole weekend was $65, the 'organizers' of dash con told every one the hotel they were hosting the con in wanted $17k or the con would be stopped because they didn't put a payment schedule in their hotel reservation contract, so tumblr users actually raised 17k for the con to stay open, and when people asked the hotel the hotel told them they didn't demand that money from them (so they got scammed by someone), it was said 7-8 thousand people would come but only 1 thousand people showed up, they supposedly booked Welcome to Night Vale to be there but when they couldn't pay them they walked out lol, there was ball pit and a bouncy castle there and apparently someone urinated in the ball pit, all the panels had to pay for their own hotel rooms and to top it all off the 'events' where all cringe worthy as fuck, typical crap you'd expect tumblr dwellers to like for example dramatic fanfic readings,homoerotic subtext and even Mental health support. We'll leave you with a bunch of links to more info about this disaster of a con for our sources.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEDJgfYAw-g (raw autism in that video right there)
http://dashcon2014b.sched.org/mobile...:page-schedule "
I don't know what to say... Just wow. Should I feel sorry for these people or is it okay to laugh at them? Just ridiculous!

Both, I have nothing against the "Bronys" as what I am a fan of is also lolzworthy. However Dash Con is not the place to be.

I can see that from the video of everyone singing "We Are The Champions." I'm pretty sure that's not the best song to sing at such a pathetic gathering.

17. What was the last lie you told?

Last night. My friend's girlfriend offered me some nasty food for dinner. I was hungry, but told her I wasn't.

What had she made?

She actually got food for she and my friend from a local restaurant. It's a Cajun place that just makes different rice dishes. I've heard bad things, and it looked like vomit.

Fair play.

18. What was the most expensive thing you have brought?

My 1996 Ford Explorer! She's falling apart now, but still reliable. Paid $2,800 in cash for it.

19. What is your one hope for WF?

I can only hope for more trolls, more Smarkbusters videos, more bans and more intense arguments.


20. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to do this interview as well as being so honest. How do you feel now it's over?

Thanks for having me! And thanks for everyone for wanting blowjobs enough to vote for me. This was a lot of fun, sitting here for the past two and a half hours or so. Some of those questions really put me on the spot. Glad that those are out of the way now.

No problem buddy. (I should have voted for you...) Once again thank you!
I will be back soon with another interview later this week if time and other constraints allow. Possibly two. Please PM me some questions you want people to answer and let me know your thoughts on this interview. If there is anyone you want to see interviewed be them a former/banned member let me know or ask them to apply.

If you want to see these interviews in audio form then ask for it I have plans in my mind already to do a few Podcast interviews with music and more! For example when RP mentioned the band HIM and his favourite album we could then play one of those tracks.

Thanks for reading.

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