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Re: Being The Booker

Ok, I am glad that you chose Heyman as GM, because you used him perfectly. I can't wait to see how his run as GM goes, without Lesnar by his side.

I kinda got the feeling before the show was posted that Batista would become the new Lesnar on Smackdown. Not sure if you plan to go that route, but having Hardy keep his run going, and not burying Batista in the process was a good decision.

JBL was off the charts in this promo. Just awesome. I remember when Wolfy had JBL turn on Simmons, and just look at him now. The WWE title is his, next.

I really liked RVD's promo here, and I think he will have a nice fresh start on Smackdown. Hopefully he gets a title run, as well.

Great victory for JBL here to establish in clear ascension to the Upper Card by easily squashing a veteran mid carder like Hardcore Holly. I am very excited by JBL's future in this BTB now.

I'm not crazy about the Spirit Squad, but you will probably use them well. I liked the Benoit staredown with Kenny, as you indicated that he will likely have a good singles career on Smackdown, down the line. Benoit and Heyman part of the promo was superb, and these two will be interesting.

Jericho really delivered on this segment, he was great. I dont like Albright, and when I saw it was a debut, I was hoping for Elijah Burke, or even Lashley. But it looks like you will use him well, and this Taker/Jericho fued is going to be one of the best in btb.

Rock/Austin segment could have been better as it is their final one, but I liked the play on them singing together, as they have many times before. Good job, Im looking forward to the match, but I will be sad to see Austin go.

Yes! I hope Haas gets a push! He was used excellent in this match, and I hope he is the one to end Hardy's title run.

Triple H seems really bitter here, but I see him losing again.

Main event was amazingly done, these two can put on a damn show. Glad to see Benoit to retain, and London get some revenge. I just hope London/Trips isn't going to be a full blown PPV fued, as we all know Trips wouldn't allow this.

All in all, spectacular Smackdown. 9/10.

Raw Preview looks great Wolfy. The title situation has me buzzing, cant wait to see how Lesnar is used. And the tag title situation is very interesting. Tag match looks off the charts.

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