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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

sXe_extremist reviews Renegade™'s Unforgiven

Opening statement: This is the first show I have read of yours, so I apologise ahead of time if I mis-interpret some of your angles


Solid opening to the PPV, typical of what one would expect from a preshow. My only vice is that their were four matches on a pre-show, plus alot of preview packages meant to be squeezed into half an hour.


* Styles vs Haas for the IC title was a great read, and an entertaining match. The close pinfalls were tense and this match proved to be a very solid opener to the broadcast

* Striker/DX segment was funny, and put over both their childish gimmick, and Striker's seriousness.

* Tag Team title match was done well, playing to both a face and heel psychology well. Very good tag team match, enjoyed it alot. Post-match attack was well done and further enhances the feud between these two teams

* Brown vs Carlito was done well for two guys I feel wouldn't really work together effectively. Coach in a managerial role is a great choice. Nice way to further put over both Coach and Brown as heels by Carlito being robbed of a victory

* No Mercy advertisement was done well, going to be looking forward to that show

* Holly vs Rhyno was fantastic. The suspicion of whom the enforcer would be grew, and when the SD superstars invaded I thought all was done for, and my goodness Stone Cold comes out and opens up a can of whoop ass. Well written and I personally marked out a little. The pre-match promo between Heyman and Holly was also well done

* Interesting to see Christian, RVD and Shelton in a triple threat match without anything to gain from victory, but as stated above, I am unsure as to what your storylines are for this being my first reading. Solid matchup and surprising to see Christian get the win

* Loved the Rock/Austin backstage meeting, took me back to the days of old.

* Kane vs Cena is another surprising feud to run with, and it's good to see Cena being portrayed as the heel, which is where I believe he is most useful. Again a typical singles match, and Cena gains the victory after using the chain, which adds fuel to the feud, and screams rematch

* Lmao @ the Edge promo mainly because of the burial of Maria. Nicely done, you have captured the Edge character well. As for the mixed tag team match, the usual mixed tag encounter you would come to expect. Brutal finish with Edge spearing Trish, and great way to keep an Edge/Rock feud continuing

* Interesting angle here with Vince 'owning' HBK, kinda similar to the WM19 buildup. The match was incredible, and really well written with just the right amount of tension and suspense to keep me reading with desire. Great finish to the match with the pedigree on the chair, I liked that touch. Realisitic way to keep someone down for 10 seconds. Nice to see the rest of DX celebrating at the end with HHH, will be very interesting to see if this feud continues

Final statement: A very enjoyable show from start to finish, with all matches serving a purpose, and being realistic. However, some of the matches in parts seemed to drag, as with the promos, but other than that, good show

Overall, I am giving Unforgiven a score of 91%. Looking forward to Raw and Smackdown, and future shows from you
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