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Re: Being The Booker

Heyman just opens the show with a few announcements and the usual "We're doing things my way" speech. Benoit vs HHH in a No DQ match will be a sweet main event, and right now we've got a US Title match

Well, if Batista stays in midcard, I'll be happy, as I'd hate to see you push him to the main event. Hardy retains via a count out, a rematch could very well be on the cards

It's obvious that JBL will beat Holly, and his continued build towards main eventing will continue

Powerful words from RVD to Sabu & Fonzie, I hope something comes of this soon, as it's really getting to the point where something from the ECW alumni has to happen to keep the interest in this feud afloat

JBL beats Holly, no brainer, next

Ha SS get a match with the Dudleyz next week. Suckers. They'll win after most likely copping a beating and use the numbers game to steal it

Heyman still intent on one thing above all else, having Benoit lose the strap. Benoit can only hold it for so long before he becomes stale ala 2004, but he won't lose it just yet in Heyman's plans

Y2J with a good promo, talking about the Undertaker and how their feud can continue, and so it should it'll be SD!'s draw until it ends. Then some no name guy called owait, Brent Albright? AKA, Gunner Scott. AKA, Lucky Jobber. Match begins and Albright gets a win thanks to Taker's mind games again! Big win, but I hope you don't push BA too much, although he could get over after a win like this. Jericho's promo during the commercial shows us he is pissed and he wants to fight Taker badly

The Rock is here! Talking about his big match next week with Austin and here comes Austin! I love it when these two get together for promos. LOL those songs were good. Haha, the Friends theme? Good aswell, and I can't wait for SCSA's last match in this thread with The Rock, even if he is retiring afterwards

Haas turns heel just like that. I've always liked Haas as a heel and use him like that, pretty much in the same way you're gonna use him it looks like. He could do well with a US title match with Matt Hardy

Angle returns next week? Awesome, wonder what he'll be like after the loss to Bret Hart

Triple H is ready, he won't win, but he has to hype himself up to look believable. Hammer in hand, he's gonna do some damage

What a main event. Really good maatch, Benoit going through the table was nuts and not what you expect on TV, more like PPV. LONDON IS BACK! He nails The Game with his own sledgehammer and Benoit makes HHH tap out! London/Triple H feud could be good if done right, and make London a credible player here on SD!

Another good show Snap. 8.5/10


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