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SMACKDOWN ! - The aftermath of Judgment Day

Smack down : 20/05/04: Houston:

Instead of the usual opening video and pyro, we open straight to the ring, where we see Vince, Bret and Brock all standing in the ring surrounded by the Lumberjacks. They are all given a chorus of boo’s. The crowd also give major ‘We want Austin’ chants. Eventually, McMahon blurts out, ‘Shut up!!!’. The reaction from the crowd is phenomanol as they all boo McMahon. Bret then takes the mic and tells them all to show respect to the man who made Austin tap at Judgment Day. (more heat from the crowd.) Eventually, they calm down and McMahon begins to talk. He says Austin got what he deserved at Judgment Day, and if he had the chance to go back and do it again, he wouldn’t hesitate. Lesnar then talks. He says he doesn’t understand why Austin was such a folk hero anyway. He tells the crowd to cast their mind back to June 2002. He reminds them that on a RAW from Atlanta, he was scheduled to take on Austin, but Austin bailed out and got on a plane home. He says Austin made the excuse that it wasn’t time for Brock Lesnar to take on the almighty Steve Austin, but really, he was scared, cause he knew that Brock Lesnar would destroy him and end the myth known as Stone Cold. He then says that Austin returned eight months later, when he knew that Brock Lesnar was busy on Smackdown that it was safe to return to RAW. He tells the crowd that Austin was scared of him all along, and when he saw him at Judgment Day, he wasn’t the toughest S.O.B in the WWE, he was just ordinary, like every other Texan. He then says he has now ran Stone Cold out of the WWE twice. McMahon talks again. He says that Brock is right, but know that Austin is gone its time for the WWE to stop being represented by Foul Mouthed, manner less, jerks. Then…..John Cena’s music hits and the arena goes wild for the Dr. of Thuganomics. He cuts a great rap lying into the three men in the ring. He then gets serious and tells them that what happened at Judgment Day wasn’t right, and he is here to make things right. He challenges any of the three men in the ring to a match tonight, to a massive pop. McMahon tells him he is exactly what he doesn’t want in the WWE, he is foul mouthed, manner less and most definitely a jerk. He says he could fire Cena right now if he wanted, but instead he will make an example of him. He books Cena in a match against all three members of La Resistance. Cena shrugs it off and says, ‘That’s OOOKAY, cause they CANT SEE ME!!’ He walks off leaving Bret, Vince and Brock angry in the ring.


1st Match: Tag Team Championships Match:
T.W.G.T.T vs. APA
Finish: In a rematch from Sunday, WGTT this time give a more even fight, and single out Faarooq, by working on his back. This frustrates Bradshaw who is desperate to make a tag. Eventually he does, and takes out both, Charlie and Shelton. He then goes to the outside, taking Benjamin with him. He beats him up on the outside while Haas locks in the Haas of pain on Faarooq. Eventually, Faarooq taps in the pain after having his back worked on earlier in the match. WGTT pick up the win and walk to the back with the belts.

McMahon, Hart and Lesnar sit in the GM office and drink beer from Steve Austins cooler. They then discuss the situation with Cena.

2nd Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Lance Storm
Finish: In a decent, rather technical match, we finish with Chavo making the ropes from the Maple Leaf. He then reverses a suplex and takes Storm by surprise with an inside cradle. He grabs the tights to pick up a tainted win.


We return with an interview with Goldberg. He says that he may have lost to Lesnar at Judgment Day, but the war isn’t over, not by a long way. Bret Hart interrupts. He informs Goldberg, that due to a stipulation in the contract he signed prior to his match at Judgment Day, Section 2.09 states that ‘By the agreement between the two men, the loser hereby forfeits any entitlements he has to a rematch’. Goldberg says to Bret he never said anything about wanting to be the Champion. He just wants a piece of Lesnar.

Show talks to A-Train. He talks about the real screw job at Judgment Day - Kanyon beating him. He says that tonight, he doesn’t care about winning the match, he just wants to hurt Kanyon.

3rd Match:
Big Show & A-Train vs. Kanyon & Rey Mysterio
Finish: Big Show choke slams Kanyon twice before even attempting a pinfall. He gets the cover, and the win. Afterwards he takes Kanyon to the outside, and Chokeslams through the announce table.


Interview with Eddy Guerrero. He says that now Chavo is in the past, he can break out and aim for the WWE Title. Benoit enters. He says that’s fine by him because he wasn’t planning on spending the rest of his career as a tag team wrestler, as he is also in the hunt to win the WWE Title.

McMahon comes to the entrance ramp. He shows a video of Sundays screw job, and then an Austin tribute video. It starts off as a proper tribute, but soon it shows all of Austin’s downfalls. The crowd gets very upset and begin to boo very loudly.

Video plays promoting the return of William Regal - to Smackdown!! SOON!!

4th Match:
Eddy Guerrero & Chris Benoit vs. Basham Brother w/ Shaniqua
Finish: The alliance between Eddy and Benoit becomes very thin as the match progress. Eventually, Eddy hit’s the frog splash on Danny, but before he can pin, Benoit locks in the crossface on Danny. Eddy pulls him off and they argue. Meanwhile, Doug makes the switch and Shaniqua pulls Benoit out of the ring. Eddy bends down to pick up who he thinks is Danny, but is actually Doug, and is taken by surprise as he is cradled by Doug who gets the three for the win. Eddy and Benoit argue afterwards, but do not come to blows.

In the GM office, Bret, Vince and Brock decide that next week will be Lumberjack appreciation night. They decide that Brock will give a superstar of his choice an opportunity to win the WWE Title next week. And as he is so gracious as to give someone a Title shot they will also give him a special favour, whatever he wants.


Interview with John Cena. He does a hilarious rap about the three amigos, (Vince, Bret, Brock). He is then interrupted by the French trio of La Resistance. They say tonight in the 3 on 1 match, he will be punished for disobeying the rules.

5th Match:
Goldberg vs. Hardcore Holly
Finish: Goldberg drills Holly within 3 minutes in his most impressive victory to date. He then pulls a camera and yells that he will not forget Brock Lesnar until he has the last word.

We return with a Home Interview from Kurt Angle. He apologises for his actions over the recent months through his dealings in the Guerrero family war. He then makes an apology to Stone Cold Steve Austin. He apologises for his involvement in that match, and deep down regretted even accepting to be a Lumberjack. He then goes on to say he will make up for all his mistakes by winning the WWE Title and bring it back to the people.

Main Event: 3 on 1 Handicap Match:
La Resistance vs. John Cena
Finish: After 18 minutes in a well told story of a match, Cena gets a second wind and begins a fight back after a long period of being on the defence. He cleans house, and hit’s a double clothesline on Dupree and Grenier, knocking them over the top rope. He counters a suplex attempt by Conway, and hit’s the FU. He covers but the next thing we hear is Vince McMahon on the tron ordering the referee not to count. Cena is irate. He stares at the tron and shouts profanities at McMahon. Lesnar then runs into the ring from the crowd and hits an F5 on Cena. Dupree makes the cover and Vince orders the referee to count the fall. La Resistance win. La Resistance then get Cena onto his feet. Lesnar taunts him before hitting another F5. McMahon then enters the arena, amid a chorus of boos. He gets in the ring and orders La Resistance to hold Cena up. He then looks into the face of Cena and tells him that he will rue the day he crossed Vincent Kennedy McMahon for as long as he lives. He then announces another 3 on 1 match for Cena next week, as his opponents will be The Basham Brothers and Shaniqua. He slaps Cena to the ground, and the show goes off the air.

It will be Lumberjack appreciation night, what types of matches are we likely to see in favour of the Lumberjacks???
Brock Lesnar will be defending his title against an opponent of his choice. Who will it be??
John Cena looks like he is suffering the consequences from crossing Mr. McMahon. He will face The Basham’s and Shaniqua in another 3 on 1 match. Does he have a plan, or is John Cena’s career on a downward spiral?
Also this week, Eddy Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle all let it be known their intentions for the future with all three admitting their desire to be the next WWE Champion. Will there be tension in the air as these three men continue their quest for the gold?
Find out all the answers next week only on Smackdown!!!!!
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