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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE Championship; Last Man Standing Match
Triple H vs Shawn Michaels - Reasoning behind this pick is because its pretty easy to see HBK wins. I know he went out on top, but I don't look for that in for who wins PPV matches, because its usually off. Anyways, I think because HHH won at SummerSlam, HBK will win a screwjob type of victory at Unforgiven, if he doesn't ... then what was the point of Vince winning in the first place really.

Mixed Tag Match
The Rock & Trish Stratus vs Edge & Lita - I think this will erupt into a big feud between Edge & Rock, and only way that happens is if Edge wins via spearing Trish, leading to probably a match, or Team Rock vs. Edge at Survivor Series. It could go either way, but with the relationship beginning and all that, I can't see Rock & Trish winning because of that, and he'll fight for her later on.

Rob Van Dam vs Christian w/Tomko vs Shelton Benjamin - I think a few faces need to win with my current predictions, so my best bet is on RVD winning, after what happend on Raw. RVD I do think will win, and hopefully he does probably sparking RVD/Benjamin to go on a bit, and Christian to move onto better things.

Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas (c) - This was a hard one for me to predict, Haas has been a good champion at this point, so I could see him win. I think the rematch here should go to AJ, and you can have a Best of 7 Series to follow this with Haas's rematch if you want, or a 2 out of 3 falls rematch at Survivor Series or something. A pretty blind guess, but I know this will be good either way, so I don't really care who wins.

Kane vs John Cena - I see another Face win to help equal out things, and I just can't see Cena losing to Kane, that would hurt him a lot. Kane is coming off a huge return no doubt, but Cena will pull it all out of the bag, and win pretty surely here I believe.

World Tag Team Championships
Dudley Boyz vs Cade & Jindrak (c) - I can't really see Cade & Jindrak losing here either, The Dudleys would be duds as champions, not very good mic skills, and just don't fit well. Easy win for The Champs here, beating someone else and moving on for the moment till someone else arrives.

Hardcore Championship; Clockwork House of Fun Match
RAW vs SmackDown! Challenge
Guest Referee: Mick Foley
Rhyno (c) vs Hardcore Holly - Foley won't let Holly win, I can see SD leaving with the belt, because someone else will come and win it. Rhyno will more then likely win here and with Raw and Foley on his side he'll make it out of this match Champion, but probably lose it later in the night to someone else.

Carlito w/Torrie vs Monty Brown w/The Coach [i] - Not sure about this one either, I see Brown as a major player, but Carlito could use victory here I bet. Carlito goes over, but a word to the wise here, take Torrie out of his corner. Seriously, its bad enough in real life adam, I don't like him like this, your decision, but it will get stale so its a word to the wise.

Good card buddy, will be fun to read as I will expect some good twists, and a good show coming off SummerSlam. I don't expect anything bad really, and a lot of surprise winners will be about, since I really have found a few unpredictable ones, and ones I can see you going either way. Good stuff, not sure if I left Raw comments or SD ones, I might leave some ... I'll review Unforgiven for sure though bud.
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