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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Hey here's my RAW review hopefully you like it.

Opening promo: Yeah it was all cool with the Rock coming out along with Edge and they did a little trash talking but hey with The Rock I think you might be putting a little too much of the sexual jokes though. But it was funny anyway.

Rhyno vs. Goldust: Everybody was certinaly to think that Rhyno was the clear winner in that one so he's going to get his shot at the hardcore championship I supose so.

Bacstage segment: Yeah that was a real crack up with Ron Simmon's 'DAMN' and Striker getting all pissed off so good job on that.

Bubba vs. Cade: S these fuys were going at it huh. But unfortanetly it ends with a DQ so I suppose they will be walking out this Sunday with the belt's around there waist.

Mik Foley/Matt Striker promo: Yeah looks like there heading into Unforgiven looks good.

Johnny Jeter vs. Kane: Dude, seriuosly did you really have to put this match Kane was the clear winner and it was mainly a aquah match.

John Cena/Kane segment: Yep look's like these two are going to get it at each other at Unforgiven that's a good way for these two to build up just before Unforgiven.

Monty Brown vs. Maven: Even with Coach behind his back Maven picked up the victory and defied the odds!

The Rock/ Thrish segment: So yeah Rock got to segment's in one night huh? And man nice thing going on there with Rock and Trish so they will also be heading into Unforgiven i guess.

Mani Event: So yeah it was great with Christian and Tyson Tomko getting the Victory here but i knew they were the winners.

Contract Signing: Man! HBK has turned into a heel! I just can't bilieve that but him vs. HHH in a last man standing match is going to be great nice way to end the show.

Overall: 9/10-Nice show Unforgiven looks like a big one like always so good keep it up!
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