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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Raw Review:

Wow, I guess Christian is turning face soon now. Meh, I wish he would stay heel as he has been one of your better heels in the thread. The ending of the promo however did make Christian and Carlito weak as they didn't say anything after McMahon came out.

RVD's promo was fine, short sweet, and to the point which makes me think we get an ECW Rules Match at Backlash this year. However, this will be interesting to see since Alfonso got "released" and Sabu isn't even hired yet.

Thought this would just be a squash match here but it obviously wasn't. Surprised to see the Brotherhood getting another chance at the titles. Jazz/Trish seems as if it's coming too for the title.

Haha, short promo but it was funny, especially Val Venis and The Heart Throbs's parts. Carlito might get someone from Evolution or of that nature to team with him but I can't be sure.

Good win for RVD and he needed it after being screwed over last night to regain some momentum. Edge and Mysterio are for sure about to feud over that briefcase, I wouldn't even mind Edge taking the briefcase either.

This was the weakest promo of Carlito's tonights, I just wasn't filling it. I don't know, I know Kennedy's a face here but I just wasn't feeling him. It just didn't seem like him at all.

This is making me think we might see a face Shawn Michaels again soon. Seems like a huge six man tag at Backlash but this might have been a one off segment. Either way, hopefully something is cleared up soon.

Well, too bad these tag teams didn't get any action and that's all because of Kane. I'm thinking he's getting ready for a big push towards upper midcarder status but we'll have to see.

Kinda strange to see Mr. McMahon announce Carlito's partner when Carlito is supposed to be looking for a partner? Maybe you mistyped that but that seemed a little one off there.

Kennedy got another win, to me he seems just like any other wrestler as a face but at least you're trying it. We'll have to see how it goes but I think you'll end up turning him heel anyways.

Edge is slowly becoming a top heel here on Raw and he could be by the middle of the summer of the thread. But his intensity was great, he's easy to use with his intensity and you are getting great at that.

Christian wins this week so that makes me think Carlito's got the win next week. Jericho's getting drafted over here for sure, it just has to happen certainly for the ending as he is continuing with 'Taker.

Cena's interview was pretty much any other Cena interview nothing major really. I wouldn't mind Christian going after the title soon as he has a lot of momentum as long as he isn't face.

Not surprised to see Rhyno get it as Edge and Batista seem to be going different ways and they didn't need another loss here tonight. Ending is interesting, something different and it's showing mindgames for Orton right now against the Champ.
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