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RAW From Miami

RAW : 10/05/04: Miami:

Video recapping last weeks main event with HBK decimated and Booker T winning thanks to the Brotherhood.

Raw Video

J.R: We are live from Miami, Florida for Monday night RAW!!! And folks tonight, Randy Orton will defend his World Title against Booker T, after the Brotherhood again helped him toward victory last week in the cage match.
King: And talking of Cage matches J.R we still donít know the condition of HBK after last week!!
J.R: Thatís right King, Shawn Michaels is here tonight but what nobody knows is how bad he was hurt last week. He wont tell anybody, but will we find out tonight!!
King: But Iím still curious to see why Theodore Long and his gang are still helping Booker T. He has told them week after week to leave him alone, but they just wont take no for an answer.
J.R: Well were gonna kick things off with a six man tag match!!!

1st Match: 6 person tag:
Edge, Christian and Trish vs. Jericho, Maven and Jackie Gayda
Finish: After an extremely good 12 minute opener, Jericho gets his hands on Trish but is stopped by Christian. He and Edge quickly double team while the referee tries to keep Maven from getting in the ring, eventually he gets past the referee and clears house. He and Jackie take on Edge and Trish while Jericho locks the walls on Christian who quickly taps out. He rolls out of the ring and scampers to the top of the ramp with Edge and Trish as Jericho, Maven and Jackie celebrate in the ring.


We return with Al Snow in Mick Foleys office. Foley apologises for last week and says it was just a bit of fun. He says to make up for it he will give Al an opportunity to become Tag team champion if he can find a partner in time for the match later.

HBKís music blasts into the arena to a deafening pop. He looks pretty battered and bruised after last weeks assault as J.R and King speculate his condition. He gets a mic and begins to talk. In an extremely angry mood, HBK gets right to the point and calls out Kane, Undertaker and even Paul Bearer. He waits for a few seconds but none of them appear. He calls them out again. This time Mick Foleys music plays and he stands at the top of the ramp. He tells HBK that none of them are here and likely wont be at all. Hbk tells Foley that he isnít buying it. Foley says there is nothing to buy as that is the truth. He then says to HBK that he wishes Kane and Taker were here so HBK could get a measure of revenge, but in HBKs condition he wouldnít stand a chance against two monsters. HBK says he doesnít care and will wait all night. Foley tells him he leaves him no other option but to have him escorted from the ring. HBK is irate but surprisingly doesnít fight off the security and goes without a fight.


We return with Foley telling the security not to arrest Michaels but to bring him to his office.

2nd Match: Hardcore Championship Match:
Matt Morgan vs. Bubba Ray Dudley
(During the entrances we are shown highlights of the beating Morgan gave Spike 2 weeks ago leading to Bubba making a challenge tonight)
Finish: Bubba gives a good fight for a few minutes until Matt Morgan takes control and dominates until he finishes Bubba with the twirling power bomb for the win. After the match, he continues the assault on Bubba before DíVon tries to make the save with a trashcan. He temporarily puts down Morgan, but eventually Morgan gets back up and decimates DíVon too.

HBK paces around Foleys office. Foley tells him to stop. HBK refuses and tells Foley everything that has went down since TLC with Kane and now the Undertaker since Hell in a Cell at Backlash. Foley listens. He says that he realises the frustration he has and even though he shouldnít, he says that he will allow HBK to go after them if they show up tonight. Michaels thanks him.

Evolution talk in their dressing room. HHH tells Orton that he has to win tonight so that he (HHH) can get another shot at the title. Orton tells him to back off as he has it covered and he then tells HHH to concentrate on his own match tonight.

Booker T is backstage, preparing for later. Teddy Long and the rest of the brotherhood approach him. They tells him that he never thanked them for last week, but thatís cool because the job isnít done yet. Booker tells them he wasnít happy that they helped him last week, and just like every other time he wants them to stay away from his match tonight. Long tells him there is no need for the hostility and he walks away with the rest of his group.

3rd Match:
Sting vs. Scott Steiner
(Steiner no shows. The referee is ready to declare Sting the winner by forfeit until Tests music hits. He tells Sting that Scott is sorry but he couldnít make it here tonight, so he will take his place instead)
Finish: In a short physical encounter, Sting hitís a Stinger splash before locking in the Scorpion deathlock for the victory. He celebrates in the ring until Scott Steiner attacks him after coming through the crowd. Sting turns the tables and hits Steiner with a DDT. Test pulls Big Poppa Pump out of the ring, saving him from Sting. Sting celebrates in the ring afterward.


We return with an interview with the Tag Team Champions, Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak. They talk about being put in such a disadvantage, facing Al Snow and a mystery partner, but being the champions they are, they will retain one more time.

Mick Foley comes to the top of the ramp with an announcement. He says that with RAWS next PPV coming soon on June 20th next week he has signed a Fatal 4 Way to determine the #1 Contender for the title at Bad Blood. The match will be The loser of tonightís main event vs. Sting vs. Chris Jericho vs. Triple H.

We go to an interview with Sting. He is asked for his reaction to that news that Mick Foley just announced. He says he is over the moon, and next week will prove to the world that he belongs in the main event.

4th Match:
Triple H vs. Matt Hardy
Finish: Matt gives all he has got but just isnít enough to beat Triple H who eventually controls the match and beats him with a Pedigree. J.R and King say that we are looking at a determined challenger who is hell bent on regaining the World Heavyweight Title.

Stacey is backstage chatting to an official when Trish pushes past very Diva like. Stacey confronts her. She says that she has changed for the worst and calls her a bitch. Trish slaps her and they get into a fight. Trish ends up on top after hitting Stacey with a Tray.

5th Match:
Val Venis vs. Nick Dinsmore
Finish: J.R and King continually remind us throughout the match that this is Dinsmores first match on RAW. He gives himself a good account of himself and on the four minute mark he goes up top to hit an elbow then - Ö..Darkness and the Undertakers music plays. He Kane and Paul Bearer make their way to the ring and attack both men. Taker and Kane both hit tombstones. HBK then sprints to the ring and takes on both men, but soon they become too much for him. They destroy him in the ring and look set to hit a tombstone untilÖ..RVD runs to the ring and makes the save. J.R reminds us that we have not seen RVD since he was thrown off Hell in a Cell by Taker and was supposed to be out of action for four months. He and HBK take out the Brothers of Destruction. And stand tall in the ring as Taker and Kane scarper out of the ring.


We return with highlights of RVDís return moments ago.

6th Match: Tag Team Championships Match:
Cade & Jindrak vs. Al Snow and a mystery partner
(Al makes his way to the ring and stares at the champs before pointing to the entrance where Tommy Dreamers music plays and is announced as his partner)
Finish: In a pretty good match, Al and Tommy work well together and cause the Champions a lot of trouble. Eventually, Cade and Jindrak realise that they are on the verge of losing and decide to walk out to save their title reign. Al and Tommy are irate in the ring.

We go to an interview with Randy Orton. He talks about tonight and then he says he is looking past tonightís match and forward to Bad Blood. Booker interrupts. He says that Randy better watch himself against the 5 time WCW ChampionÖÖSUCKA!!!!!!

Chris Jericho bumps into HHH backstage. They have a war of words about next weeks #1 Contenders match.

RVD and HBK talk backstage about getting revenge on Kane and Taker.


J.R and King briefly talk about the Smackdown P.P.V on Sunday. J.R then wishes Steve Austin good luck at Judgment Day and says if anyone can defy the odds, itís the Texas rattlesnake.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Booker T
Finish: After 13 minutes of decent action, Booker T fights off an RKO and hitís a Bookend out of nowhere. Orton kicks out at two. Booker is shocked but sets up Orton for the scissors kick. Flair and HHH run down to distract the referee, while Batista runs in the ring and drills Booker with a violent spine buster. Booker kicks out at two. Then Flair pulls the referee out of the ring, so the other three can attack Booker. Goldust saves Booker T and hits Batista, HHH and Orton with a steel chair. Booker looks set to crawl over to make the cover until the Brotherhood run to the ring. They set Booker on top of Orton and then they attack him. They hit a double power bomb and then attack Goldust. The referee makes the count and Randy retains. He is helped out by Evolution while the Brotherhood continue to assault Booker and Goldust.

End of Show

The road to Bad Blood will kick into gear with the main event to be decided. Randy Orton will face either HHH, Booker T, Chris Jericho or Sting for the title as these four men meet in a fatal 4 way.
Shawn Michaels now has an ally in his war with the B.O.D what will go down next week between these four.
Matt Morgan is fast becoming unstoppable. In recent weeks he has destroyed all three of the Dudleyís. Will the Dudley Boys have any plans to get the Hardcore Champion back.
Find out the answers to these questions on Raw!!
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