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Re: Being The Booker

WWE: RAW - March 27th Ė Review
RAW kicks out with a decent in-ring promo by Christian, who has officially turned face now. Carlito comes out and we see the regular bashing here. It seems like Carlito and Christian are getting on a new track/direction. All of the announcements for tonightís card looks good, and the Draft Lottery next week should be phenomenal. Looks like Carlito will be shown in many segments tonight, basically finding a partner for himself.

Sabu and Fonzie will basically come out here, and I got a feeling that once again theyíll stand tall over Rob Van Dam. Well, letís find out whatís gonna happen between these guys. Oh, and yes, the promo was short, but sweet, and to the point.

Even though TWGTT teamed up with Trish, I still didnít expected them to loose against Brotherhood because they just came off of WrestleMania by winning their respective matches. Jazz pinning Trish looks like that a possible rematch for the Womenís Championship is coming at Backlash. Anyway, the tag team division on RAW needs to freshen-up because itís becoming stale.

See, I told ya that weíll be seeing Carlito a couple of times, trying to find his partner. Carlito tried, but still didnít get his partner. I still have a feeling heíll not give up, and heíd never rest, before finding a partner.

Looked like a great in-ring contest between Rob Van Dam and Mysterio, which hit the eleven-minute mark. Edge screwing Mysterio out of this match surprised me. Iím thinking a match between Edge and Mysterio will happen at Backlash, and I wouldnít be surprised if we see the MITB on the line.

I really liked this part, and I also think that this was even better than the first one. Both Carlito and Kennedy looked right on the spot, and Carlito tried it all, but Kennedy just didnít accept Carlitoís offer. Looks like Carlito will face Tomko and Christian all alone.

Shawn Michaels really cuts a great, intense, and full of emotion promo, which was done on a right path. DX have now officially turned face, which seemed expected after last night. However, I thought DX was gonna end, but youíve now directed them towards Flairís stable, which should be another good feud for DX. Letís see what will happen between them, next week.

Iím still waiting for Kane to have a good feud. I think that this could have been a right time for him to start up a program with someone. And to be honest, I really donít like Kane destroying the jobbers everytime. He needs to have a good program with someone.

Well, it seems like that Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho isnít finished yet, and I have a feeling that Chris Jericho will come back to RAW as a draft pick, to start up some fresh feuds, firstly with the Undertaker though. And yes, I donít like how Chris Jericho was named Carlitoís tag team partner for tonight.

Where was Kennedyís introduction part after and before the match? Anyway, Kennedyís win was a nice one, and I have a feeling that heíll start a feud with Finlay (Who will soon make his debut at RAW) because Kennedy has just turned into a tweener (looked like face to me more than tweener), and Finlay will be a heel, I guess.

Edgeís ďIím ScrewedĒ gimmick is perfect. I loved it when the real WWE did it, and Iím loving it here too. Edge is just good at intense promos, and this was also full of intensity, and it hyped the main-event too, so, good job.

Christian and Tomko picking up the victory over Carlito and Christian surprised me a bit, just because I thought Carlito hyped this one really nicely. On the other side, ĎTaker playing some mind games, and then not coming was expected. I still have a feeling that Jericho would draft back to RAW next week though.

I really didnít like this Cena promo. Christian is feuding with Carlito, so why he is involving himself with Cena? Because there are already so many contenders for Cenaís title. By the way, I havenít seen Orton in the show yet, so Iím currently predicting that he will show up in the main event and basically screw up Cena and his opponent, whoever the lucky guy is.

I am loving the way you are hyping the feud between Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Fonzie. Rob Van Dam trying to chase them seemed well because it made Rob Van Dam look thirsty for them, so the feud is getting a good hype.

Rhyno to come out as Cenaís opponent for the WWE Championship was a bit expected because Edge already played his part in the show, and the same goes for Batista. The aftermath was interesting though because it looked like Orton would drop Cena with an RKO, but he didnít. I know that you love surprises and this surprise was also done in a nice way. Overall, RAW lived up to its hype and it really delivered. Solid show.

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