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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

Great promo with Christian, with a face turn looking set for him. Liked Carlito coming out, and now it should be a pain for Carlito to find a partner.

I love the Rvd-Sabu rivalry, Sabu rules!

Brotherhood vs. TWGTT & Trish- Decent match, with a nice ending, and Henry helping Brotherhood.

Carlito tries to find a partner and Venis tells him he'd be his partner, lol, and Heart Throbs slap his ass, funny.

Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam- Wow, great match, the ending was great, and I like the Edge-Rey feud.

Kennedy-Carlito promo was good. Thought it was funny how you had Carlito call him Kenny, Kennedy says he'd rather drink his own urine, lol.

Very emotional promo with HBK, with a face turn looking good for him too. Ric Flair, Batista, and Dinsmore come out, which is a great rivalry, and they are now the horsemen. Too bad we won't see HBK vs. The Rock again.

Kane screws up what wouldnt have been a great match anyway, and Kane returns, which is great.

Chris Jericho tries to find Taker, but no one knows where he is, and McMahon tells him he's Carlito's partner. Great promo.

Ken Kennedy vs. A-Train- Not a great match, but it was good for getting Kennedy over as a face.

Great promo with Edge, and I see Edge vs. Rey at Backlash with Rey's breifcas on the line.

Funny announcing by JR and Coach.

Christian and Tomko vs Carlito and Jericho- Good match, with excitement on whether Taker will come out, and the lights go out, with Christian getting the win.

Christian wants the title- I see a multi-person match at Backlash.

RVd almost gets ran over by Sabu, great feud going here.

The roll of the dice is, darn, Rhyno, I was hoping for Batista, that would have been good, but Rhyno vs Cena was still great, with Cena getting the tapout win. Orton comes out afterwards, and pretends to RKO him but doesnt ,getting in his mind. Hope to see them two face off again at Backlash, maybe with Christian joining them to make it 3-Way

Overall: 10/10- really couldnt have been better, and the ending was brilliant, and I hope to see Orton take the belt off Cena sometime.

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