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Re: Being The Booker

Christian turning face? good. Christian should become champ sometime in the future. Carlito fued. Christian would rip Carlito apart. Never been a huge fan of Carlito. Vince coming along and adding to tonight and also to announce the next show. I liked the start.

I'm going to skip the RVD/Sabu segment, nothing there really. Brotherhood wins. I dont like the brotherhood but I know you're building them up so if that's the case then you worked really well. Carlito backstage was nice and I enjoyed Kennedy, very much in character and is always a tweener.

Horsemen, I dont really care for the four horsemen, I thought Evolution currently only had three members. So evolution is going to have a fued with DX, I really like Evolution and hope that you would add atleast a more credible leader for it. It would kickass.

I dont understand Jericho was scared or anxious for a rematch because he seemed both. Jericho/Undertaker in my opinion was MOTN at Mania and dont redo it and make things terrible unless all you want to do is make Jericho look very string which I dont mind, he's one of my favs. Kane monstering throughout the ring destroying everyone in sight. Liked it. Kane should become the monster he was and dominate the roster.

Pushing Kennedy is good and a tweener he shall be. He fits into the roster best as a tweener. The match was short but not bad and pushing Ken.

There are always meaningless promos and this one was the one for me. It wasn't bad but Edge going to fued with Rey Rey for the MITB was obvious and maybe to give the message to the fans. Besides it also helped to hype the main event later on tonight. So it wasn't a bad promo at all. Jericho deserting Carlito was a good way to not hurt Carlito's credibility. Christina and Tomko's win was obvious from the start and again Jericho was confusing, anxious or afraid.

Cena vs. Rhino, wait last time I checked Rhino was a face. I would've had Edge or Tista win for a better match but since it hasn't been done before it was pretty good. The ending was truly remarkable where you bring out a different style of Orton. He was amazing sneaking up on Cena and sparing him to play mind games. He want to send the message to Cena that he has him in the palm of his hand. I hope Orton will regain the title someday.

The drafts for next week should really shake things up. I would love for some new fueds to tak place. This draft should be interesting. Show rating (****)

Catch your SmackDown! Wolf Guy. Good luck
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