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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

WWE: SmackDown! - 09/8/06 – Review
Good way to kick off the show, with FBI picking the victory over Helms and MNM. So now Nunzio’s the new Cruiserweight Champion, and other two members of FBI have now gained a title shot at the tag team titles. However, both teams are heels, so that FBI/MNM encounter will be nothing special. - Another undeserving human being? (Isn’t it Matt and Jeff.) I guess we’ll see that later on. – Heyman gives a bit hype to the Hardcore Title scene, which was nice. - JBL return to the ring, and wins, so that’s good. I’m still wondering what it is stored for him in future though. – Nunzio defends his newly won championship next week, and I predict him to not give up the title just like that. Thinking that he’ll have a good reign with it. I could be wrong though. – I’m feeling that MNM will somehow get back their title shots, or maybe they’ll be added in the scene too, just to make it special. – Lashley squashes Sylvain, and gets some momentum. – I think that Kennedy as a heel is much better. But anyway, it was a good match, to get some momentum in Kennedy. By the way, you said Kennedy connected GBD. You meant Green Bay Plunge (GBP), wasn’t it? Just a small error. Nothing biggie. – So, London, ‘Tista, and Angle seem to be on the same page. – Hassan’s interference was expected is all I can say. And yes, it was a good way to extend their rivalry. However, do something for Jericho. – It looked like a normal 4 vs. 4 tag team match. However, the feuds still advance, which is good.

WWE: RAW - 09/11/06
RAW started off with an okay promo. This intergender tag team match looks really good. However, I believe that the promo could have ended in a better way. You catched up Rock’s catchphrases really well, and all the funny wordings/sentences/lines were really nice. Edge’s whinning was always as usual good. Nice way to further the tension between Rock & Trish/Lita & Edge.

Rhyno needed a win to get some hype and some momentum heading into Sunday to face Hardcore Holly for the Hardcore Championship, and it happened the same, so it was done on a right track.

Haha, it was a really good promo. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and the entire concept of the promo was really cool. Simmons’ “Damn!” is awesome. I love it. Anyway, I’m still wondering where this is heading.

Dudley’s were looking to pick up the victory, but Cade and Jindrak ‘caused a DQ to come in. This feud is getting better now. Aftermath of this one was unique and fresh because this feud was kinda getting stale. Yes, it was really fresh to see Cade and Jindrak pulling out a page from the book of Dudley’s.

You really kept me in interest to find who was actually Foley talking to on the phone. Anyway, after this one, the funny skit was good, once again, but where’s this heading towards? I hope it’s just not a waste of time or to make the fans laugh.

Wow, wasn’t this a record? Kane squashed Jeter with in a less than minute. Good one there, and the aftermath to this one was great, which added even more heated tension between Kane and Cena. Thinking that a possible gimmick match would happen between them (Or it was already announced? I may have missed something).

Maven beating Brown, which was a complete shocker to me. But it was done in a good way because it didn’t made Brown look weak. Aftermath was fine, which I think was really needed to add some fuel into their rivalry. Eh, Carlito’s accept Monty’s challenge so the match has been made.

Haha, man you are best when you write funny promos. Rock was great in this promo. Truly hilarious.

Christian picks up the well-deserved victory, which also got some of his momentum back. Maybe it gave away that Christian is not winning, this Sunday? I am kinda feeling that RVD will win, but I could be wrong though. I guess time will tell.

What a great way to end the show. It was an awesome contract signing, which was full of intense moments. I thoroughly enjoyed the promo, and the finish to this one was simply phenomenal. This feud has got an awesome build-up, and the Last Man Standing match would be amazing. I am specially looking forward to this one.

WWE: SmackDown! - 09/15/06 - Review
SmackDown! kicked off with a bang, and everyone in this promo was good. Over The Top Rope Battle Royal sounds good to further hype the No Mercy Tournament. – I am really liking what you are doing with London since few weeks. Giving him matches with mid-carders or upper-midcarders, and even main-eventers (last week). It should have been a great wrestling contest, if written in full. Finlay advances, but I just can’t see him winning the Tournament just yet. Still needs more time. – A little MNM/FBI skit there, which seemed good to give some more hype to their rivalry. – Holly’s victory was needed to even build up some more momentum to his account. – What was wrong with Heyman, Orton, and Booker? – Hardy will be looking to get some revenge on Hassan tonight, and let’s see how he does it. I have a feeling Hassan will stand tall, tonight, still. – Nunzio’s victory was expected because I just can’t see you dropping the Cruiserweight Championship from his just yet. Also, the brawl during the match-up was nice, and which was really needed to give some more fuel to their rivalry. – I’d love to see a Helms push, but maybe it could done in a wrong way, because he just lost a match and how can he say that he’s stepping up to the mid-card division? – Kennedy tried everything to beat Lesnar, but I think it was quite obvious that Lesnar would advance in the No Mercy Tournament. However, what will Kennedy do now? That man needs something. – Whoa, the Ladder Match would be awesome. And I can see that now you are starting to work hard on every division, which is good. – Helms said he’s going to get Hardy for the US Championship. And now in the match, Hardy is involved with Hassan, who is already feuding. Something’s confusing here. Or maybe you are trying to do a triple threat match between them? Hassan’s victory here surprised me though because Hardy, the US Champ looks to loose momentum now. – Main Event was good, but since past few weeks you are just having huge main-events, which is a bit unrealistic. However, the match itself was awesome, and Benoit winning truly shocked me. JBL and Jericho are looking to start up a program between them, but hopefully someone will turn face. I hope JBL doesn’t turns heel though. By the way, you didn’t mention Angle once in the main-event.

WWE: Unforgiven - Predictions
WWE Championship; Last Man Standing Match
Triple H vs Shawn Michaels

Mixed Tag Match
The Rock & Trish Stratus vs Edge & Lita

Rob Van Dam vs Christian w/Tomko vs Shelton Benjamin

Intercontinental Championship Match
AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas (c)

Kane vs John Cena

World Tag Team Championships
Dudley Boyz vs Cade & Jindrak (c)

Carlito w/Torrie vs Monty Brown w/The Coach

Hardcore Championship; Clockwork House of Fun Match
RAW vs SmackDown! Challenge
Guest Referee: Mick Foley
Rhyno (c) vs Hardcore Holly

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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