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Re: Being The Booker

Deadman_014's Raw Review

Nice opening with Carlito and Christian, this was a decent promo to start, but Vince coming out at the time didn't seem right. You had to get the announcements for next week out somewhere, but didn't fit I don't think here, but with everything else I read it was the best spot. Nice ME and tag match for later in the show, it will odviously be Rhyno who wins the dice since you won't give one of your "big money" future matches away on Raw without a purpose. On a side note here, I very much hope this is just a small buildup obstical for Christian to elevate his way up, and get past Carlito quickly.

Short little segment to build the RVD/Sabu soga thats about to start, and The Brotherhood continue they're small buildup with a nice win over WGTT & Trish. Carlito's promo was alright, nothing special with this lockeroom promo, but I am anxious to find out what happens here. Mysterio vs. RVD was a good contest here, Edge screws Rey sparking their fire in their feud about MITB, and RVD gets a nice victory in place for that in a small push backing off of losing at WM.

Eh, I wasn't very pleased with the Kennedy & Carlito segment, if that was a feud starter it wasn't the greatest. Kennedy's remarks were pretty disguisting and not really something I could imagine him saying. HBK's DX promo was a nice one, and Evolution comes out sparking a war between the groups of course, and HBK continues his very very slow face turn it seems going back to his heel persona at the end. Probably a tweener role at this point, and Horsemen? I don't understand that one, they need a 4th one if thats what your gonna call em, anywayss this was a nice promo in here, but why change Evolution's name. I rather Evolution then Horsemen.

Little tag match there, but pretty much a Kane build up, with his monster persona setting in. Y2J promo was mehish, not the best, and surprisingly he is now the partner with Carlito since he wasn't going to find one. That confused me cause I thought Carlito was suppose to find it .. plus Vince said he'd go partnerless if he didn't find one. Nonetheless it will make for an interesting segment for sure. Kennedy plows through A - Train here and so far every match has had some controversy like the last match, the Mysterio vs. Van Dam one with Edge, and the opener with Henry attacking Trish while the ref wasn't looking.

Edge had a nice little promo there, and he won't be in the ME probably, but I look forward to see where you take Edge since you basically dropped the ball on him with just shoving him into ROTD. Now we have the tag match, and `Taker's illusions go on and mind games, which take Y2J off the game helping Captain Charisma along to beat Carlito. I hope the ME has a clean finish, instead of another interference or music distraction one. I enjoyed the Cena promo, as you've got his character done well, besides the Bastard part a non cuss word would of fit for a WWE Promo solid non the less. Christian coming in hints at a feud with them, and after that Sabu & Fonzie toy with RVD and this should be interesting to see how it goes down.

We see a nice clean ME, with Cena winning over Rhyno, who I pretty much new was going to be chosen. We go through a nice little description and Cena retains like easily predicted, and we see Randy Orton now whom came out earlier, and he just plays mind games which was a nice touch. Instead of just doing an RKO which could of been done as well, he just toys with him. This was a nice and solid show Wolfie, but a few things I didn't like were such as Cena being shafted basically with no time to talk, or anything after his big win once again. But he did win via rollup, either way he should of done a speech of sorts. A little to many run ins, and maybe one less Carlito promo would of been better, besides those things it was a nice show Wolf. I enjoyed it, opens the gates for a lot of things, and we shall see who gets traded .. I mean drafted soon enough next week.
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