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Re: Being The Booker

March 27th; Las Vegas:

Before the Raw intro, Shinedowns ‘Shed Some Light’ plays, with highlights from the Raw side of Wrestle Mania, along with the inter promotional matches from last night, but still ends with the shot of Chris Benoit victorious at the close of the show.

Opening Video


Jim Ross:
Less than twenty four hours ago, just down the road at the MGM Grand, the WWE made history, and put on one of the biggest shows in the history of this business, shaking Vegas to the very core!!! The memories will last a lifetime, the excitement is still with us, the atmosphere is still electric, here at the Thomas and Mack Centre, and now, the road to March 18th 2007 is ready to begin, and we’re kicking off in style tonight Coach.

The Coach: The greatest night of my professional career baby boy. Hell, the greatest night of my life, was last night at Wrestle Mania 22.

Jim Ross: No doubt, we’ll get plenty of reaction from what went down last night, with some major talking points coming from Raw, but where exactly are we gonna start??

The Coach: I don’t know J.R, where CAN you start after last night??

**Just Close Your Eyes** Vegas comes to it’s feet for one of the stars from Wrestle Mania, as Captain Charisma appears from behind the curtain, with Tyson Tomko in tow, to an initial pop, followed by some heat.

Jim Ross: You are looking at the man who twenty four hours ago, rose to the challenge, and as he predicted, ‘arrived’ at Wrestle Mania, with an emphatic victory over Steve Austin. For my money that has to be one of the biggest talking points coming from last nights event.

The Coach: And rumours have been rampant J.R over the future of Steve Austin following that defeat, but one thing I do know for a fact - Christians future is looking bright!!!

Jim Ross: It certainly is, and as much as it pains me to say it, he could well have retired The Texas Rattlesnake last night.

Christian takes a mic, and stands in the ring as the music dies down, before finally speaking.

Christian: I’ve said it for weeks. I said it, and I said it, and I said it again. And last night, I did it. Last night, at the MGM Grand, Captain Charisma … ARRIVED!!!

Mixed response, with a slight ‘Austin’ chant filling the arena.

Christian: And, as much as I’m sure you are all expecting me to gloat … as much as you’re expecting me to run down Austin … I’m gonna do the opposite.

Slight pop from the confused fans.

Christian: Because right now, I’m going to thank Steve Austin.

Hush from the fans, expecting Christian to say something now to run down Austin.

Christian: I’d like to thank Austin for giving me the opportunity to face him at the biggest event in this companies history.

Fans now pop more favourably, with Christian looking serious.

Christian: And let me say this personally. (Looks into the camera) Austin, you are without a doubt the worlds toughest son of a bitch, and last night, I developed a new respect for you, but I hope you developed a respect for me too.

Christians moves away from the camera, and looks around the arena.

Christian: Because now, I’m not just a loud mouth. I get the job done. And what I say I’ll do … I do. You are looking at the Superstar of Today, the face of Raw, the future of wrestling … and the next World Heavyweight Cham-

**I spit in the face of people, who don’t want to be cool**

Christian immediately looks up at the top of the entrance way, and we see the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito, make his way out, with Stacy Kiebler following behind him. Christian and Tomko chat to each other, looking at the IC Champion, as he walks into the ring, who keeps his eyes on Christian, whilst asking for a mic.

Carlito: Cut Carlitos music.

The music fades, as Carlito speaks.

Carlito: What the hell is wrong with you?? Uh?? What’s got into you?? Comin out here, and sucking up to Steve Austin?? Das not cool. The guy you should be sucking up to … is me.

Heat from the fans

Carlito: Nobody wants to hear about your success story. These people want to hear about Carlito, and his success story.

Asshole chant

Carlito: Last night, at Wrestle Mania, Carlito overcame four men in a match that was decided by a dice. I overcame the biggest odds in Wrestle Mania history last night … now das cool. Das what these people want to hear about. Not how many times you’ve beat The Undertaker. Not how you beat an old man last night. Listening to you?? Das not cool.

Christian looks a little confused, and taps Tomko, before tilting his head at CCC, as if to ask ‘What’s this guy on about??’

Carlito: You’ve had a great twelve months. I mean, this time last year, you were in my position. Intercontinental champion, still waiting for that big time shot, and you did it. You’re at the very, very top now … but I think it’s got to your head.

Christian laughs to himself, and speaks.

Christian: Success is getting to my head now?? Where the hell have you been hiding these last twelve months Chico??

Few giggles.

Christian: Unless your name is Eugene - hold on, that was just a joke, wasn’t it?? Yeah, unless you’re a little slow on the uptake, I’ve always had an ego. And just because every once in a while I like to be humble, it doesn’t mean “success has gone to my head”. Now, if you don’t mind, I was just about to finish my own statement, so if you could just … y’know … leave, that’d be great.

Christian turns around to talk to Tomko, but Carlito cough into his mic. Christian turns back around, and looks at Carlito.

Christian: Do you need something for that?? I’ve got some throat medicine back in my locker room. Help yourself.

Carlito: I don’t want your medicine, idiot.

Christian: Then what do you want?? An autograph?? Twenty cents to fix your hair?? A life??

Carlito butts in

Carlito: Listen, I didn’t just come out here to comment on your sudden change of attitude, I didn’t just come out here to make comparisons between us. Simply put … Carlito wants your spot … but unlike you, Carlito isn’t waiting a year to get there.

Mixed response, with Carlito moving in closer towards Christian.

Christian: Well. I guess this is what it feels like to be at the top. So … what are you planning to do about it, kid??

Carlito looks a little taken aback by Christians question, and stutters a little, before speaking.

Carlito: You wanna know what Carlito is gonna do?? You want to know what Carlito is gonna do??

Christian: Umm … yeah. Would you like me to guess?? How about get your ass kicked by Captain Charisma??

Fans pop

Christian: Or how about you get Stacy to wrestle me?? Now that … that’s cool.

Raucous pop from the fans

Carlito: Oh?? (Stares at Tomko, whilst addressing Christian) I didn’t think Stacy would be your type.

Few laughs from the fans, with Christian laughing too.

Christian: Funny, because I didn’t think you’d be her type either.

Christian winks at Stacy, who tries to hide a smile, whilst Carlito begins to crack.

Christian: Hey, if you want a real man sweet-cheeks … if you want to see just how I roll, Captain Charisma has plenty of Vitamin C to dish out.

Pop from the fans, with Christian pounding his chest, and winking at Kiebler.

Carlito: That’s it. You and me, and hell, I’ll take on Lurch there too, right now!!!

Carlito takes his title belt off, whilst Christian shrugs, and Tomko takes the mic from him.

Tyson Tomko: Now that?? That is cool.

The fans pop, as Christian begins to rip off his T-Shirt, with Carlito starting to look anxious, realising what he is getting into, and decides to quickly bail out of the ring, to a huge set of boos. He waves them off, and starts to proceed up the ramp when…


To the surprise of the fans, VINCE MCMAHON is in the building. The Boss powers out on the stage, holding a mic, looking ready for business. Vince waits for a moment, until the music dies down, and gets ready to speak.

Mr. McMahon: As many of you may have noticed on wwe.com today … tonight … I’M IN CHARGE!!!

Little response

Mr. McMahon: And while I’m here, I’m making my presence felt. First and foremost, next week, LIVE from London, England, BOTH Raw and Smackdown will congregate for a special THREE HOURS of Raw … for a DRAFT LOTTERY!!!!

Big pop for the announcement.

Mr. McMahon: And NO ONE is safe. Not John Cena, not Chris Benoit … hell, the tea lady isn’t safe from this lottery.

Small laugh.

Mr. McMahon: And that’s not all. As you are all aware, both Raw AND Smackdown are now without a General Manager. But next week on Raw, expect new General Managers to be in place for both flagship shows.

Now looks at down the ramp.

Mr. McMahon: But that’s all next week. Now, I’m going to talk about TO-NIGHT.

Fans pop.

Mr. McMahon: Carlito, you’re gonna be a very busy man tonight I’m afraid. Because as of now, you’re gonna need to find a tag team partner, because you’re in action later, against … Christian and Tyson Tomko.

Pop for the announcement.

Mr. McMahon: And, after last nights ‘Roll of the Dice’ match, and since we’re still in Vegas, I’m gonna use the dice again for tonight’s main event.

Pop. Vince takes out a normal sized dice from his pocket.

Mr. McMahon: And that main event will see John Cena defend his World Championship … and his challenger … will be decided by the roll of this dice!!! Should I roll a 1 or 2, John Cena defends against … Edge!!!

Big heat.

Mr. McMahon: If I roll a 3 or 4 … BATISTA!!!

Big heat.

Mr. McMahon: And if I roll a 5 or 6 … RHYNO!!!

Decent pop.

Mr. McMahon: Now Carlito, time is running out … you better find yourself a partner kid … or you’ll be facing Christian and Tomko … ALONE.

McMahon exit’s the stage, as Carlito looks lost suddenly, knowing he now needs a partner to find for the match later.


We return from the commercial with still shots of last nights Roll of the Dice Ladder Match, where SABU and BILL ALFONSO showed up to screw RVD out of the Money in the Bank briefcase. Over the pictures, J.R comments that as far as he knows, Sabu isn’t contracted to the company, and Alfonso was given a release just over a week ago. We then cut to RVD backstage, staring into a camera, with stitches over his brow…

Rob Van Dam: (Breathes heavily for first ten seconds) Sabu. Fonzie. I’m not gonna cut some long ass promo on how angry or fired up I am. I’m gonna get straight to the point. You show up last night at Wrestle Mania in Vegas, and screw me out of my big moment … my chance to break the glass ceiling. How about you show up TONIGHT, in Vegas. I’m sure both your asses are still here somewhere, and I’m sure you’re watching. Plain and simple … show up.

We fade back to ringside, from the fired up RVD, who looks hell bent on revenge.

1st Match:
The Brotherhood (Mack, Jordan, Jazz) w/ Long & Henry vs. TWGTT & Trish Stratus
Acceptable wrestling, albeit in a quick fire match which doesn’t allow for any real rhythm. Fresh off their wins at WM, the tag champs and womens champ dominate proceedings, still feeding off the euphoria of last night, but thanks to distractions on the outside, The Brotherhood manage to keep themselves in contention for a win which would rocket them back into contention for the titles. The finish comes, as Trish and Jazz both tag in, but Theodore trips Trish’ leg, which infuriates Haas and Benjamin, resulting in a brawl, with all the men fighting to the outside, causing a headache for the referee, and The Brotherhood take full advantage, with Mark Henry slipping in through the back door, to clobber Trish from behind with a fierce clothesline, allowing Jazz to make an elementary pin, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Brotherhood @ 05:57

Jazz, along with the rest of the group leave the ringside area quickly, having got what they wanted, in any way possible. Haas and Benjamin quickly take care of Trish, who looks dazed after the hammer blow from the Worlds Strongest Man, helping her to her feet, as officials also try and tend to the womens champion.

Backstage, we see Carlito and Stacy pacing down a hallway, with Kiebler trying to calm the Intercontinental Champion, as he tries to find a solution for his tag team partner tonight.

Carlito: This isn’t fair, you know that. I’m the Inter-continental Champion!!! Never has a champion been more disrespected than me. Having to find my own partner?? Das not cool.

Stacy starts to rub Carlitos shoulders, trying to soothe him.

Stacy Kiebler: Calm down hun. I’m sure there’s a WHOLE locker room, waiting to jump at the chance of teaming up with you tonight.

Carlito nods.

Carlito: Yeah, you’re right. C’mon.

Carlito stops at the men’s locker room, and turns the handle, before stopping, and turning back to Stacy.

Carlito: Close your eyes, this isn’t a pretty sight.

Carlito opens the door, then decides against it, and closes it again.

Carlito: Aaaactually … you wait here.

Stacy nods, and CCC barges into the locker room, expecting people to be jumping at the chance to be his partner. Instead, he doesn’t even get recognition.

Carlito: So. Whose gonna step up, and be my partner??

No reaction. Val Venis walks by, and Carlito stops him.

Carlito: Are you up for the challenge??

Venis smiles, and nods.

Val Venis: Hell yeah. I’ll show Stacy a GREAT time, trust me.

Carlitos eyes widen, and he shakes a little.

Carlito: NOT THAT!!! Das not cool. Get away from me, loser.

Carlito looks around, and The Heart Throbs both come from behind, and slap his ass. Carlitos slowly turns around, and stares at the two men with rage.

Carlito: I’d rather face Christian and Tomko alone. Scram.

CCC sighs, and rests his head against the wall, banging his head a couple times letting out his frustration.

We then cut to Rey Mysterio backstage, walking down the hallway for his upcoming match, carrying the MITB briefcase.


2nd Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Rob Van Dam
Both men sell the effects of last nights Ladder contest, despite this being a longer match, and despite RVD now a face too, he takes the role of heel in the match, as he vents his anger from last nights screw job on Rey early on, taking the fight to the outside, taking things to the extreme, without going too far so not to get disqualified. Mysterio rides the early storm, and manages to get some offence in once the action gets back into the ring, with his lack of size being used to his advantage as he slips out of Van Dams grip, on numerous occasions.

The two men start to put together a terrific back and forth battle, with plenty of aerial attacks from both men, and near falls with Rolling Thunder for RVD, and the West Coast Pop for Mr. MITB only getting a two after the 619. RVD then fights back, and starts to rattle Mysterio, but as he goes for the top rope kick, Rey moves … and Van Dam NAILS THE REFEREE!!!! The two men continue to battle after that incident, although the action starts to get a little ragged and messy, after a short back and forth brawl, RVD nails a Monkey flip, and goes for the 5 Star Frog Splash … BUT MYSTERIO MOVES!!! Rey now looks to have an opportunity to win as the referee starts to show some signs of life … WHEN EDGE BLASTS HIM WITH THE BRIEFCASE!!!! From the crowd, Edge, in street clothes, grabbed the MITB case, and slipped into the ring quickly, taking out Rey, and RVD, despite seeing what’s happened, still goes back up top, and delivers the 5*, hooking the leg, with the referee now recovered enough to count, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rob Van Dam @ 11:02

Just twenty four hours after being screwed out of MITB, RVD picks up a win in controversial fashion. Mr. Monday Night has his hand raised, but quickly leaves the ring, and walks straight back up the ramp, looking to get back to meeting Sabu and Alfonso somewhere later. Meanwhile, Mysterio slowly comes around, with his briefcase laid right beside him as a reminder from Edge. Quickly though, we fade away backstage…

Ken Kennedy is seen warming up, in his gear, ready to compete later on, and we hear a voice.

Voice: KENNY!!!

Kennedy seems a little taken aback by the call, and turns around, to see Carlito standing in front of him, smiling broadly. Awkwardly, CCC hugs Ken, with KK not hugging back.

Carlito: Man, I’ve been looking everywhere for you. Been meaning to catch up with you si-

Ken Kennedy: What do you want??

Carlito nervously smiles.

Carlito: Listen Kenny, you and I go WAY back.

Ken Kennedy: Don’t call me Kenny. And we DO NOT go way back. I don’t even like you.

Carlito, again, smiles nervously.

Carlito: Okay, okay. I see you’re dressed to compete tonight, yeah?? So, how about you do your old buddy Carlito a favour, and team with him to face Christian and Tomko. Now dat … das-

Ken Kennedy: Not gonna happen.

Carlito stands, open mouthed, with words failing to exit his mouth. Kennedy looks Carlito up and down like a piece of dirt, before speaking…

Ken Kennedy: I’m dressed to compete dorkus, because I’ve got a match later. And EVEN if I didn’t, I’d rather drink my own urine than team with you.

Carlito hurls a little at the thought.

Ken Kennedy: Let me make this crystal clear to you … I’d rather choke to death on my own vomit than choose to team with you. Understood??

CCC snarls a little, face to face with Kennedy, before speaking.

Carlito: Suit yourself.

Carlito turns to walk away, and Kennedy continues to warm up, as we clearly hear both men utter the word ‘Jerk’, referring to the other, as we fade away…

We return into the arena, and suddenly …

**BREAK IT DOWN** The ever recognisable DX quartet enter the arena, but not even remotely as lively as usual. No crotch chops, no taunts, just four dejected bodies walking down the ramp.

Jim Ross: Business has just picked up folks, DX is in the building. And we are looking at HBK Shawn Michaels, just twenty four hours after the most ego shattering loss of his career at Wrestle Mania, to The Rock.

The Coach: Hey, I’m actually surprised Michaels has shown up tonight. How embarrassed must Michaels be after all the hype leading into that match last night, and to come out on the loosing end.

Jim Ross: For what it’s worth that contest could’ve went either way, but on that fateful night, it was just not meant to be for The Showstopper. What will Michaels have to say?? Find out after this…


We return, with HBK, along with DX, stood in the centre of the ring, waiting to speak.

Shawn Michaels: It seems … (Michaels grits his teeth for a moment, and thinks for a few seconds, before taking a deep breath, and finally speaking again) … it seems like it’s a night to be humble.

Few rowdy shouts from the crowd, as Michaels looks around.

Shawn Michaels: Earlier, I watched Christian pay homage to Stone Cold Steve Austin after their match last night. And as much as this pains me, it’s the right thing to do, so here goes… (clears throat a little, and looks into the camera) Congratulations Rock. You … (bites his top lip, before speaking) were the better man.

Respectful cheer from the fans, before a ‘HBK’ chant breaks out. Michaels claps for a few seconds, before Cade rips the mic from him, and speaks.

Garrison Cade: But next time Rock, Shawny is gonna kick your scrawny ass, DX STYLE!!!!

HBK rips the mic back, and glares at Cade.

Shawn Michaels: No. That’s not it. Garrison, there is a time and place to shut your mouth, and eat humble pie. This is the time, and this is the place. Shut up.

Pop from the fans, and another small ‘HBK’ chant.

Shawn Michaels: Last night, DX hit an all time low. Hell, without a shadow, I hit an all time career low. I made more promises for last night than I’ve ever made, and couldn’t back up the most important one. I said I’d go it alone, and I did. I said I’d steal the show, and personally speaking … I’d say I did. I also said I’d beat The Rock … (puts his head down, and thinks for a moment) … and I didn’t.

Mixed reaction.

Shawn Michaels: And that defeat is gonna eat me alive more than any loss I’ve ever had. More than when I lost at Wrestle Mania 10, more than Wrestle Mania 11, more than losing my first World Title, more than losing to Steve Austin, more than ANY loss I’ve ever suffered. And y’know why?? Because I was sure. I was sure that I’d roll right into Vegas, and beat the snot out of The Rock. I was more sure about this match than anyone I’ve ever faced before … and I lost.

Mixed reaction again.

Shawn Michaels: Quite frankly, I don’t know whether I can ever look myself in the eye again. After all my threats, all my promises, I came up short. Just short mind you, but short none the less. I let down my friends, my family, DX, hell, I let down my fans - fans I didn’t think I had anymore.

Fairly cheap pop, with HBK mouthing ‘thank you’

Shawn Michaels: Most of all though, I let myself down. I just don’t know if I can ever put myself at ease. Sure, I could face The Rock again …(fans get excited) … but I don’t want to.


Shawn Michaels: Because what we did last night … it cant be topped, it cant be replicated. One time only, mark my words, one time only. I saw Hogan and Warrior stink the joint up second time around, I saw Rock and Hogan fail to create the same magic second time, and hell, I shouldn’t say this, but last night, despite a great effort, John Cena and Randy Orton failed to capture the same atmosphere they had last year, and I don’t want to join that list.

Mixed response, bordering more on heat.

Shawn Michaels: So, what-

**WOOOOO** DX attention immediately turns to the entrance, where we see Ric Flair, Nick Dinsmore and Batista enter the stage. None of the three men look happy, but all three are dressed smartly as ever, following the example set by Flair.

DX watch as the trio enter the ring, with Reigns and Batista coming face to face with the two big men sizing each other off. HBK motions for Luther to step away, as we see Flair being handed a mic. He signals for the music to die, before staring face to face with a solemn Michaels. Flair quickly slaps Michaels across the face, and a riot nearly breaks out between the two camps, with DX set to attack Flair, but HBK stops them from doing so.

Ric Flair: Take a good look at yourself Michaels. You’re a disgrace. You come out here, the night after a big loss, and you should hold your head high. You’re Shawn Michaels. The Showstopper. The Icon, The HEART, BREAK, FREAKIN, KID!!! WOOO.


Ric Flair: So WHAT, you lost a match. So what that you didn’t live up to your promises. Dust yourself down, and act like a man dammit. Don’t come out here, snivelling like a coward. Are you a coward Michaels??

HBK shakes his head.

Ric Flair: Then stop acting like one. Nick, Dave and I, last night LOST to a glorified stuntman. We lost, to an ECW reject. We lost, to a washed up glory hog.

Hogan chant breaks out momentarily.

Ric Flair: But us?? We aren’t gonna come out here and cry about it. It’s onwards and upwards for the new Generation of the HORSEMEN. You heard me, a new generation of the HORSEMEN.

Pop for the Horsemen, and a few WOOO calls break out. Dinsmore takes the mic now, and has a smile on his face.

Nick Dinsmore: And it looks like we came at just the right time, because from the looks of things, DX is on the way down from your perch as the top faction on Raw.

Heat from the fans.

Nick Dinsmore: Word of warning though fellas, we’re taking over Raw whether you like it or not. You disband, that’s fine. No one gets hurt that way … you decide to stick around … then we’ve got issues gentlemen.

HBK looks at Dinsmore, unimpressed, but doesn’t say anything. Batista now takes the mic from Nick.

Batista: Simply put, Raw isn’t big enough for the both of us … and we don’t plan on going anywhere. DX is the past, the new wave of Horsemen … is ironically the future.

Batista smiles, but still Michaels says nothing, although Reigns looks hell bent on taking at shot at The Animal. Flair now takes the mic back.

Ric Flair: So, what’s it to be Michaels?? Are you gonna step aside … or is this gonna be a hostile takeover??

Still, HBK refuses to utter a word.

Ric Flair: Just as I thought. You’re nothing more than a coward, hiding behind three PUPPETS. YOU‘RE FINISHED, YOU’RE WASHED UP … you Shawn Michaels … are a -

SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!! Michaels suddenly connects with the kick to the face of Flair, knocking Naitch right over. Immediately, sparks fly in the ring, with Dinsmore and Batista brawling with DX, but it’s a four on two advantage for DX over the two men, and quickly dispose of Nick and Dave, toppling them over the top rope. Quickly, Michaels grabs a mic, and speaks.

Shawn Michaels: I don’t think you understand something old man. You don’t control Raw anymore. You don’t call the shots, but thank you for the wake up call anyway. Because, you‘re right Naitch, I‘m Shawn Michaels, and you‘d do well to remember that. Oh, and just so you know, D-GENERATION X still rules this roost, and you better get used to it, because me and the boys have two words for ya …


The fans pop, momentarily for DX, as they appear to be taking the roles of faces tonight. HBK hugs his three compatriots, although all three seem a little uneasy with getting the cheers.

We then cut to the parking lot, and see RVD stood, now in a tracksuit, seemingly waiting for Sabu and Alfonso, when we see a figure in the background arriving into the arena. The camera gets a close up of the man … RANDY ORTON!!!! Orton walks into the building, brushing past anyone and everyone, refusing to acknowledge anyone that tries to speak to him as we go to a commercial break.


3rd Match:
Road kill & Danny Doring vs. Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki
The match is just about to get underway, with all the entrances taking place during the break, with Kenzo and Danny ready to start … when …


*Slow Chemical* Plays into the arena, and KANE makes his long awaited return to television, following his brief appearance at Wrestle Mania. The Big Red Machine, now back in his old regalia, methodically makes his way to the ring, with the four men, despite being on opposite sides in terms of heel / face, decide to team up, in an attempt to try and topple Kane, but to no avail, as Kane quickly takes control of the brawl, in his usual style, taking down all four men separately, before delivering a power slam to Suzuki, power bomb for Doring, Chokeslam for Roadkill, and finally a Tombstone for Dupree!!!

Winner: No Contest

Kane stands tall in the ring, having done his damage tonight, leaving four men all decimated in the middle of the ring, before letting off his pyro again, and slowly saunters back up the ramp, having sent a warning to Raw for what is to come.

We move now backstage … and see CHRIS JERICHO!!?? Jericho walks through the hallway, cocky and as confident as ever, before stopping what looks like some sort of backstage technician.

Chris Jericho: You seen The Undertaker??

Technician: Umm … to tell the truth, he doesn’t really hang out much around here. He’s a bit of a recluse, y’know. I don’t even know if he’s in the building.

Chris Jericho: Don’t get smart with me junior!!

Jericho pie faces the wimp, and moves on, cockily chewing gum, and pushes past someone else, before grabbing the man.

Chris Jericho: Don’t you know who I am?? I’m Chris Jericho. And I’m better than YOU!!! Didn’t you see me last night?? I was this close to making history, once again. What’ve you ever accomplished??

The man is about to speak, but Jericho interrupts.

Chris Jericho: I know you’re covering for him. Where is he hiding?? He’s hiding from me. I know it. I can feel it. The Undertaker is running scared of Y2J!!!

Jericho pushes the man away and continues on, eventually stopping outside Mr. McMahon’s office, and without knocking, barges in. Vince immediately bursts out of his seat.


Jericho removes his glasses, still chewing on his gum.

Chris Jericho: The Highlight of the Night. In the flesh BAY-BAY!!!

Vince screws his face up for a moment, before responding.

Mr. McMahon: You aren’t supposed to be here. This isn’t Smackdown.

Chris Jericho: The roster split cannot stop a true living legend like me. I’m a loose cannon. I’m a renegade … a maverick!!! And I’m here … FOR THE UNDERTAKER!!!

Vince still looks puzzled by Jerichos antics.

Mr. McMahon: Are you high on something?? Or just delusional?? Actually forget it. As for The Undertaker?? Your guess would be as good as mine.

Chris Jericho: I understand Vinnie. Trying to protect him from the wrath of the Ayatollah of rock and roll-a. But soon-

Mr. McMahon: Shut up. Just SHADDUP!!!! You are starting to really irritate me Jericho. But, I’ve got an idea. You want The Undertaker so badly, then how about you lure him to the ring. Because as of this moment, I’m putting you in action … TONIGHT!!!! That’s right, you are now Carlitos tag team partner to face Tyson Tomko, and Captain Charisma, Christian.

Jericho looks outraged.

Mr. McMahon: GET OUT!!!!

Jericho sulks a little, then nods, and realises it’s his best opportunity to get Taker to come out of hiding, and leaves the office, with Vince looking mildly angry.


4th Match:
Ken Kennedy vs. A-Train
Another short match, with this one solely intended to put Kennedy over, as he is continued to be tested in a face role. Selling his effects from the ladder match last night, he absorbs a rough house attack from the 350 pounder, and manages to make a quick fight back, battling out quickly from a Bear Hug, but is unable to deliver the Green Bay plunge, allowing Train to once again get back into it, and he looks to connect with the Baldo Bomb … but Kennedy breaks out of it just in time, and delivers a swinging neck breaker, before hitting (for the second time now, following last nights) the Senton Bomb, which JR refers to as the ‘Kenton Bomb’, which is enough to record the three count.
Winner: Ken Kennedy @ 04:13

Mr. Kennedy does his whole post match routine of announcing himself as the winner, but helps to get the crowd on his side, despite the cockiness behind it, by making a funny remark about beating A-Train, despite the odour disadvantage, and the hairy back.

A short video package then plays, hyping a ‘tough Irish bastard’ coming to Raw, known as Finlay. It doesn’t say when he will debut, but just says ‘COMING SOON TO RAW’

Backstage, Todd Grisham catches up with Edge…

Todd Grisham: Edge, Edge, could you be kind enough to let me ask you a few questions??

Edge: Make it quick Waldo.

Todd Grisham: Later tonight, based on the roll of a dice, you could face John Cena for the World Championship, just twenty four hours after narrowly missing out on winning a guaranteed one year title shot in the Money in the Bank ladder match. How are yo-

Edge: DON’T ever mention that to me again. Last night, you saw it through those milk bottles around your eyes, last night everyone in the back saw what happened, and every fan in the entire world saw ME do all the work. The entire world has to admit THAT I deserve that god damn briefcase. Not that jumped up midget. ME!!!! … … HE …. STOLE IT!!!

Edge grabs Todd by the jacket, and goes nose to nose whilst speaking.

Edge: Once again Todd, surprise, surprise … I GOT SCREWED!!! But that’s it. That’s the last time. Mark my words freakazoid, I’m sick of getting screwed, I‘m sick of having what should be rightfully mine stolen from under my nose. Y‘know, in certain countries you‘d get your hand chopped right off for stealing. Rey Mysterio will be lucky if I spare his life for stealing MY Money in the Bank briefcase … and you can bank on that.

Edge lets go of the jacket, and calms a little.

Edge: As for your question Todd, concerning tonight’s roll of the dice. Should I get a fair chance, and actually win this roll, you’re looking at the new World Champion, but for as long as I live, After tonight, I don’t want to see another dice ever again.

Edge storms off, slamming walls and doors on his way.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Well, our main event is still to come later, but lets look forward seven days time. A special, three hour edition of Monday Night Raw, and what a special night it will be. Not only are we broadcasting from across the pond, in London, England, it’s the big draft lottery. Both the superstars of Raw AND Smackdown will be in attendance. Two new General Managers will be unveiled, and all hell could well break loose!!!

The Coach: No one is safe J.R!!! You heard it from the horses mouth earlier. Not you, not me, not Vivian the tea lady - ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!!!

Jim Ross: Imagine, a Raw without The Coach folks. We can only hope!!

The Coach: I’m the glue that holds this show together old timer!!! Remember that.

Jim Ross: Moving on. Not only do we have new General Managers to be revealed … not only do we have the annual draft lottery, but folks, TWO huge matches have been announced literally as we speak. After what transpired earlier this evening, HBK Shawn Michaels will be going one on one next week, against The Animal, BATISTA!!!

The Coach: Slobber knocker!!! Oh by Gawd, SLOBBERKNOCKER!!!

Jim Ross: There was me thinking you had your own, individual personality. And folks, also signed for next week, they still meet tonight in a tag team match up, but next week, it’s one on one, The Intercontinental Champion, Carlito, goes one on one, with Captain Charisma, The Superstar of Today, Christian!!!

The Coach: Two big, huge matches for next week. And keep up to date with more announcements this week on wwe.com, AND Smackdown this Thursday night, with news about Smackdowns participation next week.

**Just Close Your Eyes** Christian and Tomko enter the arena for the second time tonight, this time for in ring action.

Jim Ross: Like I just mentioned, next week they go one on one, but coming up next, it’s Christian and Carlito facing on opposite sides in a tag team contest, coming up!!!


We return with Carlito now on his way to the ring, and he waits at the bottom of the ramp, for Chris Jericho now.

**BREAK THE WALLS DOWN** The Smackdown superstar arrives for action on Raw, wearing shiny, sparkly leather pants, that he arrived in earlier, and is wearing black boots, but not wrestling boots. He looks around, constantly expecting Taker to show up as he walks down. He barely acknowledges Carlito, or the ring, and keeps a look out for Taker just.

5th Match:
Christian & Tyson Tomko vs. Carlito & Chris Jericho
Average match up, with the in ring quality good, but too much is focused on Jerichos lack of concentration on the match, with more concentration looking out for Taker instead. Carlito is left facing both Christian and Tomko alone early on, before he gets frustrated, and blind tags Jericho into the match. Y2J is furious, but is forced to compete anyway, but is quickly back out, wanting just to look around, keeping his focus on watching for Taker.

The match goes on like this for a few minutes, with Carlito and Jericho arguing back and forth, with Carlito wanting Jericho to take it seriously, whilst Y2J gets annoyed with Carlito pestering him. Eventually, Christian and Tomko get sick of just laughing, and decide to get to business, with them taking the pair of them on, with the fight going to the outside momentarily. Quickly, the match gets back inside though, and from this point on, Jericho begins to focus on the match, rather than Taker. CCC and Y2J get on top for a short period, and try to take out Tomko, going to work on his right knee, but a mix up between the ego maniac team allows The Problem Solver to tag out to Christian for the hot tag.

Captain Charisma quickly adapts into a face role for the first time in a long time, and gets the fans on his side with an array of arm drags and dropkicks as he gets in, and along with Tomko, they begin to dominate the match. Christian delivers the Frog Splash … but Jericho breaks the count at two. He then takes down Tomko, and looks to apply the Walls … BUT THE LIGHTS GO OUT … AND BACK ON. Jericho immediately releases, and leaves the ring, smiling, expecting it was a sign from The Deadman. He goes through the crowd, searching frantically, hoping to see if The Phenom is here. Meanwhile, in the ring, Christian elbows out of the Apple Core from Carlito, and quickly delivers the Unprettier, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Christian & Tyson Tomko @ 13:18

It’s another victory for Christian, as he gets set to face Carlito again, in singles competition, next week on Raw, in London.

He doesn’t play to the fans too much, as he slowly eases into a face turn, but does pound his chest, saluting his supporters, before leaving the ring, and leaving Carlito in the ring, trying to recover from the sudden loss.


We return, with Marc Lloyd standing by.

Marc Lloyd: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena!!!

The camera shifts to Cena, and he salutes the fans, before spinning the logo on his belt.

Marc Lloyd: Just twenty four hours ago at Wrestle Mania, you successfully retained the World Title against The Legend Killer, Randy Orton, for your second consecutive Wrestle Mania victory over Orton. But tonight, you’ll defend the title once again, and your contender will be determined by a roll of a dice. How have you been able to prepare for this match??

John Cena: I haven’t. Long story short. You cant prepare for this. Edge, Batista or Rhyno. Three tough bastards. Okay, one whiny punk, one jakked up behemoth, and a damn freight train. But Marc, like I’ve said a hundred times before, and like I’ll say a thousand times again … there is no challenge too great. There is no fight I’ll run from. I fear nothing, and I regret less. I’m the World Champion for a reason, and that reason is simple … I GET THE JOB DONE!!!

Just like I did at Wrestle Mania last year, just like I did at Armageddon, just like I did last night, just like I do every time I step between those ropes … I do what it takes to remain THE CHAMP.

So whatever the dice throws up, I’ll not back down, I’ll not quit. I WILL stare that man in the eye, and prepare to DIE, in order to keep this title. This goes to anybody, and EVERYBODY … IF YOU WANT SOME … COME GET SOME!!!!

Cena then turns away, but immediately stops … face to face with Christian. The two men look each other dead in the eye, before Cena fixes the belt on his shoulder.

Christian: If I want some, then I can come get some??

Cena pounds his chest, and nods.

Christian: Well, just so you know … next week, I’ll deal with Carlito … then, you’ve got something I want … and I’ll stop at nothing to get it.

The two men awkwardly move past one another, and go in opposite directions as we cut away…

We go to the parking lot, where RVD is pacing along, still waiting for Sabu or Alfonso to show up. He checks his watch, then looks around, before we suddenly see two bright lights, which blind RVD, as he covers up his face, and we hear a screeching sound, as a car hurtles towards RVD, not attempting to stop, but Van Dam bundles out of the way, as the car races on by. Van Dam watches as the car speeds off into the night. He stupidly tries to chase on foot, but quickly realises Sabu and Alfonso have gone long into the night. He kicks something over in anger, realising he is being toyed with by the ECW alumni, as we fade out.


We return, now into the over run, with the main event not even under way at this point. John Cena is already in the ring, waiting for his opponent, and Vince McMahon is on the titan tron, having been in the middle of a promo during Unlimited when we returned…

Mr. McMahon: So lets find out who gets this one lucky title shot…

Vince rolls the dice, with the camera zooming in on the object as it finally stops … on a SIX!!!!!

Immediately **Man Beast** hits, and Rhyno SPRINTS down the ramp, diving straight into the ring, and the match is immediately under way with an all out brawl.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
John Cena vs. Rhyno
Really short brawl, with a slug fest early on, which Rhyno gets the better of, and scores a quick near fall with a spine buster. He then takes Cena to the outside, and whips him into the steps, and off the announce table, before taking it back inside, and looks to finish off The Champ with an early Gore … but Cena moves, and quickly fights back, with the Throwback, and a 5 Knuckle Shuffle for a two count. He gets another near fall with a Freestyle, then attempts to finish off Rhyno suddenly with the FU … but Rhyno lands on his feet, and they descend into a brawl again, only this time with Cena on top. He pounds down Rhyno in the corner, but misses a corner splash, allowing Rhyno to back into it, and he scores with a suplex for another near fall in this fast paced match up.

Again, Rhyno sizes Cena up for a Gore, and charges in on the Champ … BUT MISSES AGAIN!!! Rhyno staggers out of the corner, and into a spine buster, but kicks out again at two, which angers Cena. The Champ now sets up for the second time to hit an FU on the challenger … but for the second time fails to deliver, as Rhyno slips off the shoulders, pushes Cena into the ropes, AND GOES FOR THE GORE … BUT CENA TRIPS HIM … AND APPLIES THE STFU!!!! Rhyno tries to hang on, but not for long, with time running short, and taps out!!!
Winner: John Cena @ 06:23

Cena retains the belt in a short, but hard hitting, draining championship bout, with The Man Beast bringing his all to the table. Cena has his hand raised, and holds the belt up high … as we see RANDY ORTON SLIDE INTO THE RING!!! Cena doesn’t realise, as he salutes the fans, and turns around into …

NOTHING??? Cena immediately jumps back a little, shocked by the sight of Orton right in front of him, but all Randy does is smile. Orton then lets the Champ know, he could’ve dropped him easily on the spot, then points to his head, as if to say he’s gotten into the champs mind. He slowly backs out of the ring, and backs up the ramp, with his smile fading, as his seething rage from last nights loss simmers over. He motions again, by clicking his fingers he could’ve had Cena ‘just like that’, before turning to leave, with Cena stood in the ring, taking in what just happened, as we end the show.


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