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Smackdown - 10 Days from Judgment Day

Smack down : 06/05/04: Birmingham:

Smackdown video plays

Michael Cole: We are just 10 days away from WWE Judgment Day, Bret Hart first P.P.V as a General Manager, and tonight we have one hell of a show lined up.
Tazz: That’s right Cole. Tonight, WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar is gonna take on Rikishi and tonight’s main event, as signed by our General Manager, Bret Hart, its gonna be a six man tag match featuring, John Cena, Eddy Guerrero and Chris Benoit to take on The Rock, Kurt Angle, and Chavo. Its gonna be off the hook.
Michael Cole: Plus folks, we’ve got official word from Bret Harts office that tonight their will be an official contract signing for the Austin - McMahon match at Judgment Day. And boy what a way to kick off the show....

1st Match:
Faarooq w/ Bradshaw vs. Charlie Haas w/ Shelton Benjamin
(During the entrances, we are reminded that at Judgment Day, T.W.G.T.T will defend the titles against the A.P.A.)
Finish: As just like last week Faarooq dominates and looks set to make the pin for victory when Shelton distracts him. Bradshaw chases him and he runs through the crowd. Faarooq and the referee are both distracted while Haas pulls out brass knucks from his tights. He nails Faarooq in the back of the head. The referee never seen and makes the count for Haas to pick up the win.

The Rock is talking with Vince and Bret in their office. They talk about him hitting Cena with the guitar last week and then they thank him for his help two weeks ago when he screwed Cena to help them get their match. He says not to thank him as it was his pleasure to help and as soon as Austin is gone the better. He then offers to be a Lumberjack at Judgment Day.


We return with an interview with the Bashams and Shaniqua. They say that its about time they got focused and started to win matches again, starting tonight, next.

2nd Match:
Bashams w/ Shaniqua vs. Paul London & Spanky
Finish: The match breaks down into chaos with all four men brawling. Doug and Paul fight on the outside while Spanky hits his version of the Dudley Dog. Shaniqua gets on the apron and distracts Spanky and the referee so Doug can switch with Danny. Spanky turns around and is cradled by Doug for the win.

We go to an interview with Brock Lesnar. He talks about being impressed by Bill giving the Jackhammer to the 500 pound Big Show last week but tonight he says that will be nothing compared to what he will do to Rikishi. He then claims that Rikishi is actually 650 pounds, not the 450 he says he is. He says he will give him an F5 and then Goldberg will be so scared he wont bother going to Judgment Day.
Big Show and A-Train then watch a video of their assault on Kanyon last week. Show then says that he will put Kanyon out of his misery at Judgment Day when he takes the U.S Title.
Goldberg and Austin talk backstage about their respective matches at Judgment Day.

3rd Match: Non- Title
Brock Lesnar vs. Rikishi
Finish: In a short physical encounter, the two go at it evenly early before Lesnar takes control. He then becomes unstoppable in his destruction of Rikishi. He ends the assault with an authorities F5 for the win. He celebrates in the ring before Goldberg’s music hits. Lesnar stand in the ring, scared. Goldberg just stands at the top of the ramp. He smiles and then claps at Lesnars impressive win.


We return with an interview with Kanyon from his home. He talks about the injuries he has suffered because of last weeks assault. He says he got home yesterday and he will be at Smackdown next week. He then tells Big Show the story of David and Goliath and reminds him who won.
Bret talks with Tajiri, Akio and Sakoda. He orders them to be Lumberjacks at Judgment Day.

4th Match:
Hardcore Holly vs. Funaki
Finish: Holly controls the whole match and toys with Funaki for a few minutes before setting him up for the Alabama Slam. Zach Gowen runs through the crowd and distracts Holly. He puts down Funaki and goes to Gowen while the referee checks on Funaki. Gowen hits Holly with his walking stick to knock him out. Funaki gets the cover and picks up the win. Gowen runs out with Funaki as Holly recovers. He is irate and begins to go mad around ringside.

Big Show is backstage when Josh Matthews catches up with him. He asks him for his reactions to what Kanyon said earlier. He tells Josh that David and Goliath was a fantasy, but he is reality, and reality is gonna hit Kanyon next week when he shows up.
We then cut to the ring where it is being prepared for the contract signing up next.


We come back with Bret introducing Vince. He comes to the ring and tells Austin to get out here right now. Austin enters. They have a brief showdown before signing the contract. Both sign. Vince then takes the microphone. He says Austin has just signed his own death warrant, because at Judgment Day he is facing odds that not even Superman could tackle. Austin says he isn’t Superman, he is just a whoop-ass machine, and if he is goin down at Judgment Day he taking Bret, anybody on the outside and most definitely McMahon with him. McMahon laughs. Austin looks puzzled. Vince then points to the entrance. Austin turns around and sees that a handful of Lumberjacks (Big Show, A-Train, La Resistance, Tajiri, Akio, Sakoda and the Bashams) are walking toward the ring. Austin sees that they are getting ready to get in, so he hits Vince and Bret. He fights off the Lumberjacks until Vince nails him with a chair. He covers Austin and Bret makes the quick three count. Vince celebrates by mimicking how Austin would celebrate before leaving the ring.


We return with an interview with Rey Mysterio. He talks about how he has earned his rematch with Kidman at Judgment Day, and says all the cheating in the world from Kidman wont help him.
Holly is backstage looking for Gowen. He walks into Austin and tells him to get out of his way. Austin who is already angry takes his anger out on Holly by beating him around the backstage area.

5th Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble
Finish: Kidman runs to ringside to hit Mysterio with the belt but Rey ducks and he hits Noble instead. Rey dropkicks Kidman off the apron and hit’s a west coat pop to win. Kidman is irate as Mysterio celebrates in the ring.

Interview with The Rock. He talks about teaching Cena a lesson last week and tonight he is gonna pin him in the ring 1,2,3. Cena interrupts. He says that tonight is a chance of revenge for him. Tonight he says he will give The Rock a reminder of Wrestlemania and a taster of Judgment Day.
Austin chases Vince and Bret out of the arena. They escape in their limo before he can catch them.


Main Event: 6 Man Tag:
Eddy Guerrero, Chris Benoit & John Cena vs. The Rock, Chavo Guerrero & Kurt Angle
Finish: After 17 minutes of great action, Benoit locks in a crossface on Chavo. Just before he taps, Rock makes the save. Cena then attacks The Rock and the match descends into an all out brawl. After a few minutes of brawling, All six are in the ring. Benoit hips a German on Angle, and a locks the Crossface on Chavo. Cena reverses a Rock Bottom and hits an FU. Eddy then hit’s a frog splash on the already downed Kurt Angle. Cena and Eddy both make a cover and the referee counts the three. At the same time Chavo taps. All three stand tall after recording the victory. We go off air with Michael Cole saying is this what we will see at Judgment Day, only ten days away on P.P.V!!!

[B]***Next Week on SmackDown***[/ B] Judgment Day will only be three days away. What new developments will take place?
After their humiliation on Steve Austin last week, do McMahon and Hart have another other tricks planned before Judgment Day? Or will Stone Cold have the last laugh going into the biggest match of his career at Judgment Day?
T.W.G.T.T once again dodged the A.P.A on Smackdown. Will they do so again this week.
Kanyon is set to defend the U.S Title a Judgment Day but he faces the biggest man in the WWE. Will he recover from his injuries in time to face Big Show.
Plus we went off the air on Smackdown with Cena, Benoit and Eddy standing tall. Will this be the case on Smackdown? Or do their Judgment Day opponents have other ideas.
Finally, Goldberg and Brock have both looked unstoppable in recent weeks. They are set to clash for the title at Judgment Day, but who will have the advantage going into the event?
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