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RAW: 03/05/04: New Orleans

Video is shown recapping what happened with last weeks events with Paul Bearerís return.

Raw Video

J.R: Tonight we have the most unpredictable night of year with Mick Foleys first ever RAW Roulette.
King: I cant wait J.R. This is gonna be great.

Mick Foley is standing in the ring with the Roulette wheel. He welcomes us to his first Raw Roulette. Foley then goes through the matches on the wheel: No Holds Barred, Last Man Standing, Mardi Gras match, Cage Match, Tables Match, Ladder Match, New Orleans Streetfight, Foleys Choice, I Quit, Strap Match, Blindfold Match, Strange Bedfellows match, 3 Faces of Foley Match, Hair vs. Hair Match, Falls Count Anywhere, Good Housekeeping Match and Hell in a Cell.
He then announces that tonightís main event will be a triple threat match to determine the #1 Contender to face Randy Orton next week, with the participants and type of match to be determined. He then spins the wheel to determine the first matchÖ..New Orleans Streetfight!!!

1st Match: New Orleans Streetfight: Batista vs. Matt Hardy
Finish: Batista dominates in the early going, but Hardy fights back into the match and hitís the Twist of Fate. Batista kicks out at two and then plants Matt with a sit down power bomb on to a trashcan.


We return with Mick Foley spinning the wheel to determine main eventÖ..Steel Cage!!! He then moves to another mini wheel with Superstars faces on. They are: HBK, Rhyno, HHH, Booker T, Kane, Undertaker, Jericho, Christian. He spins three times first it lands on Kane, then Booker T, then HBK. Foley makes the official announcement that these 3 stars will compete in the triple threat later. He then calls in Al Snow. They talk for a minute or two in a funny segment and then Foley spins the wheel for Snows match. He deliberately stops it at Good Housekeeping Match to a thunderous laugh from the audience. Al is irate. Foley then tells him of a stipulation he has added, he gives him a maids dress and tells him as a rule he must wear it. Al grabs it and storms off. Foley shouts to him, ďHave a nice day Al!Ē

2nd Match: Tag Team Championships Match; Fatal 4 Way:
Cade & Jindrak vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Mack & Jordan w/Long vs. Palumbo & Oí Haire
(Just as match is about to begin, Foley appears on the tron and spins the wheel which lands on tables match. Foley announces that this match is now a TABLES Match!!!)
Finish: After an all out brawl, the Dudleyz take control and look set to table Jordan, but Cade pulls it away. They then pound on Cade, and as they attempt to table him with a 3D, Jindrak pulls out the referee so he doesnít see and points him in the direction of Mack and Palumbo. Bubba and DíVon are irate. Teddy gets on the apron and is dragged in by Bubba . Jordan saves Long and then brawls to the outside with him. Jindrak nails DíVon with the title belt and switches him with Cade to look like he has been put through the table. The ref sees DíVon and calls for the bell and Cade and Jindrak retain.

Christian walks backstage to meet Edge and Trish. He says that he has just came from Foleys office and he has a Strange Bedfellows match up next. He then says he hopes his partner isnít Jericho.
Goldust is in Foleys office to see what match he has tonight. Foley spinsÖ..3 Faces of Foley Match!! Goldust asks what it is. Foley explains. He says that it is a triple threat match where each participant must dress like and act like the Foley character they have been designated in a No DQ match. Goldust asks to be Dude Love. Foley says thatís fine.
We go to an interview with Ric Flair. He says he is in the strange bedfellows match next in the opposition to Christians team. He then talks about Evolution and that HHH and Orton have already left as they donít have a mtch to try and sort things out together.
HBK arrives


3rd Match: Strange Bedfellows Match:
Ric Flair & Sting vs. Christian & Jericho
Finish: Throughout the match, both teams argue with each other and give hard tags to one another. Eventually, Sting accidentally hits Flair, who then takes a steel chair and hits his partner ending the match in a No Contest. Jericho tries to get him off when Christian takes advantage by hitting Y2J with his title belt. Maven saves Y2J as Christian high tails. Test and Steiner then pull Sting out of the ring and assault him on the outside leaving him a mess.

Molly storms into Foleys office. She demands a special stipulation for her title match with Lita tonight. Foley makes fun of her. He then agrees and lets the wheel decide and spinsÖ..Strap Match. Molly is happy and leaves.
HBK goes to the ring in a foul mood. He gets straight to the point and calls out Kane, Taker and Bearer. Bearer enters. He gets into a war of words with HBK. Then takers music plays. He appears on the tron and tells HBK that tonight in the cage match with Kane and Booker that he will make sure he rests in peace and then he disappears. HBK is irate.
Steven Richards is heard talking to Victoria in a strange manner. He then comes into sight dressed as Mankind as he prepares for the 3 faces match next.


4th Match: 3 Faces of Foley Match:
Goldust (as Dude Love) vs. Richards ( as Mankind) vs. Tommy Dreamer (as Cactus Jack)
Finish: In a very entertaining brawl with many comedic moments, the match ends with Goldust dancing in the ring like Dude as Steven pulls out his own Mr. Socko. He plants Goldust with the mandible claw. As he looks set to win, Tommy enters with a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire. He hits both and pins Richards for the victory.

Bearer enters a dark room where he begins to talk with Kane. They talk about Hbk and the cage match later.
Foley catches up with an angry HBK. He advises HBK not to let his anger get the better of him as a world title match hangs in the balance. HBK looks at him and walks away.
Teddy Long catches up with Booker. He wishes him good luck tonight. Book tells him to shove it.
Al Snow grudgingly prepares for his match later.

5th Match: Womenís Championship; Strap Match:
Lita vs. Molly Holly
Finish: In a fairly lacklustre womenís match, Molly controls the most part and hits three of the posts on two occasions before being pulled back. Lita then hitís a desperation DDT. Both women crawl to opposite corners. They both hit two before coming face to face again. Lita ducks a clothesline and then hitís a dropkick. She quickly hitís the last two to win the match.


We return with Foley checking in on Al Snow. He makes a joke and then bursts out laughing.

6th Match: Good Housekeeping Match:
Al Snow vs. Val Venis
Finish: In another highly entertaining match, it ends with Val missing a money shot, and Al capitalises by hitting a Snow Plow for the win. He then poses in the ring and cleans up the ring.

Sting goes to Foley. He demands either Test or Steiner next week. Foley gives him Steiner.
We see Booker and HBK going head to head backstage and both promise victory.


Main Event: Triple threat, Steel Cage Match #1 Contenders match:
Kane vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Booker T
Finish: In a brilliant main event, HBK bleeds early as does Kane and all three trade blows back and forth. Kane choke slams Book and then HBK hits Kane with Sweet Chin Music. He looks to crawl out the door until Bearer slams the door in his face. Undertaker then enters through the ring and he and Kane decimate Booker T and HBK. They then concentrate on HBK. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood climb in and drag out Booker to pick up the win. Taker and Kane seem uninterested and more so on hurting HBK. Booker T doesnít know whether to celebrate or not as he realises he has been helped by the brotherhood. However, he is now going on to face Orton next week for the Heavyweight title. We go off air with HBK lying motionless in the ring and Booker looking puzzled staring at the brotherhood.

Booker T has a Title Shot against Randy Orton. Will the brotherhood help him again or will Evolution be too strong? More so, how will Booker react to another assist from Teddy Long and Co.?

What do the Brothers of Destruction have in store next for HBK, and will we find out what has brought them back together?

It looks like Chris Jericho now has an ally in his war with Edge, Christian and Trish in Maven, what will happen next in this feud.

Plus- Sting finally has a one on one match against Scott Steiner. What role will Test play when these two get it on. Find out next week on RAW!!!!!!!
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