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Smackdown- 29/04/04

dSmackdown: 29.04.04 San Jose:

Smackdown video plays

Michael Cole: Welcome to Smackdown. The number one brand in the WWE. Tonight, we will determine the number one contender for the cruiserweight title at judgement day, plus we will witness the rock concert 3!!! But tonightís main event sees Goldberg take on the 500 pound Big Show.
Tazz: Its going to be off the hook. Rock concert, I cant wait. And as for Goldberg-Big Show? Its gonna be a rocket buster!

1st Match:
Eddy Guererro vs. Kurt Angle
(As both men make their entrances, we are reminded that at Judgment Day, Eddy & Benoit will face Kurt and Chavo.)
Finish: After an intense 11 minute technical war, Angle hits an Angle Slam. He goes for the ankle lock. Eddy takes him by surprise and rolls through to pick up a 3 count. He leaves in his low rider as Angle stands in the ring shocked.


Vince arrives with armed security and is all smiles.
A.P.A talk in their office about what happened last week. They say tonight TWGTT will learn their lesson for messing with them.
Kanyon interview. He talks about facing Big Show at Judgment Day. A- Train and Show then come from nowhere and destroy Kanyon, leaving him unconscious.

2nd Match:
Faarooq w/ Bradshaw vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Haas
(During the entrances, we are reminded that the two teams will face off at Judgment Day for the Tag titles)
Finish: Faarooq dominates Shelton for three minutes or so. Just as he looks to finish Benjamin off, Haas pulls Benjamin out. They try to leave, but are chased by Bradshaw. He brings both back. Faarooq beats on Shelton for a little longer before Charlie purposely hitís Faarooq with a steel chair, causing a DQ. They run as Bradshaw tries to help Faarooq.

The Rock is seen arriving as Kanyon is being placed into an ambulance. He sings a quick song about Kanyon. Show stands by the ambulance and laughs at Kanyon. Lesnar then asks him if he is ready to take out Goldberg. He says he just got warmed up with Kanyon. They laugh and walk off.
Vince talks to Bret about Judgment Day. Bret prematurely congratulates him on a victory at the PPV. They talk about the Lumberjacks, and Vince says that the Lumberjacks will be chosen by him only.


3rd Match: #1 Contenders Match for the Cruiserweight Championship at Judgment Day
Hurricane vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble vs. Tajiri
Finish: After a typical cruiserweight contest, Tajiri attempts a 619 on Rey. He moves and dropkicks Tajiri off the apron. Noble hitís a Tiger bomb on Hurricane but the count is broken by Rey. Noble kicks Rey out of the ring. He tussles with Hurricane and then throws him out of the ring. He turns around and walks into a West Coast Pop and Mysterio wins. Kidman then runs out and attemts to hit Rey but he misfires and then Mysterio hitís a 619. He celebrates his victory by posing with the belt.

Bret talks backstage with La Resistance and Conway. He tells them that at the PPV they will have a very special role as Lumberjacks and that this could help them in their careers.
Vince comes to the ring with his security. He talks about finally have complete control over Austin. He says he always knew Austin would push him too far and this is the consequence - to lose his career to his most hated foe, his boss, in his home state of Texas at Judgment Day. Austinís music then hits. He comes to the ring, but the guards stand in front of Vince, Austin pulls a double bird. He then takes a mic and he says no matter what the odds may be, writing off Stone Cold is just something you donít do. They have a war of words before Austin stuns all the security. However, by the time he has done that, Vince has scampered to the stage. Austin is irate and Vince pulls the bird to Austin.


Kidman interview. He talks about Rey being inferior competition and after he successfully defends the title later, its on to Judgment Day and the end of Mysterio.

4th Match:
Rikishi & Scotty vs. La Resistance
Finish: Rikishi hitís the banzai drop on Dupree. Grenier breaks the count and the match turns into a brawl. The referee is distracted when Grenier hits Scotty with the French Flag for victory.

Austin is seen walking to his truck. He notices that all four tyres have been slashed. Austin is irate.
We cut to McMahon and Hart in the GM office. They are seen laughing as they look at a monitor showing Austin outside looking at his truck. This makes us realise that they were behind the attack.
Lesnar interview. He talks about Goldberg not being the only one to take on a big opponent as next week he has demanded to face Rikishi.
Rock prepares for the Rock concert up next.


We return with the Rock making his way to the ring. He talks for a minute or two and then begins his first song;
ď The Rock is unhappy bout being in, Son Jose,
But at least IĎll gone by the end of the day.
The Great one says Aw shucks,
Cause this place doesnít rock, no it totally sucks.Ē

This brings the crowd to boo the Rock until Cenaís music hits to a massive pop. The Rock looks irate as Cena stands at the entrance. Cena then begins to talk;
ď Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo. Rock, you come out and try to diss these fans,
Well Iím the Doctor of Thuganomics and Iím gonna ruin your plans.
Your goin down like a lead balloon,
Judgment Day is comin soon.
Iím all bling bling,
You cant see me, IíM the Scorpion King!!Ē

Rock: Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. You are NOT the Scorpion King. The Rock, and ONLY the Rock is the Scorpion King. Now, excuse The Rock, heís got a song to sing.

ď Another Thursday night at The Rockís show Smackdown,
The Rock looks good for all the women in town,
I could have anyoneís wife,
I am the manÖ.WORDLIFE!!Ē

Cena: ď Oh, I get it, youíve ran out of your own catchphrases,
Youíre act has gone stale,
But you steal my sayings, you know youíre gonna fail!
He says women fall for him when heís near,
Please, dont try to fool us, we know youre 100% queer,
I know youíd dress as a little boy to impress Michael Jackson,
The net would be full of the video, more famous than Paris Hilton or Pam Anderson!
Little Blanket better avert his eyes,
Cause Rock and Jacko are helping themselves to each others pies!
One last thing Rock, when I say Just bring it,
I donít mean it that way you prick,
Iím serious, get off my (points microphone to the crowd who replyÖDick)

Rock: Yeah, you showed a helluva lot of class. Really. Michael Jackson. Very classy. And you people cheered that. The Rock understands. After all, this is the home of the San Jose Sharks. (Boos)

Cena: Yo Rock, if you cant go toe to toe on the microphone,
Maybe you should go back to Hollywood,
And make another crappy movie that aint that good.
Donít take it out on the people if the Rundown wasnít well rated,
Youíre movie career is gone, its faded.

Rock then challenges Cena to come to the ring. He does and they go punch for punch and Cena takes control, however, Rock hitís a low blow and then nails Cena with the guitar. He celebrates as Cena is laying in the ring.

We cut backstage where Bret is walking with Vince. An official runs to them and tells them to come quick. They runs to the parking lot where they see Austin speeding away in McMahonís limo. Both are irate.


5th Match: Cruiserweight Championship:
Billy Kidman vs. Zach Gowen
Finish: In a quick match, Kidman controls the most part. Then, Zach turns the match and looks set to win until Hardcore Holly nails Gowen with a chair shot. Gowen wins by DQ but Holly continues the assault and leaves Zach a bloody mess.

Eddy and Benoit talk backstage. They are approaches by Angle and Chavo. They have a showdown which is broken up by officials.

Main Event:
Goldberg vs. Big Show
Finish: In a short physical match with the contest swaying back and forth, at around the nine minute mark, Show choke slams Goldberg. Bill kicks out at two. Lesnar then makes his way to the ring and sits with the announcers. Big Show attempts another Chokeslam but Goldberg fights out and hitís a spear from nowhere. Lesnar laughs as Goldberg signals for the Jackhammer. Brock says that he cant do it. Goldberg attempts and somehow manages to nail him with the Jackhammer. Brock stands up and stands in shock as Goldberg makes the cover for the win. Lesnar now looks truly worried as as Goldberg points at the belt with Brock speechless.

End of Show.

P.S. Sorry about Smackdown being up late. The next raw might be also, but Iíll try to get it up as soon as possible.

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