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Re: The Wrestling Forum Interviews. Series 1: Catalanotto

Wrestling Forum Interviews: Series 1

Baines On Toast

Name: Marty
Birthday: 20th February 1992.
Birthplace: Liverpool, Merseyside.
Employment: Recently left my role at Sony, potentially going back to college in September.
Highest form of education: Sports & Science in college.
Relationship Status: Single
Favourite Item: Although he hasn’t checked them in many years, he has a big box full of old wrestling figures. He collected these when he was a little boy. Marty would get them whenever he visited family in the states, along with all of the wrestling rings & backstage arena stuff.
Member since: 2012

Prior to our interview Marty had been a good sport and prepared his bio for me, saving me the hassle of having to do it on the day of the interview or during. After my debut interview with Cat I wanted to see what else I could add into this one, such as new questions and ways I could respond to answers. I did the first part of this interview on my phone via Skype. Not ever having much to do before with Baines on WF I was not as apprehensive or anxious, as I was with Cat, neither had he ever “negged” me on a “negging” spree. A member of the “KLIQ” who joined WF in 2012 with fewer than 5000 posts to his name he answers just as honestly as Cat did as well as showing another side to him rather than his WF alias. Please thank and show Marty respect for answering truthfully and being open with us all.

The link to the charity Marty supports is here: http://www.c-r-y.org.uk/

The Interview.

1. Congratulations on coming second place for an interview with me. As you know Cat came first in the poll, she also did not vote for anyone else, much like you. Why do you think you were voted for?

The main reason I was voted for was due to the KLIQ in the chatbox, I think. People like Anark took it upon himself to be my voice in the voting process and tell everyone to vote for me, which gained me enough votes to run Cat fairly close.

The KLIQ? Who does this clan consist of, many others and myself aren't premium as of yet so will not know. If it's secret keep it that way

The KLIQ seemed to originate from a group of members from the forum who play together on the PS3/PS4, so people like Skins, Dub, Brandon, SoupBro and several others who I hadn't had much if any interaction with on the forum, become closer from playing games together and started to talk to each other on the forum and mainly in the chatbox which then become a daily thing. Then you throw in the fitba posters who all get along, the chatbox is one big happy KLIQ at times.

Sounds pleasant enough, anyone ever gotten on the bad side of the KLIQ?

I wouldn't say so, no. Some people get some stick worse than others but we're all nice guys. Except 'H', he's an angry guy and I advise you don't upset him if you ever have to interview him.

"H"? Don't think I have ever come across him?

When he isn't busy jerking it to Triple H's cover on Men's Fitness, he posts under the alias of 'Helmsley'.

Never seen him, wonder why he is so angry?

2. I asked Cat this question in my first interview and it's one I want to keep for every interview, it gives you a chance to decide what you want to tell me. So please tell me what is the one thing about you I should know?

I guess it's kind of the cliché answer to give to a question like this, but, I'm not the serial 'negger' & mother abuser I might come across on the forum. My best friend passed away when we were 17 in 2009 due to a heart condition and several times a year myself, a few friends and his family try to raise money for a charity called CRY-UK, Cardiac Risk in the Young. Be it organizing 5-a-side football/soccer tournaments in the summer where Kevin Nolan has joined in and donated signed shirts to the family and for fund raising one year or during the Christmas period when their is an annual marathon/fun run in the city and we run it dressed as Santa.

Sorry for your loss.

That's brilliant; charities never get enough support especially from the young. I hope you continue this trend of goodwill.

3. Do you have any regrets?

I only really have one regret but in the long run, I think it was the best option not to pursue it at this moment in time. I was supposed to be moving to Florida for work on September 3rd 2013 but due to several issues that just snowballed, it made it really difficult to make the move. One of my dogs become ill and developed a tumor in his ear, the operation was stupidly expensive and heaped my mother into a ton of debt, which she was struggling to pay as it was. If I moved, I'd have been earning crap wages on the basis of basically moving away for 12 months so instead, I stayed at the job I had at the time where I was earning good money and could help pay off the debts. Eventually I would like to consider trying again in the future, hopefully moving away from here, that would remove the feeling of regret about the situation.

Well that was obviously out of yours and your mother’s control. How is the dog now and what is his name?

He's perfectly fine now, he's one ear down but he's better than ever. Unfortunately, his name is Rooney... We got him when Rooney still played for Everton

Great news, without the one ear has he changed at all?

Nah not at all, he's still his big dopey self. Ha-ha.

4. If you could meet anyone (living or dead) for the day, whom would you pick?

Such a tough question, as there are seriously dozens of names in my head right now. I'd probably have to go with Noel Gallagher, he genuinely is the coolest guy in the world and I can only hope that the coolness rubs off onto me and I become half as cool as he is. (Ideally it would be mid-90's Noel when he was living the rock & roll lifestyle, obviously)

Why do you think that Noel is the coolest guy in the world?

He's the kind of guy who every 20-something year old wants to grow up to be and every 40-year-old wishes he could have been. He lived the life a young guy can only wish to live and even now he's older he's cooler than I'll ever be. I'm not sure a “Manc” would want to spend the day with a “Scouser” but you can only dream, lel.

(Without me shitting on your hero)

I never grew up wanting to be him myself, I preferred Morrissey, a fine "Manc".

Thoughts on Morrissey?

My thoughts on Morrissey are that The La's > The Smith's

4. Are you proud of yourself?

Yeah, I'm proud of myself in the sense I haven't ever mugged anyone or ruined someone's life and what not. Lived a good life and tried to make the best of what I've been given so yeah, I'm proud of myself.


You sound very modest and humble, have you been told this before?

6.Your bio says you used to work at SONY, What was your role?

I was a Compatibility Tester for nearly 3 years and then I was a First Party Quality Assurance tester for 1 year. The first role consists of working on future updates coming out on the consoles whilst the second role was working on PlayStation only titles. (Incase they somehow read this, I cannot go into anymore detail i.e. stuff I worked on etc.)


Your bio states you may potentially be going back to college in September, any more info on this and what you may be studying?

I'm hoping to re-sit my GCSE's, before eventually taking my A-Levels and then go to uni. After leaving school, I took a Sports & Science course in college that turned out to be pretty much useless and then went straight to working for Sony. Figured this is the only time I really have to do it whilst I'm fairly young.

I know the feeling of having to retake GCSE's, awful. Good luck with them.

7. Give me a random piece of advice; infact make it for the whole of WF.

Don't cook bacon naked but eat bacon naked.

Does this rule apply to the vegetarians of WF?

Even more so. If you don't eat bacon on toast drenched in HP sauce, your life has been a lie.

8. Do you have an enemy or someone you really dislike?

I honestly don't really dislike anyone. I've learnt to not hold grudges lately and just brush stuff off, life can be hard enough without feeling anger towards other people and having that weighs you down. Being raised in Liverpool, you are pretty much expected to hate people from Manchester and vice versa but that really is something you tend to realize is incredibly stupid when you find out it ultimately comes down to football.

What stopped you from holding grudges?

Over the past few years, I haven't had the best relationship with my dad. I'd try to make the effort for him and give him chance after chance but he simply wasn't that interested so instead of getting left disappointed by him, I just cut him off and haven't spoken to him in nearly a year or so. I was full of hatred towards him but after cutting him off and accepting it, I've been able to move on and accept he has other priorities.

That's rough about your dad, it seems you're doing just as well on your own so keep at it.

Thanks! I'm feeling a lot better since.

9. Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die?

A few years ago in my late teens, I thought I was going to die in a puddle of booze surrounded by empty bottles. After not drinking for over a year, I'd say I'll die by the boredom by new cleaner life has brought me.

I’m a non-drinker myself, what was it that stopped you from drinking?

The quickest way to sum it up is that I'm a bit of a cunt when I drink. So many instances of me being a late teen and suddenly thinking I'm Mike Tyson and wanting to fight anyone who walks on the same path I'm walking on or anyone who'd bump into me when in a club/bar. Plus, I don't really need to drink to have a good night out. I'm still up for all of the fun I would be if I were wasted off half a dozen Jagerbombs.

10. Did this ever get you into any memorable fights you wish to expand on?

Not long after I started working with Sony, I found out my supervisor was in a band and was playing a gig in London and he asked me if I wanted to make the journey down on a coach with him, the band and their friends so I agree. So, we're on the coach down, I've brought on a 24 crate of Fosters and a few of us are working through them along with some shots, we eventually get to London and hit up some pubs and drinking even more, we get to venue, I drink some more whilst they perform and then we drink some more before we decide to make our way back to the coach but that's where it gets blurry as I don't remember leaving the bar and the next memory I have is raging on the coach trying to get to him on the other side whilst I have a couple of people trying to calm me down, I eventually pass out from all of the ale I drank that day and wake up with a sore right hand and a killer headache. Apparently he was taking coke during the gig and we just starting throwing a couple of punches outside of the coach before getting split up and taken onto the coach. That was just over 3 years ago and it still hasn't gotten any less blurry.

Don't be a lemon. It could of ended up being a lot worse, luckily for you the group broke it up.

You're only young once! I reckon I'd have had him though, even if he was about 15 years older than me.

11. What is the most funniest or most memorable thing you have ever been witness to on WF?

Wow, there have been dozens of memorable moments that have had me in tears. 'Was Perviz' wins for me I think. The rant thread on him was a genuine work of art and some of the pictures that got photo shopped had me rolling on the floor with laughter when some people started to talk about it in the chatbox a few days ago.

What happened?

Was Perviz joined the forum and basically spammed the forum to get views on his YouTube account without ever really putting across an opinion, it was basically just "I agree" x1000 posts. Basically it become too much and then a rant was made on him and everyone began to Photoshop him onto memes. The rant can be found here: http://www.wrestlingforum.com/rants/...ece-trash.html - it's a glorious read

Sounds it; I'll have to have a read of that later.

12. What has had the biggest impact on your life?

100% the passing of my friend. For a couple of years, it was the hardest thing I've ever gone through and I really struggled to get over it, I very rarely left my bedroom, let alone the house for months. I can look back at that time though and realize life is far too short to waste and you could be gone any day so you should make the most of it. Go to places that you'd never think of going with a trip abroad, take up hobbies you didn't think would interest you and always better yourself. It made me a far stronger person in such a short amount of time and I appreciate every little thing I have even more.

13. With that being said, what would you be doing in the last 15 minutes of your life?

You really do not ask the easy questions! Erm, if I had just 15 minutes left then my family would surround me. No other way to spend your last 15 minutes, surely.

I agree, I would hope I was doing the same.

14. Where does most of your money go? As well as what essentials do you have to buy?

First thing it goes on is bills, the joys of getting older. Then I'm generally looking on the Internet for any old rubbish to buy. If it looks good but I don't need it, you can bet your ass I've just put it in my online basket. A good portion goes on my nephew & niece though, I love to spoil others as much as buy junk I'll never use, like that acoustic guitar that has been sat in the corner of my bedroom for 6 months still not touched. Saving up for some tattoos and another vacation though for the time being so besides bills, not much else has been spent

Lol, I'm exactly the same. I waste most of my money on junk food though and my partner. Women are expensive.

15. The least useful talent you have?

The least useful talent I have is probably that I'm able to touch my nose with my toe.. I know, not the most exciting talent in the world haha.

16. You say in your bio that you're single, is there a reason why?

Yeah, I saw Cat's interview and noticed her relationship status. Hey Cat x

In all seriousness (if she doesn't accept), there is no reason behind it; I like my own company so it isn't something I feel the need to have to rush.

Nice shout out, what's happening Cat?

So is there anyone in your eyes at the moment or are you just getting through with everything else going on in your life?

I'm just enjoying what I'm doing now (assuming her answer is no). I enjoy not having my bank account rinsed out and i can spend it all on myself, get away whenever I want on my own and not worry about getting nagged at over little issues. Life is good right now, no need to rush into anything.

Reasonable way of looking at it

Ladies/Gents Marty is single and confirmed he has money.

17. Who would you choose to play you in a film about yourself?

Stephen Graham from Boardwalk Empire, he's the most famous actor from Liverpool off the top of my head so it'd be good to have a hometown lad play me in a movie, at least he'd get the accent right!

18. What would the film about you be called? Or an autobiography at that?

"Calm Down, Kidder, Calm Down - The Life & Times Of An Angry Northerner"

I like it!

19. What question do you hate to answer?

Definitely questions like this one! Also questions like what is your worst talent, I had to make sure I could actually do it and my back still hasn't recovered from it.


We are now coming to the final question of this interview, how do you feel as of now?

I'm feeling good, thanks! Sat here with this roasting laptop for the past few hours hasn't been the most pleasant of feelings but it was fun! I really enjoyed doing the interview but I am glad it's at the end.

20. Marty, why do you matter?

Ahahhh thought I had the perfect ending there!

Okay, now THIS is the kind of question I hate. I don't matter more than any other person; we're all here for a reason and bring different things to the table. I'm just trying to have as many laughs as I can and enjoy life all I can

You nearly did!

Many thanks Marty I appreciate the time you have taken out to do this interview. I also appreciate and applaud your honesty and openness regarding what we have discussed here.

From me and I am sure all at Wrestling Forum good luck with your retakes and the absolute best buddy.

Many thanks!

P.S, call me Cat x

Up next for an interview is Helmer, one interview I am dying to do. It was suggested to me that I allow some of the users here to ask questions to the interviewees, I agree. I want those of you who want to ask Helmer anything in my next interview to post the questions in this thread or PM them to me, I will then choose the best ones and ask him some towards the end of our interview.

If you have any tips on what i can do to improve this series please let me know!

Enjoy the read.

Read other interview from my series below.

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