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Re: The Wrestling Forum Interviews. Series 1: Catalanotto


Name: Jade.
Birthday: December 31st, 1983.
Birthplace: Buffalo, NY, USA
Employment: Land Rover (sucking dick).
Highest form of education: College (Animal Care).
Relationship Status: Single
Favourite Item: A Cabbage Patch Kid (She has had since she was born in 1983, named after her Grandpa only adds to it’s sentimental value)

A short while before our interview Cat was eating breakfast, Special K with raspberries and chocolate. A breakfast she soon regretted after the opportunity I gave her later on in the interview. She had just come back from walking her dog and picking up members of Wrestling Forum (Dog turds). This interview provides an insight into Cat as a person as well as the former: “Forum B!tch”. Cat is my first interview I have ever conducted and the one I was slightly wary of. Anybody who has ever been on the wrong side of Cat is aware of how intimidating /hostile she can be. Cats wit humor and no bullshit attitude make her one of Wrestling Forums most prolific and famous users. She joined Wrestling forum in July of 2006 and has surpassed over 9000 posts.

I will be honest; I was surprised to see such an open and distinctive side to Cat than I had pre determined in my head. I hope you all enjoy this inside look at Cat as a person outside of Wrestling Forum as well as in. Please bear in mind usual Wrestling Forum rules apply and please thank Cat as I have for being open and honest with us all.

The interview.

1. You where the first person to be voted in for an interview with me, why do you think that was?

Tits. Tits = ratings. That and maybe people thought they would get their dicks chopped off if they didn't vote for me.

2. What would you like to say to those who gave you their vote?

Hmm....probably thanks, but your thirsty selves are still going to have dry mouths.

3. Looking at the polls results, you voted for nobody at all, why?

I wasn't too sure who I really wanted to see get interviewed. I really do like a lot of the people who were on there, but, Rush wasn't on the list, and, I think he would have been a good interview, just not sure if his small eyes would be able to read the questions.

You also never even pleaded a case or reason to vote for you, why?

I didn't plead my case because I figured the people would do the talking. If people want to vote for me, they won’t need for me to plead a case, they would just do it if they really wanted to. I think if people need to plead for a vote, that is just trying to sway people to vote for you because you 'coaxed' them in to it, rather than they voted for you because they really did want to see/hear what you have to say.

4. Fair points made there. "Forum B!tch" being your 1st WF username, why? Was this one you have used before on other forums or did you become the name itself? By that I mean looking at your posts you have an honest and faintly hostile attitude, did the name add to this or are you always honest and straight forward despite others finding you hostile if not a "B!tch"?

That was my second name; I actually 'won' it in the annual forum awards. I think it was for most hated member or nastiest member, I can't remember, it was some time ago. Anyway, if you had won one of those awards, you got a name change. I think it was a mod that suggested that one. I thought it was funny and welcomed the name change. I can poke fun at myself, I do it often.

What was your first name then?

Catalanotto. I don't do name changes unless it is for the Christmas theme. Other than that, it is always Catalanotto.

5. Veering away from WF for now. What is the one unique thing you would like me and WF to know about you?

Good question.... I am not quite the person people think I am. I am blunt and honest, yes, but, I am not the “LOL CUNT” people like to assume I am (though we are veering away from WF, the depiction of me at the forum kind of ties in here).

I guess an example would be good.... I moved out of my apartment to live on my own (did not live with my parents, geeks). My brother's stag and doe is coming up this weekend, and, I just didn't have the time with moving and spending weekends unpacking and such to get people together to pay for tickets to the event. I decided to put in my own money for it and let my friends know I paid for their tickets to go. I don't ask for anything in return, I just did it because I didn't want to disappoint my brother and I know my friends would want to pay for it, but, I don't know, I just like to buy things for people and I honestly don't expect, or want, anything in return.
That is awfully kind of you; people are known to take advantage of such kind acts so my next question is;

6. Has this form of kindheartedness ever gotten you in any trouble?

Depends on what your definition of trouble is in this case. A lot of my honesty and bluntness has risen from having people take advantage of my kindness. I don't know how people can do that, guess you have to have no conscience at all, but, anyway, it does force me to put up a bit of a wall because of shady people. Being taken advantage of when you are trying to be a good person sucks ass, so, I would consider that a form of trouble, I suppose. Uninvited assholeness, and, it can make a person have to throw up those unnecessary barriers and possibly become a dick of a person, eventually, when it comes to not being able to trust people, or, it can make someone hate life and want to do dumb shit to themselves.

7. Now this question will seem clichéd, Last thing you ate?

I had Special K with raspberries and chocolate. I knew they had it with raspberries, but I have no idea when they added thin slices of chocolate. It was delicious

8. I am now going to give you the opportunity to invite whichever four people dead or alive to have dinner at yours this evening. Who would you pick?

Hugh Jackman, Jimmy Page, Sean Connery and Bettie Page.

9. Question 7 will make sense now. How are they going to react now you have given them Special K with raspberries and chocolate for dinner?

Hahahaha, probably throw it in my face and never come over for dinner ever again.

What an awful dinner party, Special K for such guests, what an outrage.

10. Who was your childhood hero? Has this person changed, as you have matured?

My hero has always been Batman. Never changed, never will. I think what stands out most for me about him is that he isn't like most other heroes, he relies more on skills and smarts to get things done. I like that kind of thing, where characters don't have 'special advantages' to get them by. He does all this shit without having to shoot lasers out of his eyes.

11. Do you have a beloved TV program that you can certainly not miss

Wrestling is the only program I like that still runs. My other favorites are no longer aired Cartoons, it was Sailor Moon. Shows, it was NYPD Blue. I think I might try to get in to Orange is the New Black. I saw a bit of it the other day and it looked interesting and funny.

Sailor Moon is making a comeback, though, starting today, so, I guess it really could be added as my answer, anyway.

Who would of thought wrestling would be a user on WF's pick, aha.

12. Who is the wrestler you feel you feel you can relate most too? This can be via their character on or off screen?

In all honesty, probably Lita (minus the whoring). She loves animals, definitely my top love in life (not sexually, for those sick people at WF), and I find her personality is similar. She likes to throw in jokes and isn't a shy person. She stands out and is different. At the time she was wrestling, I don't remember too many chicks like her. People find me to be different because of the things I like.

I expected Piper or Punk to be listed as the one you relate to most, like them you're a very outspoken and often intimidating WF user.

I figured people would assume Piper, at least, lol. I think we have stuff in common as well, but, he has more creativity than I do, lol, my only 'special talents' are being 'different' and drawing, lol.

Lita stood out more to be because we had more in common, right down to hair color, at one point (hair color was chosen because of Jessica Rabbit, not Lita).

13. What would your life be like without wrestling in it? Do you believe you would have become a different person?

I don't think too much would be different about me. Good question, it is a bit hard to answer because I don't know what life without wrestling is. Sounds gay, but, wrestling was a huge part of my childhood. I still watch it regularly, but, it's not as much in my life on the regular like it was because it's turned mostly to shit. I will still always watch it, but, it just wont be the same as it was. I cared about it a lot more back then. I think I would still basically be the same person, though.

For me wrestling gave me confidence in myself as a person.

Were you always as confident as you present yourself or would you credit it and it's famous characters for this? Or was there an event that boosted yours?

I was absolutely not confident as all as I kid. I always thought I could never be better at anything. My self esteem was garbage, I did nothing but point out all the negative things about myself, and, without even trying, I just always assumed that I would never be able to be better at anything I did. I think a lot of that came from my brother-playing hockey as a kid.

I had an accident when I was 8 years old, so, I have bad knees. He was the baby of the family (I have 2 brothers, no sisters), so, my mom especially always gave him that extra attention. Anyway, he was a great goalie, and, a lot of weekend time was spent with bringing him to his games and practices and it was all about him. I couldn't join any sports because of my knees; so, I was basically useless, lol.

My confidence actually came from a guy at my old job. I used to dress like I felt, which was like garbage. I wore baggy clothes in dark colors. He told me one day I should try to 'get clothes that fit', lol, and wear colors, I would be surprised at how people would look at me different. They did, and, my confidence started on the rise from there.

So this one guy out of the blue influenced you the most, what was it about it him? Did you only ever see him once?

He was a fellow co-worker. I had recently just started the job at the time; he was one of the first people I worked with and become friends with.

Still see him today?

Nope, I don't work there anymore, and, we weren't really 'tight' as friends. I saw him once after that, I had gone back to visit a few friends there, and we said hey, how's it going, chatted for a bit and that was about it. Not really a friend to hang on to forever type of thing, he was a bit of an assclown, lol. He was always fine with me, but, he would play a lot of girls at that job, it was pathetic, on top of the fact that he looked like his face was hit by a truck multiple times, so, not sure what the girls saw in him, lol.

Was he ever aware of how influential he was to you as a person?

He never knew the influence he had, though, never even thought of telling him, it just happened and I didn't think twice about it.

14. Are you happy?

I am! I wasn't so much before, which is why I now live in my own place. Not totally alone, I have pets to keep me company, and, my friends live next door, but, in general, yes, much more happy than I was.

So you could say you have found what you want in life? Or is there something missing?

Well, the relationship part is not here, but I actually don't mind that at all, at least at the moment. There are times when I see my friends that have significant others and how they act, it kind of makes you want it, but, then, there are times when you just embrace the time you have by yourself and realize the amount of freedom you have. I don't have to cater to anyone, I can decorate however I want, I can come and go as I please, I don't have to worry about anyone, it's comforting at times. My relationship was a 10-year one, first and only one I have had, and the break up was not bad at all, it was just pointless because it ended up not even being a relationship. We worked two different shifts, which was not the case in the beginning, so, basically, the relationship was Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Not much of a relationship, really. We are still best friends and he comes to visit the pets and me on Saturdays, though.

That's a very long time together, so it was a mutual breakup?

It was mutual.

We are both intelligent adults that knew what was best. It wasn't really hard to end it, though, because the time spend apart was really great enough that it took a lot of 'connection' out of the relationship. We had different interests, anyway. Not that we didn't make it work, for the most part, anyway.

What led the both of you to be attracted to each other?

He only liked wrestling back in the day, while I still continued to watch it, but, he would choose to go with me to wrestling events and we had fun. The attraction for me was that he was funny, and I really like funny people. He's cool and he is kind. I think for him was that he had fresh meat lololololol

Fresh meat… What’s that?

I am younger than he is by 12 years. I honestly couldn't way what the real attraction was for him, though. I was joking about the fresh meat, though; it could have been a part of it, lololololol. Despite the age difference, he didn't act his age.... at all. That could have been part of the attraction because neither do I, hahaha


14. Do you prefer older men then....? Al Pacino/ Hugh Jackman...?

I do, and, it comes from just knowing a lot of really immature young guys. I am all for immaturity, like my ex, but the difference was that he was not immature all the time. It wasn't a 'lifestyle' for him, and, it isn't one for me, either. There are times for immaturity and there are times where you put that card away. I also have the idea in my head that older guys have already played the field, got their kicks, and, wont have the urge to wander. That gives me a sense of security. It's not to say that older guys wont ever fuck around, anyone at any age could do that, and it’s just something that sticks in my mind when it comes to older guys. I guess it can be a false sense of security at that. I don't fear a lot of things in life, but betrayal like that has always been one of them. My ex never cheated on me, but, even though I have a lot more confidence and self esteem than I did as a young person, there is still a fragment of insecurity when it comes to that topic.

It isn't fair to have that general notion that ALL younger guys are immature, it's just that experiences can do that to you and make your mind generalize.

I can agree with you there I often place younger people into categories within my head, not giving them the chance I probably should.

Do you often generalize?

Not so much. I mean, yeah, there are a few things I generalize in. I know it isn't the right thing to do, but, like I said, experiences can just do that to a person. If you hang around a bunch of girls who dress and act like attention whores, you are probably going to think all girls who dress a certain way are just being attention whores. I do, however, try my best to stay away from doing it, though. Just a few things I get stuck on, lol.

Moving on and away from whores.

16. How do you think you will die?

No doubt about it, heart attack.


That place will be the death of me.

I've never had the pleasure, what would you recommend for a vegetarian there? I love Mountain Dew for a start and I believe they sell it there?

Hmm, I don't think they even have anything there for a vegetarian! Even their salads have meat in them. Unless they have added things to the menu, I don't think you could ever go to Wendy's, lol. I always get the same meal each time, so, I don't really look at the other items on the menu much.

That ruins the place for me then, whattawaste.

Why the routine with no variation?

I have a somewhat sensitive stomach, so, I tend to stick to meals that I trust wont bother me. I mean, it is not sensitive to the point where I always have to east the same thing or else I get sick, not serious like that, I just get comfortable with meals and eat them because I know they are 'safe'. My stomach is not THAT bad, but one bad experience can put a real damper on my food intake. I have switched it up before; I just normally get the same meal.

Dare I ask your most embarrassing moment then? Would it be linked to your stomach?

haha, no embarrassing stomach stories.

That’s a relief.

Probably the most embarrassing thing I did was mass email the entire company by accident because I forgot to take out the email that sends it to everyone. I am talking EVERYONE. There was a contest in sales, had nothing to do with the department I was in, but, they were being stupid and kept having MSN-like conversation via email and adding 'Canada All' to the recipients, which means everyone in the country working for the company gets that email. Anyway, since it didn't have anything to do with us, the security guards first sent an email asking them to remove them from the list. They kept sending mass emails and it was filling up my inbox. I needed to keep my inbox free for actual WORK emails for me to do, so, I sent an email asking for them to not include me on the list because it was flooding my email and preventing me from easily finding emails addressed to me for work reasons. Well, I forgot to take out Canada All to just send it to the main guy privately, so, everyone got the email. My boss was not too happy, though, most people praised what I did <.<

Did anything else come from it?

Just a lot of walking around with my head down, lol. This was where my ex also worked and he was a position higher than I was. He does not like either of us to be the subject of discussion around the building <.<

That’s rough.

Moving back to the topic of death, sorry.

17. You are now aware of when you will die, not how. It can be anytime you choose, tonight, a few years or many. At 12:00 AM on that day, you die. What are you doing at 11:45 PM?

Probably watching porn.

Anything special?

Batman and Catwoman, lololololol
Well, there was one on a site filed under 'funny' that had a still of a girl and a clown. I'd probably be intrigued enough on that day to watch that one.

So, yeah, scary clown porn.

You sure know how to die.

18. Let me flip the table here, rather than you dying, you are going to be the cause of somebody's death. Could I persuade you to kill?

I have rage, but I still would never kill a person. Even if that person did something absolutely awful, regardless of it being family of not, I just don't think I could live with the fact that I took a life. I don't believe in God, but I also don't believe in me having the right to just kill someone. If it goes through the courts and they are punished by death, that is different, that isn't me physically doing it, but, to actually do it, I don't think I could just choose to do it. By accident, maybe, but, on purpose, not sure if I would even attempt it. I would also feel bad if someone killed himself or herself because of something I said or did. I think someone who chooses to do that is a total idiot, but the guilt would still be there.

So you would not? Regardless of having whatever it is you desired?

I don't think I would. It's hard to say without being in the position, though. I can get pretty angry, but, unless I am actually in the situation itself, it's hard to say if I would actually do it. Having whatever I wanted is never an invite for me. I would rather be a good person and do what I think it right than have things offered to me. I think it's more important to make decision based on what you really believe if the right choice, rather than doing something because you will get some kind of reward.

It's not a reward, a payment if you like.

Reward, payment, it is still an invite meant to make me do something that I may not do if I didn't expect something for it.

19. Up till now Monday 19th May 2014 what is your most proud achievement.

Proudest achievement would honestly just be becoming the person I am. Never thought I would be able to distance myself from the person I was. I didn't care about myself much, I had a negative outlook on just about everything, I was very shy, it was just not the kind of person anyone wants to be. You shelter yourself from the world and miss out on a lot of great things. I went to parties in high school with my friends, went to bars with friends, stuff like that, but, I choose to do those things very rarely because I just didn't like myself and would have rather hid from the world than go out and enjoy it. I do those things regularly now (the time period I am referring to was over 10 years ago), but, I do wish I could have been the person I am now back in school.

I always had a very small group of friends because I chose to. I would have rather been the popular person I am now (not to gloat, just saying) at that time in school as well, rather than being the shy, quiet person who had such awful self esteem that I shut out a lot of things.

20. Seeing as you have had struggles with self-esteem and becoming who you are today, what would you say to everyone else out there who may be experiencing the same troubles or issues?

This is going to sound cheesy as fuck, but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. It can feel like you are trapped in that frame of mind forever, but you can't always rely on other people to grab your hand and lead you out of it. It takes commitment to do it and you have to decide on your own that you don't want to live like that anymore because it is just damaging to you. It gets you nowhere good/ fast, and it is generally a bad opinion to have of yourself. If you want to change, you have to do it yourself, it wont just do it on it's own. Your motivation should be thinking about the person you will become afterwards. You will be much happier and happiness is what people are looking for in that situation, so, makes no sense to just hang on to the negativity if it's making you unhappy. It's basically what happened in my relationship. We got along great, but that time spent apart was putting a real dent in things. We held on to the positive parts of it and didn't sit back and thing rationally for a long time about the negative part of it. Even though it was one negative thing, it was one of the biggest elements of making a relationship. You can't have a relationship with someone you hardly see. Rational thoughts, logic, you have to be smart about things.

Thank you for writing that up, I hope that helps whoever may be in need.

21. You mentioned to me earlier you have an interest in art; your highest form of education is to do with animal care. So why do you work for Land Rover? What has stopped you from pursuing those two interests?

I couldn't continue with animal care because I love animals so much that I honestly can't even cope with being in the same room as a hurt, sick or dying animal. Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a vet. I used to have a plastic doctor set from Halloween and would pretend to be a vet checking on my dogs. To be a vet, you have to go to Uni. Well, in school, I was your typical dumbass who only cared about hanging with friends at the mall and their houses instead of going to class. I didn't think about my future. Big mistake, but, when you are a teen, you just don't always care, or think, about it, you just want to have fun instead of going to school, so, my next choice was college for animal care. I loved it, it was so interesting and was great to be studying for a career involving animals, but, I knew going in that my biggest hurdle would be getting over my sensitivity. I could save a billion animals, but that one that had to die would bother me forever. Anything with animals makes me cry easily. Not much makes me cry at all. When it comes to art, I do like to draw, but I just get tired of doing it, so, it wasn't something I wanted to go for as a career. As for working for Land Rover, it was the only job available at the time.

You’re very compassionate, as a student nurse with five years experience prior I can relate to having that one patient/animal pass. It’s a tough hurdle to overcome.

Are you going to be looking for another job anytime soon? Or will you stay with Land Rover?

I would love to get another job, my job sucks, lol. The problem is, jobs are not easy to come by, and, the ones that are available are things that I either don't want or are not qualified for because I don't have the experience. Jobs that ask for experience are usually the killer.

I'd like to hear that you find another job soon. (Stay in school kids and knuckle down.)

22. I've kept you for quite a long time here, how hot is the seat I have placed you on?

It's so hot I’m naked.

Don't mind the time frame, though; it's a very interesting interview. I like how you stray mostly away from WF related things and are more interested in finding out about the person away from the forum. That's a great approach, not entirely how I thought things would go.

The idea is to really know more behind the user and find common interests rather than wrestling. It also gives people a chance to shine and show off their true self’s rather than what is portrayed on Wrestling Forum.

23. To sum it all up describe for me what your perfect day would be?

I always think about this a lot and find it pretty hard to come up with a suitable answer. I like a lot of simple things, so, I wouldn’t go out of my way to think of something really far out there to make my day perfect. Sitting at home with friends and family while playing games, watching wrestling, and having a BBQ would be an awesome day for me. Probably sounds lame to others, but, I would really like that a lot. I have VERY few family here, so, I hardly get to see any of them. It would be amazing to have them all here with me, even if it were for a few hours. A day without worry alone would be perfect enough, even.

Sounds very relaxing, pleased to see you take solace and comfort in the small things.

Any plans for tomorrow (Tuesday 20th May 2014)?

I unfortunately have to work, so, nothing much other than that.


Thanks very much Cat, you have been fantastic and have truly given other users a real insight into yourself what you're passionate about and been brave enough to lay it all out their on the table.

All the best!

Thanks, it was a really fun interview, I enjoyed it a lot.

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