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RAW 26th April 2004

****Note****: Due to a lack of time, RAW is going to be a much shorter version this week, next week normal service will resume.

RAW: 26/04/04: San Diego:
Raw Video
We are welcomed by JR and King. They preview tonight’s show.

Taker comes to ring. Says tonight Kane will rest in peace. HBK. He says he didn’t enjoy being choke slammed last week, but will let it slide for tonight. Kane. All 3 three showdown. Foley. He orders all three to leave the ring.


1st Match: 6 Man Tag:
Booker T, Goldust, and Matt Hardy vs. Cade, Jindrak and Rhyno
Outcome: The Brotherhood help Booker to victory. He looks at them angrily afterwards.

Edge, Christian and Trish tell Foley that due to Y2J not being here, the I.C Title match will not be going ahead. Foley disagrees. He says that Y2J wont be competing but Maven will, for the I.C title.
Booker walks backstage talking to Goldust. He talks about being pissed off at the Brotherhood.


2nd Match: Hardcore Championship Match:
Matt Morgan vs. Spike Dudley
Outcome: Morgan squashes Spike within minutes.

HBK interview. He says tonight he will take no crap from Taker or Kane.
Evolution go to ring minus Orton. HHH talks about being outraged with Orton after last week. He says after seven days he has had time to think, and he has realised that had he been in Randy’s position he would have done the same. He then tells Orton wherever he may be that he is forgiven, but next time the game is gonna kick his ass.
Test and Steiner flip a coin to decide who will face Sting.
Orton arrives


3rd Match: IC Championship Match:
Christian vs. Maven
Outcome: Christian retains via interference. Afterwards they line up a conchairto, but Y2J hits the ring and hits E&C with a chair of his own.

Flair brings Orton into the Evolution locker room. HHH squares up to him, but after a few words they shake hands but there is definite tension between the two men.
Foley interview. He says that next week will be a special edition of RAW as he will present RAW ROULETTE live from New Orleans.

4th Match:
Test/Steiner vs. Sting
Outcome: Sting waits in the ring for whichever of Test or Steiner he faces. Neither show. Both attack him from behind. No contest.


Terri interviews Test and Steiner. They talk about making good on their promise to make sure Sting doesn’t succeed in the WWE.
Evolution are seen making their way through the backstage area.

5th Match: 8 Man Tag:
Evolution vs. Chuck Palumbo & Sean O’ Haire & Dudley Boyz
Outcome: Orton hits an RKO on Bubba but HHH pulls Orton out of the ring. He steals the pin and celebrates the win. Orton then argues with HHH over what he just done. They begin to fight, but Flair quickly breaks it up and lays down the law to both men and tells them to shake hands. They both do so reluctantly.

Brotherhood interview. Coach asks why they are helping Booker. Booker interrupts. He tells Teddy to leave him alone as he does not want his help.

6th Match:
Lita & Jacqueline vs. Ivory & Molly
Outcome: Molly cheats and pins the champion Lita for victory. She claims afterwards that by right she should get a title shot.


Main Event:
Undertaker vs. Kane
(With Special Guest Referee; ‘HBK’ Shawn Michaels)
Outcome: After a brutal slugfest, the two men are both drained, they nail a clothesline on each other, and both go down. HBK issues a count. At seven both men sit up. They get to their feet and Taker takes control. He goozles Kane, but in desperation Kane nails a low blow. HBK looks set to call for the bell when Kane then grabs him for a choke slam. HBK fights out and goes for Sweet Chin Music. He connects and then celebrates around the ring. Meanwhile, Taker is back on his feet and takes Michaels by surprise with a tombstone. He pulls up Kane and looks set to choke slam him. Then an eerie music plays into the arena as the lights turn to a pale purple, a figure then appears on the stage…..Paul Bearer!!! He makes a signal to the ring, Taker lets go of Kane and they nod at each other. They then stalk HBK as he gets to his feet. They hit a double choke slam on Michaels and then another to the outside. Bearer gets into the ring and the three stand tall as RAW goes off the air.

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