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You would like someone to dispute you? Fine I will.

Mother Teresa lived her life in a vow of poverty and spent nearly every waking moment trying in some way to help people. This is different then stoning women and hiding in caves.

Ghandi began as a successful lawyer, but later changed on what he did. He was never perceived as stupid. Even people who opposed him referred to him as terribly shrewd and justifably upset. He said things and simply stood by his statements and in many cases proving his point.

Nelson Mandela was not stupid when he was fighting against an unjust system of aparteid. I use the word not in underline because he is now, stupid. He was not stupd, err, when he matttered. lol

Gaillileo. Well, here you have a point. It's about as small as your penis, but a point nonetheless. Yes, he was called stupid. Not by rational scientists who actually understoond something new he discovered. No, he was considered stupid by the ever so smart elitists of his culture who were absolutely sure the earth was flat with absolutely no proof. The people included stupid scientists, or better yet, incorrect scientists.

Osama bin Laden is a murderous despot who's ideal world is a worldwide Islamic, theocratic totalitarian state. He wants a place where only his will is forced upon other people and they do not have the freedom to choose their own beliefs. If they dissent, they would be killed. He does not fight for freedom, he fights for totalitarianism.

Now that I have made a serious and a decent post, (:P Rajah) I have a few questions for you.

1) Define in your terms the injustices America has either commited, is committing, or will commit against the world?

2) What is your definition for freedom? Throwing a rock in a women's face for showing it?

3) Exactly when did Mother Teresa become a great guy? Did she has an operaton the western world was never notified of?
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