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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

Sioux Falls Arena
Sioux Falls; South Dakota

*Opening Video*


JR: Welcome to Sioux Falls for Monday Night RAW ladies and gentlemen! And tonight, a massive main event takes place as WWE Champion Triple H defends his title against Vince McMahon! Vince signed this match to be a title match on WWE.com over the weekend and added a No DQ stipulation to the match, which makes me wonder King if he's got something up his sleeve?

King: Of course he does JR, this is Vince McMahon we're talking about! Not you're average run of the mill, johnny come lately!

JR: I've just got this gut feeling something's going to happen. Onto other things folks, Lita faces Mickie James in a number one contender's match for Trish Stratus' Women's title. Also, the Hardcore title is back on RAW after Rhino made a huge appearance on SmackDown! by Goring Hardcore Holly through a table and pinning him to take the title back! We will see Rhino defend the title against Raven in the match that will end their ongoing battle tonight.

*My Time is Now* hits and the crowd boos loudly as John Cena makes his way out teasing with the fans, then grabbing a mic and rolling into the ring

Cena: Yo yo yo yo!

Crowd boos

Cena: Damn that's a reception! Any Chaing Gang Soldiers up in here?

Crowd boos again as Cena makes a "fair enough" motion

Cena: Aw come on, I know you can do better than that Sioux Falls!

Crowd boos even louder and a *You Suck* chant starts, which seems to spur Cena on

Cena: That's not the kinda love you should be showing the man who made Stone Cold Steve Austin pass out at Summerslam! I cut the head off the Rattlesnake and let it bleed to death. And last week, I think I made it clear that I wanted to know why John Cena wasn't getting time on RAW. Why I was booked with Maven? I did away with him quicker than Viscera does away with the buffet! John Cena wanted answers, but all he got was a big, silent screw you! Then, I did something I regret having to do to get some attention. I FU'd Maria...

Crowd boos Cena

Cena: Hey don't worry, none of her eye candy was damaged. She'll be fine to pose in all those bikini's again in no time. She just got in my way when it wasn't needed. And in the end, the best I got was a big, red, 320 pound freak come out! That's not what I wanted. John Cena wants competition, and if Kane hadn't come out, I may have gotten an answer! But Kane, coming out when you did was the biggest mistake you've ever made. Yes, bigger than playing with fire, you wanna get in my way? Then you better get ready for the fight of your life. John Cena backs down from no one! I don't care if you have a mask back now, we all know how ugly you are anyway! We've seen that mug for 3 years and nothing can dispose the image of you from those frightened little kids minds!

More boos from the crowd

Cena: Kane, I've faced some of the biggest and baddest guys to grace this ring! Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Triple H, Edge, Stone Cold, Big Show, JBL, you name them, I've had no problems throwing down with them. I ain't afraid of no man, no freak, no whatever you may be.

Cena pauses before continuing

Cena: I back down from no fight, and Kane you wanna get involved in what doesn't concern you? Fine. But you've just made me even hungrier and I guarantee you I want a piece of you big man. So, if you're feeling like you did last week, why don't you get down here and throw down homie?

*Slow Chemical* hits and the crowd erupts with a big pop as Kane heads to the ring, with Cena ready to get into a fight. Kane steps over the top rope and goes face to face with Cena, and Cena looks like he's gonna throw the first punch, but stops and gives Kane a "You Can't See Me" taunt and kicks Kane in the groin! Cena now powers Kane up onto his shoulders and plants him with an FU!

Cena raises the Word Life sign and the crowd boos him immensely, Cena picks his mic back up and stands over Kane

Cena: Kane, you gotta have all angles covered homie. I tell ya what though, hows about at Unforgiven, I give you another beating, but this time in a proper match? Whadda ya say? O wait, my bad, you can't answer right now coz you got knocked the F out!

Cena drops the mic and *My Time is Now* hits again and Cena heads up the ramp with Kane coming to in the ring as we go to a break


JR: Welcome back to RAW folks, and just before the break we saw John Cena lay out Kane with an FU and issue a challenge to a match at Bad Blood!

King: Cena has gone through a transition JR, he's taking crap from no one and is doing what he sees fit, and he sees fit in beating Kane!

JR: I dunno if Cena will be able to dominate his match with Kane like he did for the most part of his match with Austin. If Kane accepts that will be a true war inside the ring!

*Mickie Time* hits and the crowd gives a light pop for Mickie James, as she is supposedly heel, yet because she is facing Lita, most of the crowd seem to be behind her. Mickie actually plays to the crowd, maybe hinting towards a face turn and then rolls into the ring

*It Just Feels Right* plays and the crowd erupts into boos as Lita makes her way out with her husband Edge by her side. Lita gets in the ring and tries to get nosy at Mickie, who responds by socking Lita with a right hand, taking her down as the match begins

Match 1
No. 1 Contender's Match for Women's Title
Singles Match
Mickie James vs Lita w/Edge

Enjoyable womens matchup with both good in ring workers putting on a good match to kick things off tonight.
Mickie started the brighter but with Edge on the outside pulling as many disctractions as he could, is wasn't too long before Lita took over.

Going into the break Lita was all over Mickie but couldn't put her away, and as we return we see the crowd willing Mickie back into the match as she takes Lita down with a clothesline and begins taking the fight to the Fiery Redhead.
Edge gets on the apron, trying to slow Mickie down but Mickie nails a dropkick to Edge, knocking him off the apron! Lita however uses this to her advantage and rolls up MJ and putting her feet all over the ropes to score the win!

Winner @ 8:53 - Lita
Earns Women's Title Shot

Lita smiles and has her hand raised by the ref while Mickie holds her head, frustrated that she was cheapened out of the match

Edge gets into the ring and kisses Lita, then turns to Mickie and glares at her with an evil look, before SPEARING MICKIE JAMES DOWN TO THE MAT!

The crowd boos immensely as Edge yells at Mickie never to touch him again and Edge & Lita head up the ramp with the ref attending to Mickie who is out

JR: That no good SOB Edge just Speared a Woman! As if attacking The Rock last week and bloodying the People's Champion wasn't enough, he just helped Lita get a Womens title shot at Trish Stratus and he Speared Mickie James! I know I haven't been the biggest Mickie fan recently but that was just uncalled for!

King: Edge had every right to do it JR! Mickie provoked him!

JR: She was taking him out of a match he shouldn't have even gotten involved in! Edge is a sick human being!

We are taken backstage now and The Coach is standing by

Coach: I am here with the World Tag Team Champions, Cade & Jindrak.

Crowd boos as C&J walk into view

Coach: Cade my man, last week you stood tall after victory over the Headbangers in a specially booked match by Mick Foley, and you said that you were the greatest tag team on RAW and that you'd gone through everyone, only to have the Dudleyz show up. What are your thoughts?

Cade: My thoughts Coach? My thoughts are this. Dudleyz, you wanna shot at these titles? That's fine, we don't back from anyone! We've beaten every other team thrown in front of us. Goldust/Eugene, beaten. Maven/Val Venis, beaten. La Resistance, beaten. The Johnnies, beaten. The Headbangers, beaten. America's Most Wanted, beaten. The New Age Outlaws, beaten. No team can beat us, and if you want to be added to the list, then we've got no problem with that. You're gonna find out what every other team that has faced us has found out. And that is...

Jindrak: You can't top Perfection!

Cade & Jindrak walk off as we switch to another area backstage where Trish Stratus is talking with Gail Kim when Lita & Edge approach her

Lita: Hey Trish!

Lita turns to Gail Kim

Lita: Buzz off honey...

Gail looks offended by the comment and looks like she might do something, but then Edge steps in front of her

Edge: You heard the lady, scram!

Gail thinks better of it, and walks off

Trish: What do you want?

Lita: Well gee Trish, what do I want? I'll give you a hint, it's round, it's gold and you have it right there, strapped over your shoulder. I'm pretty sure you heard I just beat that wacko Mickie James.

Trish: Yeah I heard you had to put your feet all over the ropes when you rolled her up, and then I heard what happened after the match.

Trish looks at Edge and shakes her head

Lita: I was just coming by to tell you honey, you've got exactly one week before I take that belt off you, so do me a favour and shine it up for me so it saves me doing it when I take it from you. I'll see you next week Trish.

Lita smiles and gets up close to Trish, then walks off with Edge as Trish shakes her head at them, then looks to be thinking of something as we go to a break


We come back and find Goldust & Eugene in the ring as *Real Men Wear Skirts* and the Sioux Falls crowd erupts with a big pop as the Headbangers head to the ring! The crowd is on their feet, though some seem surprised to see the Headbangers on RAW for a second week in a row

King: O good God not again!

JR: The Headbangers are here again folks! We're getting ready for what should be a wild, first time ever 12 Man Tag Match! 6 vs 6, it's never been done on Monday Night RAW before tonight folks!

*Drop Da Bombshells* hits and the crowd comes alive again as Bubba Ray & Dvon head to the ring slapping hands with the fans at ringside, then getting into the ring and meeting up with their partners

King: It's the preverbial odd squad JR! A slow minded man, a guy who dresses in gold, two brothers from different mothers and two guys who got lost on the way to the Marylin Manson conert!

JR: Odd Squad maybe, but three very different and capable tag teams it has to be said, especially the Dudleyz, who have made it clear they want Cade & Jindrak's tag titles!

*Johnnies* plays to light heat as Johnny Parisi & Johnny Jeter make their way out on stage taunting the crowd and acting like a bunch of idiots as always, before laughing at their opposition in the ring

*Final Force* hits and the boos get louder as Rene Dupree & Rob Conway come out on stage waving the French & Quebecan flags high

Finally *Reflection of Perfection* hits to the biggest heat of the heel teams as Cade & Jindrak make their way out, looking at their opposition and can't help but laugh and smile to each other before hopping into the ring and joining their partners for tonight

Match 2
12 Man Tag Match
Dudley Boyz, Headbangers & Goldust/Eugene
Cade & Jindrak, La Resistance & The Johnnies

Very unorthodox and catastrophicly entertaining matchup which sees an all our brawl spark between the teams as the bell is rung with the Dudleyz jumping Cade & Jindrak, as the Headbangers go for the Johnnies and Goldust/Eugene for after La Resistance.
Finally the referee Chad Patton calms the match down and Bubba takes it to Cade and then to the tagged in Johnny Parisi.
Bubba tags in Thrasher and the two hit a double snap jab combo to Cade & Parisi, and then finish it off with a double bionic elbow smash which the crowd loves.
Thrasher tags in Eugene and Eugene comes in doing his regular antics by mimmicking the Junkyard Dog before he is tripped "accidentally" by Dupree on the apron.

This finally allows Parisi to tag in Jindrak and the isolation on Eugene begins, with all six men on the heel team getting time to work on Eugene for a minute or so each. It ends with Johnny Jeter going for a right hand, but Eugene "Hulks Up" to a fair reaction from the fans and tags in Goldust who cleans house until he is overrun, which brings in the faces and another all out brawl spills out to ringside. Goldust nails the Golden Globes on Jeter and tags in Dvon.
Goldust scoop slams Jeter down and Dvon comes off the top with a Wazzup Headbutt!
Dvon gets up but is wiped out by a left hook from Jindrak, who is then drilled with a Bubba Bomb!
Bubba is then hit with the Bonsoir by La Resistance, but then the Headbangers clothesline Dupree & Conway to the outside, with the momentum taking the Headbangers out too!

Eugene hits a Eugene Stunner to Parisi, but then Cade dumps Eugene out to the floor, and tags in from a dazed Jeter and grabs a distracted Dvon, who is knocking Dupree off the apron, Cade pulls Dvon into the Sensational Slice! Cade covers as the Headbangers try to get in to save the match but are held back by Conway & Jindrak and Cade picks up the victory over Dvon!

Winners @ 10:32 - Cade & Jindrak, La Resistance & The Johnnies

Cade rolls out of the ring joining his partner Jindrak as they grab their titles and scurry up the ramp with the Johnnies & La Resistance and the six heels celebrate their win as the face team stand in the ring telling them to come for some more, as Bubba is checking on his partner Dvon

JR: What a match King! I have never seen such pandamonium in a tag match like the one we've just witnessed!

King: One of the best matches I've seen on RAW this year JR, and one of the most entertaining ones ever, which is sweetened ever further by the fact that our champions got one over the Du..Du..Dudsy Boyz!

JR: You mean Dudley Boyz?

King: Yeah, I must've come down with Bubba's stutter and Dvon's spelling skills both at once!

JR: Well I can tell you the tag division on RAW is hot at the moment folks with these six teams and you can bet that the Dudleyz will want to rectify their dissapointment here tonight!

Backstage now and Monty Brown is walking around not looking too happy. He bumps into Carlito, and Carlito tries to walk away, but Brown steps in his way

Brown: You gotta problem?

Carlito: Naw man it's cool.

Carlito goes to walk past Monty, but Brown again moves in his way

Brown: No, it ain't "cool" afroman. You just bumped into me.

Carlito: Hey man it was an accident, I didn't see you coming...

Brown: O so now I'm not important enough to be recognised by guys who can't even get a match on RAW?

Carlito: Look I don't know what you talkin' about, you aren't wrestling tonight either and Carlito doesn't want to start any trouble.

Brown: So you wanna get smart with me now? You think you're smarter than me, funnier than me, more important than me, "cooler" than me?

Carlito: Well...yeah...

Crowd laughs

Brown: We'll see about that.

Brown walks off with Carlito looking confused as we cut back to ringside

*Just Close Your Eyes* hits to a huge mix of boos and cheers as Christian heads out with Tomko, going through his usual antics pointing to some peeps in the crowd although not looking too happy. Christian takes a mic off Lillian and looks at her as if to say "Hey there". Lillian raises her eyebrows at Christian and turns away looking embarassed, as Christian gets into the ring

Christian: Sup Sioux Falls?

Crowd pops

Christian: Where my peeps at?

A few pops are heard, but is overcome by heat

Christian: You know Tomko, you'd think after last week when I wasn't booked on the card at all, we got a match with Mr. Overrated Rob Van Dam and Mr. Underperforming Shelton Benjamin and then we got the win when I pinned Shelton, I'd be happy. But that's not the case.

Crowd boos and an *Asshole* chant starts

Christian: Because for the second week running, Mick Foley is depriving the RAW audience, all those millions of peeps worldwide and the thousands in this arena tonight of their regular dose of vitamin C! This is crazy. Judging by Mick Foley's decision making lately, maybe he could do with a good dose of it too.

Crowd laughs but boo heavily to drown it out

Christian: I put the butts in the seats! Week after week, show after show people don't come to see Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock, Kane, Rob Van Dam, Sting and damn sure not to see overweight and out of shape GM Mick Foley. No, they come to see Captain Charisma, Christian!

Christian pounds on his chest as the crowd boo him

Christian: They tune in because each and everyone one of you fans hope that the right choice will be made, and Christian will be crowned undisputed champion! Because without Christian, RAW would be the equivalent of a 1950's breakfast! Old, out of date, stale and too much to stomach!

Crowd boos Christian, although there are alot of scattered laughs around the arena following that comment

Christian: But once again they tune in only to be dissapointed, because Christian isn't WWE Champion, he isn't Intercontinental Champion, he's not even the damn Women's Champion, he's not even on the card! This is a travesty! I should be headlining PPV's, main eventing RAW's, not being benched on the sidelines. I won't stand for this!

*One of a Kind* hits and the crowd erupts for RVD who heads to the ring with Christian not looking too pleased that he's been interrupted. RVD gets into the ring and plays to the crowd

Christian: Rob, what are you doing? This is the time for winners to be in the spotlight, like me last week, and unlike yourself.

RVD: Winners who aren't on the show right? Dude, get over it. You don't see me coming out here because I don't have a match and whining for like 5 minutes, wasting everyones time with your self obsessed speech.

Christian: Dude? Did you call me a dude? Rob, what's it like back there in the 1960's? Feel free to jump to the 21st century when you want.

RVD: Look Christian you can't really say I am a loser, you didn't pin me last week you pinned Shelton Benjamin.

Christian: I don't care if I pinned Shelton Benjamin, Rob Van Dam or the bloody Easter Bunny! I should not be treated like this. This isn't how I roll! My peeps all around the world are being deprived of their hero, their icon, their Mr. Monday Night!

RVD: Dude how many times do we have to go over this, I am Mr. Monday Night. Rob-Van-Da...

Christian: Yeah yeah yeah, Rob Van Dam! Big whoop! You're past that time Rob, you're a shadow of your former self.

RVD: O yeah?

Christian: Yeah, you couldn't beat me. In fact, let's settle it Rob, me and you, at Unforgiven. How about it?

Crowd pops, liking the challenge

*Ain't No Stoppin' Me* hits and Shelton Benjamin appears on stage to heat from the fans

Shelton: Aw no! I know this ain't happenin'! Christian, you want a worthy opponent? Don't challenge him, challenge me! So I can mop the floor with you and shut you up! All you do is run your mouth Christian. You can't back it up against me.

Christian: You want some of Captain Charisma too? Sorry guys, look I know everyone wants the "Peeps Package" but I'm spoken for...

Shelton: What? With who? Yourself...

Crowd laughs

RVD: Or with your pet goat over here?

Crowd erupts as Tomko gets annoyed but Christian holds him back

Christian: Calm down Tyson. You're both hilarious. The fact is, Shelton I'm beyond you and Rob, I'll step over you at Unforgiven...

*Erk-Crash* hits and Mick Foley steps out on stage to a good pop from the crowd

Foley: It sure feels great to be back in Sioux Falls!

Cheap pop

Christian: O God what now? Foley, you're not needed here. The youth is trying to settle an issue.

Foley: Christian. Shutup.

Crowd erupts

Foley: I'm not gonna put up with you three arguing over who's the better man, who's the Mr. Monday Night or the Mr. PPV. I've gotta show to run, so you three can settle it at Unforgiven in a triple threat match! Have a nice day!

Crowd cheers as we go a break with RVD, Christian & Shelton exchanging some words


JR: Well folks a huge match just booked for Unforgiven as Rob van Dam, Christian and Shelton Benjamin will settle their differences inside the squared circle to find out just who should have the bragging rights on RAW at the moment!

King: That's gonna be Christian JR, doing it for all his peeps!

JR: Uhuh, sure. And folks we are now set for hardcore action!

King: Yay, we get to reminice about the days of Extremely Crappy Wrestling...

We return and find Raven at ringside tossing weapons into the ring from his shopping cart as *Freight Animal* hits and the crowd erupts as Rhino charges to the ring and attacking Raven, tackling him into his shopping cart as the Hardcore title match begins

Match 3
Hardcore Title
Singles Match
Rhino (c) vs Raven

Loud *ECW* chants are constantly heard during the match as Rhino & Raven engage in a typical weapons littered affair for the title in a match to end their current feud.
Raven almost has it with a clothesline to Rhino in the corner then follows up with a bulldog onto the trash can lid, but Rhino kicks out.
Raven comes at Rhino looking to end the match, but Rhino elevates Raven over the ropes and Raven lands in the shopping cart! The crowd pops and a *Holy Shit* chant starts. Rhino goes outside looking to follow up, but Raven sprays him in the face with a fire extinguisher!
Rhino staggers away and Raven sends him into the barricade.
Raven runs at the Man Beast, but Rhino puts a foot up, taking Raven down, then a person reaches from the crowd and pulls Rhino over the barricade, IT'S HARDCORE HOLLY!
Holly tries to hit the Alabamaslam but Rhino counters it and before we know, the two are brawling up the stairs into the backstage area!
Rhino gets Holly and drives him into the wall as the two pound each other with rights and lefts as security shows up on the scene with Mick Foley

Foley: Break it up! Get him out of here and make sure he's gone!

The guards grab Hardcore Holly and take him away as we see Raven burst through the doors, only for Rhino to GORE him! The referee is still with the action, and he makes the pinfall 1...2...3!

Winner @ 5:46 - Rhino

Rhino gets up and wipes some of the extinguisher liquid from his face as he is handed the title by the referee and he walks off leaving Raven down as we go to a break


*Hello Ladies* hits to a good pop as Val Venis makes his way out for the next match

*World's Greatest* hits to heat as Charlie Haas heads to the ring looking sour knowing he's got a rematch with AJ Styles

Match 4
Non Title
Singles Match
Val Venis vs Charlie Haas

Just a way to get Haas on the show tonight as he goes to work on Venis, staying in control of most of the match. Venis mounts a comeback towards the finish hitting some clotheslines, a fisherman suplex and even a Blue Thunder!
Venis now goes upstairs looking for the Money Shot, but Haas gets his knees up and quickly turns the momentum into the Haas of Pain!
Venis tries to reach for the ropes but cannot get near them, and then taps out to the hold

Winner @ 6:57 - Charlie Haas

Haas keeps the hold on, as the referee tries to free Venis and finally AJ Styles runs to the ring to a big ovation from the crowd and Charlie Haas sees this and bails, sliding out to the side of the ring as Styles checks on Venis before leaning over the ropes talking smack to Haas, who has a mic in his hand

Haas: See that AJ? Huh? That is gonna be you at Unforgiven, I'm gonna dominate you and make you tap like a bitch, like MY BITCH!

Haas drops the mic and taunts with his IC title as he and Styles stare down as we go backstage

We see Triple H taping up his fists to a huge reaction, then a split screen image is shown with Vince McMahon readying himself, as Test is talking to him about the match

JR: Well folks, we are set for the huge matchup between Triple H & Vince McMahon!

King: I can't wait JR! Vince is going to end The Game.

JR: I highly doubt that King, and folks don't go anywhere because that match, IS NEXT!


*Break It Down* hits and the crowd blows the roof off with a giant response as Triple H steps out on stage with the WWE Title strapped around his waist. The Game walks to the ring with a purpose, and Road Dogg, Billy Gunn & X-Pac by his side. The quartet get into the ring and Triple H has a mic

Triple H: Sioux Falls, I have one question for each and everyone of you, and that is....Are You Ready?

Crowd pops

Triple H: No, no, NO! I said, ARE YOU READY?!?

Crowd erupts as Triple H pumps the crowd up and hands the mic to Road Dogg

Road Dogg: Ladies and gentlemen, D-Generation X proudly presents to you, the WWE Champion, The Game...TRIPLE H!

Crowd erupts

Road Dogg: And by his side as always, the Road Dogg Jesse James, the Badass Billy Gunn, The NEW...AGE...OUTLAWS!

Crowd pops again

Road Dogg: O yeah, and how could we forget, X-Pac!?!

Crowd laughs and Road Dogg hands the mic to Billy Gunn

Billy Gunn: And Vinnie Mac, if you ain't down with Triple H kicking your ass, then we've got two words for ya, SUCK IT!

Crowd erupts again but then *No Chance* hits to loud heat and Vince steps out on stage with a mic in his hand

Vince: That's great guys, but I've got some news for you three. You're barred from ringside! There will be no DX or Corporation involvement in this match!

Crowd is surprised by this as security head to the ring and escort Road Dogg, Billy Gunn & X-Pac away. Triple H looks skeptical to this decision from McMahon

Vince: And now, the match can get underway!

Vince heads to the ring and gets in as the crowd erupts into a *H-H-H* chant and both men stare down, waiting for Chioda to call for the bell, which he does and the crowd erupts as the match gets underway

Main Event
Match 5
WWE Championship
Singles Match; No DQ
Triple H (c) vs Vince McMahon

Triple H is all over McMahon, just letting all the frustrations and ill feelings he has for Vince pour into this match as he pummels the WWE Chairman, but on mutiple instances breaks up certain 3 count falls, wanting to continue the demolition of Vince.
As we return from a commercial, HHH has just sent Vince crashing into the steel stairs.
The Game rolls Vince back into the ring and measures a knee drop to Vince.
Triple H gets up and leans against the turnbuckle smiling as Vince struggles back to his feet, HHH gives him a crotch chop to a rousing response from the fans and comes in at Vince, but McMahon hits a low blow to Triple H!
Triple H falls to his knees and Vince has bought himself a bit of time as he slaps HHH across the face and tries to talk trash to him, but HHH plants him with a Spinebuster!
The Game now makes the motion that it's all over and drills Vince with the Pedigree 1...2..THE COUNT STOPS!

The crowd is confused as to why, but then see HBK has pulled Chioda out of the ring!
HBK gets into the ring and HHH gets up and eats a Sweet Chin Music right on the jaw!
The crowd can't believe it as HBK stands over HHH with the crowd boing him heavily. Vince is slowly recovering and he gets up, smiling at HBK who smiles back as the crowd are booing like crazy and HBK goes to leave, but turns back and NAILS VINCE WITH SCM TOO!
The crowd erupts but Vince falls back onto Triple H and Chioda is forced to make the count by Michaels 1...2...3!

Winner @ 10:10 - Vince McMahon
NEW WWE Champion

The crowd goes crazy booing insanely loudly and throwing cups and cans into the ring as HBK gets the WWE Title and drapes it over McMahon's concussed body with a huge *Screw You Shawn* chant as HBK gives a "Suck It" to all the fans and hops out of the ring as *No Chance* plays again

JR: I don't believe it! That no good backstabber Shawn Michaels has done it again! He's just helped Vince McMahon become the WWE Champion! I can't believe this! This is pathetic, what a sorry excuse for a human being!

King: I told you JR! Vince is the champion, I told you he would be!

JR: He's only the champion thanks to HBK! You can be assured that next week Triple H will want both men's heads!

Test and Cade & Jindrak get into the ring to celebrate with their boss as they lift him up on their shoulders to more heat and more rubbish is flung into the ring as Vince holds the WWE Title up high as we end the show

Pepsi Center
Denver; Colorado

*Opening Video*


Cole & Tazz discuss the matches on tonight, including the other two matches from the No Mercy tournament in which tonight we see Benoit take on Muhammad Hassan and Undertaker face William Regal

We kick the show off with Benoit meeting Hassan in a good opener. Benoit feeds off the crowd and after taking a beating from Hassan, Benoit rallies against Hassan with a German suplex trio and then drills him with a diving headbutt, but Hassan shows his resiliance and kicks out. Benoit tries for a Crossface, but Hassan counters with a roll up hooking the tights, but Benoit counters it by rolling back over and putting the Crossface on Hassan who taps after just a few moments in a good match and Benoit will join Bobby Lashley & Batista in the next round


As we come back Paul Heyman is in the ring. Heyman says that he is out here for one reason, and that is to tell RAW that what happened on Monday was only the beginning of the backlash they're gonna suffer to taking the Hardcore title back. Heyman says that Rhino may be a fair champion, but Heyman says he knows there is one man who wants his rightful chance at the Hardcore title. Hardcore Holly hits the ring to a big pop and challenges Rhino to show up on SmackDown! next week to defend the Hardcore title in a match

Gregory Helms takes on Kid Kash in singles action next, in a quick and fun Cruiserweight match, the belt on the line as Helms continues to show why he is the best Cruiserweight champion, finishing off Kash with the Fire Storm to continue his domination of the cruiserweight locker room

Cole & Tazz then discuss if there is anyone that can beat Helms with the form he's in

Backstage now and the Full Blooded Italians; Nunzio, Vito & Chuck Palumbo are standing by with Steve Romero. The FBI say that after last week, since they pinned the champions in a non-title match, that they should be awarded the new number one contendership. This brings MNM into the picture, and Melina tells the FBI to wait their turn because MNM still have their rematch clause in their contract and when they beat America's Most Wanted, then the FBI can have a match with them. The FBI don't like this and challenge MNM for their contendership rights next week, which Melina seems against but before she can say anything, Mercury & Nitro say it's on! The FBI smile and walk off while Melina asks her boys what they were thinking accepting, and MNM say they have to prove they're number one, not back away from stepping stones like the FBI. MNM walk off with Melina looking at little lost at her boys' approach


We are now in the presence of Paul Heyman's office when Randy Orton walks in, saying "You wanted to see me?" to Heyman. Heyman nods and tells Orton to shut the door, leaving the camera man shut out from whatever they are talking about

Cole & Tazz talk about what Heyman could want with Orton that has to be kept so private

The tag champs are in action next as AMW take on the Mexicools in a very good matchup but are too good for the jumpy Mexican team of Psicosis & Super Crazy, ending the match with a Death Sentence on Crazy after Psicosis was planted with a Catatonic. During the match both MNM and the FBI were out at ringside watching the match which proved to be a distraction for AMW for most of the match until they found their form at the end of the match and sealed it as mentioned above

After the match, the FBI's Palumbo & Vito invade the ring and attack Storm & Harris with AMW's own tag belts as MNM stare down the FBI from the ramp and nod at their opponents for next week

Kurt Angle then hits the ring and says no matter who wins the tournament, he will defeat them at No Mercy. Brock Lesnar hits the ring and laughs off Angle's speech, saying Lesnar is going to destroy Mr. Kennedy and then everyone else who gets in his way of what he wants, which is the WHC. The two men share a tense staredown before Lesnar leaves the ring and we go to a break


As we return Gregory Helms says he's sick of having no one to face, saying he's beaten Scotty 2 Hotty, Funaki, Kid Kash, Jamie Noble, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Brian Kendrick and Paul London and he wants some competition when Nunzio hits the ring to a mixed reaction and says he'd like a match to shut Helms' up and take the title off him. Helms says Nunzio hasn't made enough of an impact for Helms to take him seriously, which is when Nunzio slaps Helms and the two break out into a brawl, which brings out Paul Heyman. Heyman says that next week we are going to have a Contendership 6 Man Tag when Helms teams up with MNM to face the FBI, if the FBI win then Nunzio earns a CW title match with Helms and Palumbo/Vito will take MNM's contendership for the tag titles

Melina beats Ashley in an average Womens match with an inside cradle after countering a DDT attempt by Ashley

JBL is now backstage with Steve Romero and JBL says he's ready to take his spot back on SmackDown! as the Wrestling God when he beats Jeff Hardy, laughing off the chance that Hardy has


In the main event Undertaker defeats William Regal with a Tombstone after Finlay had interfered for his partner, only to eat a Chokeslam, which however allowed Regal to work on Taker's leg, but Undertaker proved to be too much for Regal and finished him off as mentioned above to advance into the next round with Bobby Lashley, Batista and Chris Benoit


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