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Smackdown- April 22nd 2004

Smack down : 22/04/04; Detroit:
Smackdown video plays

Before Michael Cole can welcome us to the show, Mr. Mc Mahon’s music plays. The chairman makes his way to the ring with a broad smile. He enters the ring, and talks about the types of matches he may choose for Judgment Day after Lesnar beats Cena tonight. He talks about possibly a Streetfight, maybe Last Man Standing, or maybe even an I Quit match. John Cena’s music then interrupts and the Doctor of thuganomics makes his way to the ring. He tells Vince that Brock has to beat him first and then guarantees that Lesnar will not be victorious. The two engage in a bitter war of words before Brock Lesnars music hit’s the arena. He talks as he walks to the ring as he argues with Cena. Brock enters the ring and he fights with Cena. Vince quickly gets involved and they proceed to dominate Cena. Austin’s music then hits and he sprints to the ring. But before he can get his hands on McMahon or Lesnar they get out of the ring and leave through the crowd. Austin helps up Cena as we head to a commercial.


1st Match:
Billy Kidman & Jamie Noble vs. Rey Mysterio & Shannon Moore
Finish: A typical cruiserweight match with high paced action comes to an end when Kidman tries to hit Mysterio with the belt but Rey counters and drop toe holds the champ into the ropes, and Shannon does the same with Noble. Rey then hit’s a double 619 and West coast pop to Kidman for the win.

Bret Hart talks with Brock Lesnar and Vince backstage about tonight’s match and how vital it is that Brock wins.
APA interview. They talk about TWGTT. It is announced that they will challenge them at Judgment Day for the titles. They then send a message by telling them that the two big dumb guys are coming for the titles.
Austin sits in his dressing room with a crate of beer. Cena enters. They share a beer and talk about tonight’s match.

2nd Match:
Bradshaw w/ Faarooq vs. Charlie Haas w/ Benjamin
Finish: Bradshaw dominates Haas for a good four to five minutes. He goes for the clothesline from hell when Shelton pulls out Haas. TWGTT then walk out making Bradshaw the winner via Count out.

Goldberg interview. He tells Brock to listen up. He looks into the camera and says tonight when he Jackhammers 350 pounds of the A-Train tonight he wants Brock to realise his fate will be the exact same come Judgment Day.


We return as we see the APA chasing TWGTT out of the arena.
Benoit interview. He talks about last week and wishes Goldberg best of luck but after Judgment day he will be back on the title hunt.

3rd Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
Finish: In a hard fought 10 minute encounter, Benoit locks in the crossface and Angle looks ready to tap until Chavo pulls the referee out of the ring. Angle taps but the referee obviously doesn’t see. An enraged Benoit attacks Chavo on the outside. He then re enters and is rolled up by Angle, who in the process grabs the tights to claim the win. He and Chavo then high tail as Benoit is incensed.

The Rock is sitting in his locker room. He pulls out a guitar to the fans delight. He decides to sing a song:
There is one worse team than the Detroit red wings,
What they need is five scorpion kings.
That advice is free,
But someone tell John Cena he cant see me!!”
With that Cena enters the room. The Rock hasn’t seen him yet so Cena now begins to rap:
“Yo Rock what you been taking?
The red wings are twice as good as any movie you’ve been making.
Scorpion King wasn’t tops,
It’ll goes down as one of Americas biggest flops.
You think you’re a legend on the guitar
Well you suck so far.
These people want you on a spaceship to Venus,
Only the gay population want to play with your penis.”
Cena and Rock go head to head as we cut to another commercial


We return with Benoit walking backstage irate with Angle and Chavo.

4th Match:
Goldberg vs. A-Train
Finish: After 3 minutes of an even encounter, Goldberg steps it up a gear and dominates the A-Train. Within two minutes he spears the 350 pounder. They then goes to a camera and shout to Brock, “This ones for you Brock!!”. He then Jackhammers Train and gets the three count. He then points to the camera and shouts “You’re next Brock, you’re next!”

Josh enters Austin’s locker room and asks him for an interview. Austin tells him he can have the interview if he can drink a beer in 30 seconds. Matthews tries but makes a wussy effort. Austin laughs and tells him to get out. He is ready to leave and Austin decides to call him back. He tells him that he is sick of being screwed by McMahon and tonight its Stone Colds turn to mess with Vince McMahon as he has got a match that will make Vince crap himself to death. Josh laughs with Austin, then Austin stops. Josh stops as Austin looks at him seriously. Austin then tells Josh that at Judgment Day, Vince McMahon will get vintage Rattlesnake, and that’s the bottom line… cause Austin 3;16 said so!!
We cut to Vince, who has a rather worried look on his face. It then turns to a smile and then a wicked laugh.
The Rock then goes to Brets office and demands he have a Rock Concert next week for the millions and millions of...of...of all the jabronis who have a pathetic sad life that is in desperation of reviving. Bret likes the idea and says that next week he can have a Rock concert if he wishes. He then reminds Rock that next week Smackdown is in San Jose. Rock rolls his eyes and sighs. He says oh well at least its not Detroit two weeks running! This is followed by a massive boo.
We go to an interview with Brock Lesnar. He says he wasn’t all that impressed by Goldberg’s victory tonight. He then says he would be impressed if he could beat say… the Big Show. He then says that if Goldberg wants to impress him, then he should face Show next week.


We come back with an interview with Hardcore Holly earlier today. He explains why he turned on Zach. He says the WWE is for real athletes and not for circus freaks. He then gives Zach an ultimatum, either leave the WWE or be forced to retire by him.

5th Match:
Kanyon & Eddy Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hardcore Holly.
Finish: After about five minutes of decent action, Benoit comes through the crowd and attacks Chavo resulting in a DQ. Angle run down in a bid to help Chavo, but he is cut off by Eddy. Big Show then runs down and choke slams Kanyon to hell. Holly helps Angle and Chavo in a 3 on 2 assault until Gowen takes Hardcore by surprise with a steel chair. Benoit and Guerrero then take over Kurt and Chavo. They stand tall and shake hands.

Backstage, Goldberg is asked by Rue if he heard Brock earlier. He says he did and he doesn’t want to impress Lesnar he wants to scare him. He then says he will face Big Show next week, and he will give him a jackhammer. Bret interrupts. He says the match next week is on, but tonight he wont be sticking around as there is a taxi waiting for him outside. He then tells Goldberg not to come back tonight to interfere, and if he does he can forget the title shot at Judgment Day.
Austin makes his way backstage. He is stopped by Lesnar. They look each other in the eye and Lesnar laughs. He says tonight he plans on putting the first nail in Austin’s coffin.


We return with a preview of next weeks show, Goldberg - Big Show, and also the Rock Concert 3.

Goldberg leaves in his taxi.

Main Event: To determine type of match for McMahon - Austin at Judgment Day.
Brock Lesnar (representing Vince Mc Mahon ) vs.
John Cena (representing Stone Cold Steve Austin )
Finish: After a brilliant 18 minutes of a back and forth wrestling match, Lesnar counters and attempted suplex into an F5. He gets the cover, but Cena kicks out at two. Lesnar cants believe it. He goes for another, but Cena fights out and then hits an FU. Lesnar gets his foot on the rope. Meanwhile, the camera cuts backstage where both McMahon and Austin are watching in separate rooms. We come back as the two get back to their feet. Brock shoves Cena into the referee and KO’s the ref. He goes for another F5 but again Cena fights out. He hit’s a belly to belly on Lesnar, and then gets his steel chain. He lines up to hit Brock and as he bounces off the ropes to hit him with the chain, The Rock shows up ringside and trips him. Cena gets back up and goes for The Rock who is standing on the apron. Rock jumps off and distracts Cena long enough for Brock to recover and go to the outside to grab the title belt. He nails Cena in the back of the head with it, and finishes him with an F5. Brock wins. Rock and Lesnar then double team Cena. Austin runs down the ramp and chases both Lesnar and Rock out of the ring. McMahon’s music hits and Vince appears on the ramp. He tells Austin he will not leave him waiting to find out their match. He then says he has thought hard and long over the last week. He knows a brutal match, like a Cage Match or a No holds barred match would favour Austin, so he has had to think of a match which favours him, and he has. He says that at Judgment Day, Austin will face Judge, Jury and Executioner. He smiles as Austin looks puzzled. He then explains, telling Austin that the judge will be special guest referee Bret “Hitman” Hart, the jury will be a number of Lumberjacks as chosen by Vince, and the executioner of course is Vincent Kennedy McMahon!!! Vince has a wicked smile on his face as Cole and Tazz talk about how Austin is fighting insurmountable odds at Judgment Day, and this could well be the end of the Stone Cold era.....
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