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Re: WWE 2006 by Renegade™

LATE Summerslam Review

Sunday Night Heat

Not too bad of a Heat. Does its job of hyping the show, which should be awesome by the way.

2 vs 3 Handicap Tag Match - Batista & Bobby Lashley vs Booker T, Finlay & Regal:
Well this was a good start to the show in my opinion. Played off well, and good fast-paced action from the veterans in this one, which was surprising in my book. Batista comes in near the end of the match and gets the hot tag, and takes out everyone in sight. Realistic as it is, predictable as well. Not surprised the faces won here. And this was a pretty good start to what should be an excellent show.

Decent Hardy promo. He seemed in character, though he did look stupid when Romero corrected him. That was my only problem with this promo.

Hardcore Championship – Match Bar Room Brawl –
Rhino vs Raven (c)
Not that great of a match. As Arjun said, this would’ve been a perfect fit for Stone Cold. Regardless, it was somewhat entertaining, but not the greatest match ever. Liked how weapons were used early, which made it better because it would’ve been stupid to introduce them later on near the finish. Rhino Driver through the table was a nice touch, and kept the crowd alive. I was surprised that Raven won after the Rhino Driver, but it keeps the title on him which is good because Raven’s always been one of my favorites.

Goldberg promo was good, showed him being paranoid about The Undertaker, which is usually the case when it comes to feuds with Taker. You did a good job of describing that.

United States Championship Match
Matt Hardy vs Muhammad Hassan (c) w/Daivari
First off, I love how Hassan has the US Title. What you should do to really turn off the fans and make him a ‘super-heel’ is to have him change the name is to change the title’s name to a middle-eastern country, lol. Anyway, this match was pretty good. Liked the action during this match, was fun and exciting till the very end. WOW! I thought he wouldn’t win the title, but this sets up what could be a very good rivalry.

Nice interview with the champs, does its job of hyping the next match, and I think they’re retaining tonight.

World Tag Team Titles
The New Age Outlaws vs Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak (c’s)

Meh, this wasn’t that great of a tag match. And I’m not surprised by the men involved. Anyway, glad Cade & Jindrak retained their titles, and hopefully they can move onto a better feud with a better tag team, no disrespect to the Outlaws. Good job though writing this match, it wasn’t the worst match in the world, but then again it wasn’t the greatest.

Haha, 24/7 rule. I used to love this thing. Raven retains to no surprise.

Randy Orton vs Ken Kennedy:
Now this was the best match on the PPV so far in my mind. Great wrestling by two of the future stars in the business. I wish this was put higher in the card, but I guess this was put here to liven the crowd up toward the last few matches. And it delivered big time. Excellent action, was exciting throughout, and loved the finish with the surprising counter from Orton to hit the R! K! O! lol. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Orton be pushed into the main event scene, and Kennedy put into the midcard or something.

Interesting move of Booker firing Finlay and Regal. Although he seemed a bit OOC with the whole sucka line, unless that means something in the future…

Intercontinental Title
AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas (c)

A good match here, probably the best title match tonight. Fast-paced start to the match, which was good, and the action throughout the match was very exciting and easy to read. Haas played the heel role good in this match, and AJ played the fan favorite good as well. DQ finish was a bit of a drag to this match, but I guess it fit Haas’s character. Aftermath was good, with Haas beating down on Styles to put him over as a heel. I thought AJ would win this, but I’m sure he’s gonna get some type of gimmick rematch at Unforgiven.

Interesting Carlito/Haas promo. I see a triple threat feud coming… or just a Carlito/Haas feud, who knows.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match
America’s Most Wanted vs MNM (c’s)

A good tag match here, much better than the one earlier. Good tag action throughout, had all the dynamics a tag match should have. Some points in this match were a little boring, but it go through nicely. Ending was pretty exciting, and the two Death Sentences near the end were a nice touch. Good job with this match, and glad to see new champions.

Intriguing Michaels/McMahon promo. Wonder what will happen in the WWE Title match…

Singles Match; No Disqualifications
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs John Cena

Not surprised with how the opening of this match panned out, as this is usually what happens in Stone Cold’s matches. Austin opens up early, but it looks like Cena’s getting the advantage here now. Cena mocks him, in typical heel fashion. Good job of utilizing that early. Glad to see this match go out of the ring early, and Cena looks dominant in the early part of the match, which may mean for an Austin comeback near the end. We’ll have to see though. Austin refuses to let Cena lock in the STFU, so Cena’s shut down for now. I can’t remember the last time Austin used a chop, then again. I haven’t watched an Austin match in some time. Little strange that Cena hit the five-knuckle shuffle early, but I’ve seen him do that before. BIG superplex in the middle of the match, great spot in my mind, it completely creates a more exciting finish. Neckbreaker from Austin, oh man, this should be some finish with the way this is going. Big spinebuster, near fall though! Thought Austin may have had it there. STUNNER!! He has to have it. No!! F-U TO THE OUTSIDE!! HOLY CRAP! That’s some spot, considering Austin’s neck problems and such. Steel chain to the face, this bloodies him up. He kicks out again!! STFU!! Cena winz! Lol, damn, that was some match, and a WrestleMania 13ish ending to that one. Great match. I can expect Cena to get a big push now after this one.

Short Benoit/Angle promo, but this is expected. Not so sure if they’re a tag team in this thread, since I haven’t read this thread and this is my first review, or if they’re just friends. Can you give me some insight?

Singles Match
Goldberg vs The Undertaker

Not really expecting a five-star match with this one, so we’ll see how far this one goes. Interesting beginning to the match, creative and a good way to make Goldberg scared. Last Ride attempt early seemed a little unrealistic, but I’ll go along with it. Glad this started getting ‘violent’ early, as it suits these two. Damn! Spear through the barricade early, I would’ve saved that for later, but that’s your preference so yeah. Big near fall afterwards, shows Undertaker’s still got it in him here early. Classic sit up from Taker, and now I’m expecting the momentum to shift here. But it doesn’t! Signature powerslam from Goldberg, near fall again. Loving this one so far. Uh oh, Taker’s coming back in this one, chokeslam!! Near fall again, you’re getting me excited with this one. Old School from the Deadman, and that still doesn’t do the job. You’re making Goldberg seem very resilient, which in this case is very good building of character. Oh no!! Ref bump!! I’m not the biggest fan of these, but this one may turn out good. Oh no, Undertaker gets off another chokeslam but there’s no referee!!! The Taker mark in me is screaming vulgar things. HOLY S**T!! Goldberg sent through the set!! Kinda reminds me of Lesnar/Taker from Unforgiven five years ago. Ending was a very good way of building a rematch, possibly HIAC if things like this happen and you’re following Lesnar/Taker from five years ago, which could be great.

WWE Championship Match
Shawn Michaels vs Triple H (c)

Here we go with a match that has the potential to steal the show. I hope HHH comes away with the victory tonight, so the aftermath ahs some build to it considering the whole Vince/Shawn thing from earlier. Interesting beginning moments, with Michaels running away constantly, obviously wanting no piece of him. Michaels is slowly gaining the momentum as the match goes on, only leading to me believing he won’t be walkign out with the championship tonight. Good to see Michaels go after his quad, it makes sense as Michaels knows Triple H best of course, and knows that it was injured before. Smart on your behalf. Anyway, good exciting action during this match, pace was good, and toward the end, Michaels superkicking Vince builds into a possible other feud. Glad to see The Game pulling out the victory here to retain, I wonder who his next opponent will be…?

Hahaha, Coach loses the title to Hardcore Holly. Lol.

Fatal Four Way World Heavyweight Championship Match
Kurt Angle (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesnar

Now this should be one if not the match of the night. Liked how this one started with everyone going after Lesnar. Good transition into the guys who apparantley were supposed to be in this match. Brock’s powerful offense seems to be the strength for him in this one so far in the beginning of this one. Nice elbow smash from Jericho, liked that part because it showed Jericho’s athleticism which is very rarely displayed in real life when he was in the WWE. Now Jericho seems to have the upper hand in this one, and hits his signature underhook backbreaker. Did I mention that I love that move? Lol. Damn! Nice double German suplex spot, I was expecting something like that eventually in this match, and now I’m betting this match will soon get better. Nice submission from Angle, I’ve seen that used before from him I think, but it’s a smart counter. Big belly to belly from Angle, that could be a momentum shifter in this one. Good action between these two, no surprise to that though. SSP!!?? Holy s**t, great job bringing that move back, even if he missed it AGAIN. Jericho comes out of nowhere, and does the famous springboard dropkick to Angle, another move of his I love. Near fall! Oh man I thought Jericho had that one, but Benoit hit the headbutt out of nowhere, which seemed very realistic and a great way of inserting him back in the match. Wow! F5 and Jericho kicks out! Exciting moments till the end, with Angle retaining after putting the ankle lock on Jericho. This only makes me believe we may see an Angle/Jericho feud for the title, but I could be wrong.

War Games Match
Team Foley vs Team Bischoff

Now here comes what should be a pretty good contest. And it sure turned out that way. Nice to see Hall and Edge start this one off. Good trade of holds in the beginning, seemed surprising to me as Hall and Edge aren’t the greatest ‘technical’ wrestlers, but it was a nice start. Nice flapjack onto the turnbuckles from Hall, but afterwards Edge takes control it seems. But Hall comes back, and hits the fallaway slam! Good use of his signature move there, as it transitions into the next man into the match. Masterpiece is in next, and takes his time into the ring. In character in my opinion, and here comes that double team advantage I expected to see. Hall puts up a fight, and here comes the next man, Foley! Yes! Weapons!! I’m a weapons mark lol. Good usage of the trash can and lid in this part of the match. I always feel that the trash can always sets up bigger weapons as it’s usually the first weapon used in this sort of thing. Ouch, seemed like a brutal hit for Hall after being hip tossed onto the trashcan. I could visualize that well, so good job on your part on that. Benjamin’s in next, let’s see what he can do. He goes right after Hall; I’m guessing they’ve had a feud before this match, just judging on this. MANDIBLE CLAW!!! Doesn’t work though, as it’s too early for eliminations in this one. That’s for sure. Guess I spoke too soon, because there goes Hall!! Damn, wished to see him go longer, but I guess it’s for the best lol. R! V! D! Here! He! Comes!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a split legged dropkick, but it sounds cool. Van Dam seems to have everything going for him now. Holy crap, loved the super hurricanranna spot, that would’ve been sick if I saw that in real life. Monty Brown’s in next, guessing he’s playing the heel role in this one. Oh man, Barbie!! Figured that would be brought out soon. Damn!! RVD goes coast to coast!! So many spots so far, this should have a great ending. *Wanted to get this done, so going to recap the next few sentences* Anyway, good action throughout the entire match, many big spots, all realistic and such. Ending was fantastically done, loved the Christian turn, should catapult him to a bigger feud, most likely with Shelton now. Kane coming back is awesome, and I’m glad Team Foley won in this one.

Overall, a very good PPV Renegade. The beginning didn’t start off as well as it could have, but the last few matches were great. Sorry it took so long to review, but hey I have it up.

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